THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED! Raiden Shogun Drama | Genshin Impact -

THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED! Raiden Shogun Drama | Genshin Impact

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I love Raiden (Ei) and think she’s great but there’s been a LOT of drama with her release and there’s one issue that NEEDS to be fixed. I don’t normally make this video but i really care about this.
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hope u guys agree/understand where im coming from with this video
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  1. I'm sorry but I think that Raiden herself has issues, outside of interactions and element. Her battery capabilities aren't that great and I think it should be increased by a lot. This, together with her suboptimal burst damage doesn't really justify 7 seconds of field time. Also her skill should damage shields.

    Electro suffers since 1.0, it needs to be reworked as a whole. Just make the reactions crit, superconduct decrease also electro resistance, overload knock up/down enemies instead of launching them away and the resonance give crit damage like cryo resonance gives crit rate.

    There's really no problem in making the electro characters stronger. Pyro and cryo characters are already broken as a whole, just look at Xiangling, the best Pyro unit since launch that keeps getting better and better at every single patch. If Beidou reaches the same strength I don't see the problem, it is a pve game, it will add more variety and fun.

  2. i literally just went and tested on-hit effects with jade spear and fischl's oz. U dont even need to be dealing damage for those effects to trigger so why does ei's ult dealing burst damage with normal/charge attacks not trigger beidou's burst it really seems like spaghetti coding

  3. I literally built Beidou because I wanted to use her with Ei. I wanted to do Sara, Beidou, Ei, and Bennett or some other character idfk. But now I built Beidou for her to just sit in my roster doing nothing.

  4. "I am kinda worried about the reception of this video"
    10k likes – 300 dislikes
    You sure 'bout dat?

  5. Beido and Baal are my 2 favourite characters, theyre both so badass and I love their playstyles. I was really upset when having them both on the same team wasn't good

  6. Totally agree, with you the fact that Raiden shogun burst don't work with beidou burst is just stupid and trying to justified it with "the description say it" is un respectful for all the people put the time en the money in those character.
    On the electro subject I think we all agree Tha the electro reaction are a bit underwhelming, and that's not a bad thing if the electro character have better raw number, but I do think that in the long run will make the electro element(especially for electro dps) inferior, I think they could adjust the number of the reaction or add a new effect to the resonance(like they made with geo).
    Thank you for reading my comment.

  7. I pulled for baal cuz I thought she and beidou would work, now i have her and no idea what to do with her :")

  8. I think everyone agrees the Raiden and Beidou interaction needs to be fix. She's a strong character but the limited team comps now makes her very restrictive. And the players ended up trying to fit her into role that she doesn't belong and end up misunderstanding her playstyle. Currently she either works on a national team or Bennett kazuha combo for a nuke combo. The national team is already a pretty perfected team and it's great that she actually improve it further but the Taser team (beidou) is still a team with a lot of improvement and Raiden is pretty much the final piece to perfect it so I understand it's really unfortunate that we couldn't put her in the team.

  9. 4 star, Beidou has bigger dmg numbers than AN ARCHON. yea, Raiden doesnt need a buff. Electro doesnt need a buff. atleast when youre makin electro reactions so trash make electro have big raw dmg. I wouldnt call it balanced when shes outdmged by Beidou. Also makin both of them work together wouldnt fix anything, not everyone plays Beidou 🙂 it would only make specific group of people happy and i wouldnt call that fair.

  10. Mihoyo doesn't listen to their players… As far as I can see they are being biased

  11. Electro is a hard element to balance.
    On one hand we have extremely strong characters that are already meta without good reaction like C2 Beidou or C6 Fischl. Their raw damage especially C2 Beidou are just crack.
    And on the other hand we have Keqing who would really like a buff.

  12. eh i dont need bediou for her. ill just use other characters that i already invested in. please dont make her broken like they did with zhongli and made him op as a top support. the power creep is just going to get worse. what zongli needed was just a small buff on his normal attacks because his shield uptime was literally 100% compared to all shield characters.

  13. Nah before anyone complaining about raiden, yall better complain about Yoimiya kit. Her current state by far the worst ones since inazuma release

  14. You need to increase the video quality of your recordings, it's like I'm watching 720p.

  15. if they turn around and nerf her other interactions to fall in line with Beidou, I'm pretty sure the community will implode. I really hope they're not that stupid.

  16. you guys keep talking about buffing Raiden and there's me with my REALLY BALANCED YOIMIYA

  17. I completely agree with this vid, however the electro resonance needs some sort of change cause u gotta admit its useless.

  18. It’s laughable that her C1 wants you to pair her with other Electro characters but 2/7 don’t work at all (Beidou ElectroMC), 2 are questionable characters (Lisa Keqing), 1 is massively powercrept (Razor) and 1 fills almost the same niche as Raiden (Fischl). Leaving only 1 electro character (Sara) for her to synergize with.

  19. The fact that she doesnt work with Beidou is the reason I 100% decided NOT to pull for her. I rather just use my Fischl instead who's not even C6 (she's actually only C2)

  20. im guessing its the most sold banner cause they made her c2 a must if you want her to be decent, tempting lots of dolphins.

  21. So you are saying they are comfortable at buffing the spiral abyss but not comfortable at increasing the overall damage threshold for new characters and make it even lower than what's currently there. Seems like Mihoyo just doesn't want us f2p's getting 36 stars in abyss. I was almost close to getting 36 stars in the abyss before 2.0 and after the new enemies it has become a pain I gave up.

  22. 2:03 to paint my opninion on the whole beidou thing an Why it should work.

    The thing is xingqui's ult says that normal Attacke trigger his swords, hence raidens ATTACK is considered a normal attack.

    In beidous ult it says "when normal attacks HIT". There is no mention of dealing dmg and the 'definately normal attacks' do HIT, its just that (raiden Quote) "the DMG is considered burst dmg. .. so this should work in my opinion (like it did on the beta Server)

  23. Exactly, I don't think Raiden needs any buff.

  24. I'm happy with Raiden, using her with Ayaka, Xingqiu, Diona. I can rotate and burst constantly.

    I still need to build Kujou Sara, I think she will provide good value for Raiden team comp if paired with Eula and Diona

  25. But Raiden or no Raiden, electro reactions still needs a buff/rework imo. Mostly Electro-Charged and Overload – electrocharged isn't enough damage or utility in most comps and overload has negative synergy with melee teams due to knockback, Idk, hope they fix it

  26. I hear you but let me tell you my concern. The two of them reacting together was broken because of how much damage was being done. Way more than Ganyu. So the change was made so that they would not need to make Raiden weaker with other characters, which would be bad but only good with Beidou. Granted it's because of how the code for their elemental reactions work but that is at the core of their game and to overhaul it would mean a lot of work and after doing so would most likely piss off a portion of their customers who would take it as a nerf rather than a fix.

    Now let me be clear about this.. Raiden can proc Beidou's Burst, just not while in her own burst for 7 seconds. You can run them both and get a lot of quick swap value as long as you are mindful in your rotation to pop Raiden's burst after Beidou's is over, and vice versa.

    Anyway, good video!

  27. I'm a low spender and I rolled on banners and got Beidou to C6 while rolling for other characters. Didn't build her at first, but got news of Inazuma coming out.

    Once I knew that, plus the videos people were making of how great Beidou is with Xingqiu and Sucrose, I farmed and farmed to get her built. Even farmed Thunderfury set for her; which is suboptimal now since emblem exists now (I hate and don't look at leaks).

    Thought Beidou works with Raiden when I got her. Spent about 10K primos and find out that she doesn't work with Beidou.

    Extremely disappointing and frustrating.

    Her damage seems to be ok for the investment I've put in (Trash Emblem set), however the energy restoration seems so bad at 210% ER. I want them to: fix interaction with Beidou and improve her energy restoration.

  28. While I do agree that making her work with beidou is a healthy solution to raidens limitations, I really think electro should get reworked/buffed. And not because of just raiden, but I feel like electro as a whole element is very underwhelming compared to other elements. Just by simple additions, such as superconduct also decreasing electro res a lot of characters we already have and future characters will have more healthy balancing, instead of being held back by their elements (keqing).

    I do want to emphasize tho, just buffing her numbers would be the WORST outcome to all of this. Not only it is very bad game design, it would also set a very shitty precedent for future characters. I hope mihoyo fixes her or electro (which will indirectly fix raiden) in a healthy manner.

  29. I personally wouldn't mind a buff haha I mean archons should stand out. Raiden isn't necessary in any Teams

  30. We outside of Mainland China should be more vocal about our complaints because they only seem to care about the Chinese community. There has been so many reasonable appeal by the international community like buffing Qiqi and on-off switch on C6 Bennet.

  31. She is a little bit too hard to fit in any of my teams. She just end up decreasing the damage of my other team members even with her support abilities. I think it's a problem with electro elemental reactions.

  32. Thank you for posting this. Most content creators praise Raiden that she is very strong which is not the case. What we need right now is rework of electro resonance like it was with Geo and some buffs to her E that is weak af and does not work on shields. Electro reactions need to be changed they are lame af. None of them good.

  33. I agree to a point, but if all it took was Beidou not synergizing with her to take away many of her team comps, that says a lot about Raiden Shogun.

  34. They should fix this one simple issue, though it is simple, it affects alot of us Beidou users, I've Pulled raiden for this particular reason as you've mentioned aside me Having an extra Jade spear

    They either fix where the Beidou burst works with raiden, or fix the wording for their description, but if this was intentional and not a bug it could be bullshit, legit

  35. i will only agree to this on one condition, which is a yoimiya buff. That is because most of the things said here apply to her as well. Most of her weakness comes not from bugs, but poor gameplay design choices. Shackles that were put on the character intentionally. Its funny how people have stopped talking about her problems already. If this keeps going on, we will forget about Baal when the next banner drops, and that one with the next. This pretty much allows mihoyo to make essentially broken characters and let it be coz our disappointment fizzes out in a week or two.

  36. Having some elements be weaker as a baseline and compensating by making characters stronger isn't good game design IMO. This just means that characters of that element don't want to interact much with the element system, and in the case of electro, you sometimes want to actively avoid using them in order to not mess up your reactions. If they keep doing this and don't fix the element it will be harder and harder to fix, as you would need to tweak more characters around the changes in order to not make anyone totally busted/powercreeped.

    Also, I would be quite disappointed if Raiden saw buffs before electro, because I have seen too many times in other games that characters get buffed and then systems around them get buffed for a double whammy of powercreep. She should be a very powerful character if electro just becomes a better element.

  37. Naah man i think we all get you. For a guy like me and many other players who have beidou in their main comp, this thing needs to be fixed coz that would give the shogun a good boost rather than just buffing electro res or damage. Hope mihoyo fix this

  38. I think a lot of people are focusing on comparing the xingqiu and Beidou interactions with Raiden when that isnt that good of a point.

    The point that makes the Raiden-Beidou thing b*llshit is that Tartaglia can trigger Beidou's burst despite his skill being considered Elemental Skill DMG
    He can also obtain the boosts from Thundering pulse bow for his E stance even if the bow description literally says "it buffs Normal Attack DMG"

    Which means Mihoyo 100% slipped very hard with this one. They cannot nerf Childe, so they have to fix Raiden's interaction to stay consistent.

  39. tbh until today i dont know how to use Baal LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  40. The biggest most huge problem we have in 2.1 right now is Rosaria not doing her polearm kick animation
    Bring back the Queen's kick

  41. Those that want to defend Baal that in spiral abyss she restores full burst for 80 cost teams is just bull. That is only possible with many enemies getting hit and dying to give you that energy. Any other battery used gives the same or close enough results and doesn't justify her being a good battery at all. Keep in mind I'm only talking about energy restoration which is only a part of her kit that should excel for 80 costs teams but fails doing so as she can only do this comfortably for 60 cost which defeats her purpose in team building and her failing her own resolve kit(no c1).

  42. I see , this guy love selling drama content. drama only come from content creator.

  43. I just realized she doesn’t work with Electro Traveler as well what the hell. I built Traveler for just because I thought it was cool for their bursts to work with each other. Damn they really do need to fix the interactions, it’s just a bummer

  44. while they are making the game more consistent make venti also do the succ

  45. The C6 Argument is really dumb in my eyes, only because the effect was not misleading in the slightest. People are are saying 1+1=2 and even though thats correct, that doesn’t mean the effect would’ve been any different no matter what.

    At that point, you’re not complaining that you spent money, you’re just complaining and are try to justify your complaining because you spent money on the character. I respect the “most of her dmg is locked behind constellations” argument (even though she still hits like a truck) more than this, because at least thats an argument with valid criticism of too much Dmg increase through spending money. With the Beidou argument, you’re trying to validate a thing that has nothing to do with you spending money since the effect of the C6 is working properly and exactly how it was written, in both the pre and post fixes.

    You can have a problem with Beidou not working with Raiden and that’s perfectly valid, but don’t use stupid excuses that “THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! I WANT A REFUND! I WOULDN’T HAVE SPENT MONEY ON HER C6 IF I KNEW ABOUT THIS”. BS, if you went all the way to C6, you likely spend $400-$500 on each character or you’re a metaslave, disappointed by the fact that she can hit a 1 Mill, but not 1.1 Mill

  46. Reminder to everyone that you can submit feedback through the Paimon menu instead of waiting for the next survey. If you bring up this issue then you will get a generic response linking to the community post where they 'explain' why Beidou doesn't work. I think it's important that everyone replies again on the ticket that they are not happy with that response and it is a misrepresentation of the character.

  47. The "fix": Beidou's ult can now work with Raiden Shogun's ult if you pull on the Extra Features Banner.

    Extra Features Banner: guaranteed Extra Feature at 60th pull

  48. the only thing i get a little frustrated is that her elemental skill buff doesn't benefit Xiao and Razor.

  49. I am really passionate about this and I REALLY hope they can make this work, especially after changing the in-game wording instead of just fixing the issue. Hope you enjoyed the video!
    Note: i feel like i have to clarify, an electro buff or an electro resonance buff can be nice, but either way this interaction has to be fixed. there's no reason for beidou-raiden to not work. (but im not against electro getting stronger)

    Back to regular videos tomorrow lmao (Sara guide next)

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