This is the FASTEST way to make money in The Cycle: Frontier! -

This is the FASTEST way to make money in The Cycle: Frontier!

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Jungle loot map guide (Credit to @YamEatsYam)

Game – The Cycle: Frontier
About – The Cycle is a first-person shooter video game developed and published by Yager Development. Yager dubs this game as a “competitive quest shooter” and label it with the cross-genre “PvEvP”, a combination of player versus environment and player versus player.
Platforms – Its currently In Closed beta on PC, you can request access through steam.

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  1. heads up, idk if someone already said it but the old world K currency weighs 0 and you can throw it in your safe container

  2. god the only thing not good about this is that its not quite new player friendly i just got gunned down by an ica guarantee a brute and ol' asp flechette

  3. "not alot of pvp"i go and me and my boy killed 8 pple and ran out of meds 10 times XD.good video though bro

  4. little hint: always put the old currency into the safe pockets

  5. need a market system in it like tarkov that way rmters can move on this and destroy it aswell

  6. I’ve always liked these types of games. This one looks fun the graphics look awesome too. Kinda reminds me of No Man’s Sky

  7. I love that youre branching out…Im personally done with Apex content, at least at the moment….not even bothered about the new map.

  8. Thanks for bringing Janks once now how about Rich

  9. yellow key cards are for first map blue key cards are second map

  10. You should definitely do a lot more of these. Your style of content is perfect for this game and I feel like this game wont exactly blow up, but will have a continuing community of interest. Loved the vid bro

  11. i have zero interest in this game but you make it entertaining man

  12. Got to say i am enjoying this channel. It’s a nice switch up from apex

  13. Just got into the game and, well..Servers are off 🙁 Sad days, looks fun as.

  14. Gotta put that currency in your pockets man, it don’t weigh anything

  15. Pretty cool looking game, reminds me of Tarkov in a way.

  16. Thanks for introducing a new game to us! I hadn't heard of it, and it looks really interesting.

  17. Seems odd there's not much PvP there if there's a lot of good loot; I'd figure that lots of players would be there trying to get the loot. Maybe it's still unknown enough.

  18. Just commenting to help the algorithm. Love these vids.

  19. Thanks for this one, the game looks pretty cool

  20. This looks nothing like the game i was playing a year ago. Jumping back in tonight dude

  21. i watched ten minutes and then jumped in a raid, first raid came out with 3 pure focus crystals, 19 focus crystals, a mine keycard and other shit. thanks !

  22. Whenever i try to pass past the first 2 maurders in your video, i always get seen even when crouching and hugging the wall, any tips on how to avoid them, or is it inevitable to fight them?

  23. i haven't lost a single fight in this game since discovering the scrapper

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