THIS PUZZLE TOOK ME 8 HOURS in Genshin Impact -


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I… don’t want to talk about this puzzle in Genshin Impact… I missed some of the information and it uhhh kinda hurt my speeds a bit completing it
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  1. I kinda got lucky when I did that. While exploring I came across the rural carvings first, as I progressed higher (since I did each island systematically) I figured the water will have something to do with the carving. So I basically I did all the water levels prior to even finding those stones in the middle, because I was so focused on exploring islands, that I have overlooked the stones on a beach between them xD

  2. lmao i knew what this was from the name of the video lol

  3. won't lie, one of my friends who already did it, did this puzzle for me. i was just chilling beating up on hilichurls while he was doing it for me

  4. i took one hour lol i had to watch yt videos bc i was like wtf am i doing wrong

  5. This puzzle is just deceptive is all. You want to complete it, so you try a bunch of things before becoming confused, only to realize you were supposed to do all the boring things first, just so you can stumble upon the only thing that matters for completing the puzzle.

  6. me who didnt even know about this: 👁👄👁

  7. I give up on Genshin because they pretty much told me that what's going on my game my problem/fault. apparently I'm not as intelligent in THEIR eyes. I pretty much told Mihoyo they have shitty Customer Service. When things like this happen I need to either stop playing altogether or take time away from it. I'm on the fence on what I want to do yet.

  8. If this entire Island zone wasn't gonna be inevitably removed from the game I would have taken my time with everything.

  9. What hurts is you submitted the photos of the murals BEFORE you find out how the stone puzzle actually works

  10. Day 3 of asking mtashed if he will make Destiny 2 content again

  11. Mtashed We need you back in Destiny 2. Stasis has gotten nerfed, its significantly less annoying now. We need you to help rebuild the crucible! 😭

  12. Destiny 2 had harder puzzle mechanics. I'm surprised you a destiny veteran has trouble with genshin puzzles lol

  13. I am not that good at the game 🥲😭

  14. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

    Albert Einstein

  15. I need a to do a loooooot more wishes if I want to get good but I can't get a lot of jem's

  16. First thing I did when I came into that island is take the picture of the mural. Then 2 days later, when I decided to really focus on this puzzle and try to solve it, that, after 3 hours of trial and error, I realized that the mural is connected to the puzzle. The solution was a eureka moment of pure satisfaction.

  17. This puzzle might have been hard, or interesting, if the answer wasn't written on a wall in some cave…

    Guess MHY still thinks we're all 5 year olds with half-functioning brains.

    EDIT: Oh…uhh…hmm…

  18. Hey I'm a new player on the game and I'm kinda lost with the stuff I see on genshin so I would gladly take some help

  19. Mtashed vocals on point..voice of the gods..dont be rude because he loves us!!

  20. 8 hours… Jeez, I'll sit and laugh at you a bit.
    Don't you ever play The Witness then if you'd like to keep your sanity in the same shape or form as it's right now.

  21. You're watchable when you're not bitching

  22. Mtashed I'm a big fan of yours I played genshin impact for a month now and watch the tips videos you made for free to play players like me, I just want to say thank you

  23. The puzzles in the golden island archipelago was what i expected from genshin in the first place

    Needless to say i was quite disappointed to find how puzzles in the main game actually are

  24. zlthepokemonmaster zlthepokemonmaster says:

    Could you help me with the Klee banner, I’m on Ps4 and I have the greatest feeling I’m going to get shafted. Could you please help me before the banner is gone.

  25. 8 hours? For each part of the event, I made my rounds to all the islands in two hours and finished the puzzles. Then I hunted down all the crabs on the coast.
    4000 crabs within 9 months of Genshin Impact!

  26. Hey dweebs….I'm a tad bit OCD completionist….but if reward=bugger all, effort=more than 30 minutes head scratch.=..move on with==your "==""life" ffsakes yeah👍

  27. Thank god it wasn't just me that it took that long to figure it out 😅 lol

  28. I was lucky to not get into the hours of trying to figure it out as I think I just accidentally stepped on them and got them all correct

  29. Can a character charge their party's ultimates???
    Plz help I m new

  30. I feel bad for Mtashed because I had started wondering "Did I just get bored of Mtashed's content?" but seeing this I realize that I still like his content- it's just that the game isn't giving him a damn thing to make a good video with

  31. I jus watched another genshin content creator and finished it in less than 30 minutes 🙂

  32. It can't be solved until you find the mural first. I didn't try solving it as soon as I saw it, I played throughout the map a lot more and then came back to it and that made it easier to solve for me.

  33. No offense, but you are easily distracted and bothered by stuff. You might have ADHD.

  34. I feel like this would have been more fun if i never found that mural

  35. RIP genshin because youtuber think end game or hard game is the path to go and that hav lead to RIP destiny 2.
    Destiny 2 hav lost touch where there are no mini games or casual games that take out the fun and include pure grind which burn out the players.
    Destiny 2 listen to youtuber and fall flat such as bringing back trials that 10% hardcore pvp player enjoy, removed SBMM thus removed casual pvp. GI ignored youtuber and targeted casual player thus retaining 90% players.
    Youtuber like to jump to other games when there are no contents to generate view but player jus want to enjoy casual fun games in order words youtuber play games as work but player play games after work.
    Players dont want to look at guide if they can finish it but youtuber want players to watch guide to play so keep encouraging harder content.

  36. I got the water levels in 10 minutes but I was stuck at the pillars and used the power of the internet.

  37. Playing destiny 2 but realise paid seasonal content will be removed later.
    Suddenly wake up and realise Genshin impact is free content event will be removed later. Switch back to GI enjoying free content is the best way.

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