THOMA RAISED! What that shield do? (Genshin Impact) -

THOMA RAISED! What that shield do? (Genshin Impact)

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No. Today in Genshin Impact we’re raising the newest addition to the Genshin universe, Thoma!

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0:00 Raising Thoma
1:05 A Little Farming For Lv80
2:19 Thoma Talents
2:52 How His Talents Work
5:09 Thoma Constellations
6:10 Team Idea on Paper
6:41 Building Thoma
9:01 Dailies
11:58 Shogun Team?
13:06 Shield Strength Testing
14:56 Full HP Build
15:56 VS Zhongli


  1. I literally run Raiden(my only 5*) and i got everything including 2 off banners but thoma ;(

  2. And zhongli has 4 tenacity that can make his shield stronger

  3. I’ve been building on thoma and I’ve found that energy recharge, elemental mastery, pyro damage bonus, def/health/atk% artifacts really help, especially the health and/or atk artifacts cause talent and constellation buffs

  4. As someone who was really excited to have a shield character that I actually liked I'm a little disappointed in him. I farmed everything to 80 him and get his E to 8 and have 24k+ HP with 4pc ToM and yet he still barely does anything (and that's with me dodging to the best of my ability). I understand that he will never be as good as Zhongli (duh) but I just think for a character who's built around being a shield he'd do a little better than my unbuilt Diona.

  5. Just wanted to say Thank you for doing all these video's. I am a Canadian player who started late June so all the older video's didn't apply to anyone in my team, which made it difficult to get any kind of help until I came across your page. All the farming, explaining, time and exploration you've streamed has helped me understand why I need this char to wear this, or use this weapon. You ROCK!!! Thank you Moga!!! ♥

  6. oh god please dont make more pyro characters i have 3 already i cant survive with a full pyro team

  7. I think a Thoma vs Diona showcase could be rlly good..but build them both HP tho

  8. "Mobile Gaming With Tyler" Does that ring a bell?

  9. 10:50
    Me who only uses Diona for Hu Tao.
    And yes, I do have Zhongli but he's in my Ningguang party

  10. It's annoying that Mihoyo keeps getting away with making these sub-optimal Characters under the guise of "balance" and we all just keep pulling for them because we genuinely like them.

    It's like thought was PUT INTO making Thoma not as good as Zhongli.. even the fact that Thoma couldn't stack his E skill on itself like Zhongli and Diona can.. I want my 4 star characters to be borderline broken especially with constellations.

  11. i think thoma fits perfectly in a fast paced team. i don't have zhongli so i'm used to dodging, maybe thoma is designed for players who can dodge and swap out characters quickly (like national team)

  12. I think the biggest annoyance with his shield is how short it lasts

  13. Moga: let's starting leveling our boy Thomas

    Me: *what*

  14. I love thoma but my zhonglis shield has never broke

  15. "He's as tall as Zhongli"

    If you look at his silhouette properly you can see that he's literally a remodeled Zhongli.

  16. He ended up dying because of electro charge hahaha

  17. When r u gonna play cookie run kingdom again?

  18. Me whos a 32p sitting here looking as his team:

  19. I think to get the max shield you need to use the engulfing lightning for high ER and stack more ER and HP from the artifacts. More ER helps to get his burst back on cooldown.

  20. I was saving up for the net charater i thought lets do a pull and got hu tao

  21. A benefit to running Thoma over Zhongli with Hu Tao is that he applies pyro to enemies, so Kazuha/Sucrose can swirl the pyro to proc viridescent venerer as well as their respective stat buffs (elemental dmg bonus and elemental mastery, respectively). Thoma can make rotations relatively safer when getting attacked.

  22. Moga! are you gonna pull for albedo on his rerun 😁

  23. So that’s why my phone was ringing🙄💅

  24. Hey moga I hope ur doing well Ik moving is hard and I hope ur doing good.

  25. Sayu God mode: stack elemental mastery on her with the VV set. For the weapon use the craftable claymore from inazuma to be able to have an elemental mastery time peice. Don't worry about whether or not you have C6 you want elemental mastery. The reason is when she swirls when she rolls she heals for a lot.

    Now run her with xiangling and literally anything else preferably raiden. Activate pyronado and on attack effects.

    You can also run her with Barbara and xiangling. In this team you activate Barbara's e to get wet then pyronado. This will infuse your roll with water then when you hit people you get them wet and as you roll past them you vaporize. You will also swirl.

    If you add them all together you end up with a team that has similar effects to the Raiden national team only with rolling like Sonic the hedgehog. And to be quite honest this is the perfect place for full elemental mastery Raiden as a meme. Because the overload will be doing 23k and the electro charge will do 2X 10K due to dragons bane. I use this team to get all my stars in The abyss every 2 weeks

  26. Would you do a Chongyun raising and god mode video?😄

  27. I will definitely say that comparing Zhongli and Thoma is quite unfair 😅 because somehow with Zhongli’s shield. It stays for so much longer, while Thoma has a weaker shield time. I mainly have my Thoma to apply pyro on enemies, as Zhongli won’t ever be replaced (also he is god of Geo, so of course his shield is the strongest of them all)

  28. 4:17 "it's not even fair to compare a 4 star to a 5 star"

    Bennett and Xingqiu have entered the chat

  29. black tassel, 2x Emblem + 2x Tenacity, ER sands or HP if you have around 180 (more – better) from substats, hp goblet and circlet – they are about the same with shield.

    Thoma is not best for damage – treat him as pyro diona that need to stack her shield per time but has much better shield "overall".

  30. i feel like Thoma would be 10x better if there was a sacrificial polearm

  31. Thoma… the only reason to build a white tassel!

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