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“THIS IS TOO EASY” – A Whale (Genshin Impact)

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re doing the Misty Dungeon event.

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  1. this event was aim at new players… giving them a chance to try out other 5 stars and possable why they should want them. easy for us fun for them

  2. Even the f2p players found it easy. They basically handed out primogems. I'm surprised they didnt just send those primos by mail. But then again, twas fun to try out some characters.

  3. Am I the only one who always get lost in these ;-;
    I cant see the red beam its like not thereee

  4. I was kinda hard but i was just stressed. It was fun tryng Heroes that i don't have

  5. I spent like 5 minutes just sprinting with Ayaka being like ‘whoa cool icy mist’. Definitely the highlight of this event for me

  6. Lotta people are complaining about how you keep your cons but who even struggles with this event anyways? Tbh it's one of the easiest events so far and because of that it's really boring in my opinion

  7. Kazuha is so insanely fun, I redid his trial so many times using him as a dps with albedo, fiscal and raiden for a lot of off field damage

  8. When you have Experiences on characters because you hang out on the Try Character, hahaha…

  9. moga your consteallations carry on to the trial characters 0.0

  10. as a welkin and bp player, I found this event really easy too
    got around 4-5 min clear time in the first few, then 7 min in the last one

  11. I only have 4 star characters and I suck but it was still pretty easy
    Playing all those 5 stars was really fun tho

  12. Tbh for me i really like the fact that Raiden E and Yoimiya E and Albedo E is really good

  13. Why can’t I bring my own lvl 80 sucrose 😭

  14. No not Equal cause Cons work in this one. so those who got C6 Con would make better run. still it great for peoples who want to try many comp and plan for characters that would rerun and would help there account if they get them.

    – for example i plan to build Anemo which still consider about build Sucrose or Sayu which this event make me make dicision much more easier and try other 5 star that i don't have and make a comp. like Eula Kazuha Raiden Ayaka Childe all of this characters really good but i don't have money to do so and have to make decision. some is good for my tast some isn't.

  15. 4:47 why would you throw albedo on the ground what did he do to you

  16. tbh i am the level of casual player who just smashes buttons and uses a physical carry so i didn’t really know how to play most of the trial characters, but it was still easy and i did find it fun to use characters i don’t have. and i want kazuha even more now!

  17. I’ve spent some money on the game so I’m not f2p but I found the event very easy.

  18. i love this. mogas commentary is so funny to me

  19. No… it’s an incredibly easy event… I was able to knock them all out effortlessly. Just understanding elemental reactions do the job

  20. I find it quite easy… my sister who is more of a beginner struggled a bit

  21. The fact some people are complaining about the favonius stuff is just reasonable why? Mihoyo just made a damn example of them so if you had the characters you can build them on your own

    I still can't believe how people care about damage just enjoy the game

  22. 99% of this video was him "flexing" his super instincs.

  23. It was super easy even though I'm 100 percent f2p and the trial characters were ok.

  24. in this event i learned sayu is great with yoimiya they both have a great sinergy and you hit swirl like crazy

  25. Well as an f2p it was indeed a bit hard for me (except if I'm using characters I own) since i dont own a lot of the characters. I died using Kazuha, Keqing and Fischl on one of the first tries cuz I didn't know how to play them AT ALL lmaooo

    So for you, as a Whale im sure the experience of playing them helps and knowing the tricks and all that!

  26. I am F2P and I dont have a single constelation on anybody from that event, it was so easy. The only one that caused me a little issues was one time were a freaking geovishap kept going to the other side of the wall and I had to restart the challenge to get him back. The only guys I had ever used before from that event was Babara, Xingqiu and Xiangling (Unless you count the Eula and Albedo trial from couple weeks ago). EASY

  27. You didn't say that all your heroes have Maxed out constellations .

  28. “what do you think we are some kind of dum dums?” takes fall damage

  29. Es fanática de lo sensual….
    Ella tiene una foto mía…
    Y ya me la puedo imaginar
    Lo que hace cuando esta sólita

  30. This event made me realise I should skip everything till kazuha rerun, i thought he would be fun but oh boy !
    Also ayaka was fun to play , i started playing during her banner and would try to get her if her banner comes after kazooo's

  31. I found it rather hard… I’m only level 23 and have been playing for less than a month.

  32. as a f2p, I found it simple and somewhat easy. I mean, there were some challenges here and there and I found myself wanting a healer, but I also found it fun to see the builds

  33. this event is now my favorite event cuz i get to use yoimiya again

  34. As a f2p this event was actually very easy but it was also fun unlike the one with childe and that flat paper thing.

  35. i loved this event, it was a great way for me to try new characters even with their bad builds!

  36. As a F2P,, I found the event really good because it wasn't too easy but not too hard either, The 4* units definitely put on an underwhelming performance than I expected.

  37. It’s been brought to my attention that constellations carry over, so my whaleness still helped. My false bravado and confidence has been dashed, and I deeply apologize for my ignorance.

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