TOP 10 BEST Heroes in Genshin Impact! -

TOP 10 BEST Heroes in Genshin Impact!

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Toda in Genshin Impact we’re going over the top 10 best heroes.

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  1. me : yes bennett is indeed 1st ranking… because you can move with his E

  2. A shitnado of a top 10 my friend. You say Keching due to fun. Childe should be in there as he enables top tier damage for so many teams, especially Beidou but also amazing with pyronado chick. Fischl not so much even with the c6. Get Childe in silly billy. Good video otherwise wee man.

  3. No childe no xiao no diluc? wtf you know nothing!

  4. I know a Diluc Main who made Ganyu as melt support, I was triggered since I don't have Ganyu…and Diluc.

  5. hmm, keqing better then xiao…. dont trust this list 😀

  6. I have 3 5 stars but no bennet 🙁

  7. "Now as for the last two, the top two! They were so hard to place"- u really had us in the first half!

  8. Did moga just call Xingqiu by his name and not water dude? Hmm Sus.

  9. hearing moga say xingiu is like hearing a deaf person heard the gunshots it seems fake but its real

  10. he did not just put ganyu as number 4 instead of number 1…

  11. I have gotten Bennett c5 and I refuse to pull on the permanent banner or any character banner with him on it in order to avoid getting the red dot for having a c6 but not activating it

  12. From those 10 best characters, i only have benneth, also benneth is the first character i got in wish

  13. I guess xiao, diluc and childe doesn't exist

  14. Ah, if only we could tell Bennett how much we love him <3

  15. Why the fu** all my suport are in this tier list but not my main dps

  16. My c1 Diluc and C6 Fischl are fuming rn

  17. استغفر الله العظيم

  18. "hu tao is my favorite but keqing is my super favorite"

    keqing in this video:

  19. Wish I could get all these 5 star characters but I missed out on them all

  20. Sorry to break it to you guys, but Bennett is the next pyro archon-

  21. The title makes me think there will be Best Villains in the game next

  22. kinda sad how xiao, diluc or childe isnt on the list ngl but opinions i guess

  23. I also have keqing so i think keqing its my fav hero because this it's my first time getting a 5-star!

  24. Me who guessed bennett to be #1:

    I can see the future yall 🙄😍

  25. Imo it goes like this (This is meta even though I’m a fun player)
    10th: Klee and sucrose
    9th: diluc and childe
    8th: xingqiu
    7th: Mona
    6th: Xiao
    5th: hu Tao
    4th: zhongli and Eula
    3rd: venti ( he would be second but ganyu is more flexible in placement)
    2nd: Ganyu
    1st: bOuKeN dA BoUkEn
    This is coming from an f2p so this may not be very accurate so take it with a grain of salt

  26. Moga get this: Bennett, the god, against all bosses with no artifacts and a level 1, 1 star weapon

  27. Guys can you help me I’m like 5 pulls from pity and I want Klee really bad but I also want kazuha really bad
    Reasons for Klee:
    •I have dodoco tales r5 maxed
    •I need a good pryo character
    •she’s adorable
    Reasons for kazuha
    •he looks really fun to play
    •I like his character design
    •I have good artifacts for anemo

  28. We all know deep down that qiqi is best for dps, healing and support

  29. I'm offended that ganyu got ranked on the fourth spot

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