Top 5 Characters in Genshin Impact: -

Top 5 Characters in Genshin Impact:

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These are my top 5 characters in Genshin Impact. There are other amazing units in game, but these SHINE for value


  1. So just pull for zhong li kazuha ganyu skip everyone else

  2. Did no one noticed how venti is not on the top anymore lmaoooo kazuha powercrept him

  3.'s so feeling gud tat u put (geo daddy) 'zhongli' on the top list I realy love this 🥰

  4. Yesterday I just bought 3 Toyota….today I bought 3 beds! This must stop!

  5. Love the video Mtashed hopefully you can post this kind of video more💜‼️👍🔥

  6. Damn so that's why he recommends using the product to prevent hair loss

  7. Well your list is ok im good with it but im still NOT seeing someone or a youtuber who list a top character video with an objective and subjective view of what is the best character.

    If i had to made a video i will list both top 10 most used character "abyss meta" (objective) and top 10 char of my choice (subjective), and combine their rankings to make an over all character list rankings..
    Thats what i want to see.

  8. I got Bennett, xhingchu,and waiting for other's

  9. My C6 sara with polar star deals over 14000 on charged shots, and over 22000 with tengu buff tipped charged shots.

    Talents: 7/ 12 / 11

  10. When I literally have these 5 characters + Xiangling in my F2P acct than my Main Goldfish Acct. And tbh, I am thinking of Maining the f2p now than the bp/welkin acct. 😅

  11. "Kazuha is just a more expensive surcrose so I'll skip"
    – my friends who now regret not getting him and are saving for his rerun//// P.S Triple crowned mine :3

  12. At first, I only pull for kazuha because his ult is beautiful. Then when I was building him to his best, I'm shocked on how powerful he is.

  13. Mtashed: Xiangling, Oh my G Xiangling's good
    Me who's a Xiangling/Baal main: I'm so proud

  14. Good list prolly should've included venti as an honorable mention tho.

  15. Really liked the video bro looking forward for more😚😚

  16. Kazuha didn’t caught you off guard, im the one who caught you off guard with kazuha, Don’t you remember? When you literally arguing with me about kazuha? It felt soo good now 😂

  17. Y you didn't say anything about your triple crown diluc. I expect you will add him instead of zongli.

  18. I regret not pulling on kazuha I could’ve but I was blind to the next region banners

  19. Regretting not pulling for Kazuha, waiting for rerun now.

  20. i havent watched the vid and i already know the characters and i already know its ganyu, xingqiu, bennet, kazuha and zhongli

  21. Now do one based on lore or designs 🙂

  22. Top 3 units in the game according to theory crafter is benett, xingqiu and venti thoo (with no order). Thing is they're like essential "building block" (the way they call it) that can be put everywhere and bring massive value…

  23. Mihoyo was largely to blame for Kazuha's sales fiasco putting him before the girls in Inazuma.

  24. alternate title: top 5 characters that mtashed has in his f2p acc.. very misleading title, zero content zero remorse for one more pathetic clickbait video not even making sense. mtashed you're the dude who copies the question paper in answer sheet and tell ur friends u rocked the exam

  25. I regret skipping kazuha more than any other character

  26. I'm getting turned on just by Kazuha constellations.

  27. Ganyu my number 1 and then kazuha number 2 normally in my ganyu comp, but I just love going around with kazuha and randomly hitting Hilicurls when I can swirl them and killing them before he battle music kicks in

  28. badly need zhongli so bad at playing hutao i always die😭

  29. zhongli kazuha ganyu xingqiu bennett. bro. we get it. we know. you literally dont even have to make a video dedicated to this. you mention those 5 in like literally every other video about why the fuck youre never gonna pull for anyone new.

  30. Should I save for ganyu or xiao because I like xiao more but ganyu is better?

  31. Diona is amazing.. I whale but I used Diona on my Ayaka perma freeze team with Xingqui.. easy abyss clears.

  32. Only downside with Kazuha: Now you only have 3 Team members in EVERY team cause you never dare to put a boy out that can jump mid-air! 😀

  33. Predictions: before watching the video

    1. Bennet
    2. Xingqiu
    3. Ganyu
    4. Kazuha
    5. Zhongli

    Edit: Damn I'm a genius bigkap.

  34. My Top 5 would be Bennett, kazuha, Xingqiu, Venti and Zhongli. Yes, this is support impact all dps's must bow down to their support characters especially the ugly cargo shorts wearin' gigachad bennett.

  35. Its just so hard to have the materials to level them up and also the artifacts and weapons that fits them.

  36. Shout out to the jack of all trades/master of none (except for yeeting), Jean.

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