Top 5 Genshin Impact Characters Players Regret Pulling For & Why... -

Top 5 Genshin Impact Characters Players Regret Pulling For & Why…

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Genshin Impact characters that whales regret pulling for.



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  1. Childe, regret getting him after realizing hes just a glorified enabler that can be easily replaced by a 4*. if you like him cool but to me hes a waste of primos.

  2. Don't care how rich you are, you're an imbecile if you spend thousands on pixelated characters.

  3. I regret pulling for Hutao in her first run because I like her personality, but I really abhor the way she plays with animation cancel and charge focused, as I don‘t have c1 and will never invest in it. I do have Homa, a really well build Xingqiu, but she just isn‘t as good as my Ganyu and Xiao in terms of artifacts and damage, as rngsus still doesn‘t give me good pieces for Hutao, I mean even my Klee with Lava set and Kazuha in a team do more damage than her… I‘m sad that she never got any good artifacts making her good for me. I regret having farmed that cursed witch domain for over 3 months with no pieces to show even today, I wish I would have invested that in noblesse/petra/HoD back then. The resin will never come back, but I did use them as exp fodder… now I will never build a good Hutao, unless she gets lucky when I farm emblem for Mona.

  4. i think childe and hutao still great now , escpecially childe, he have the most powerful team in the game, and hutao , even there's wolf but she have high dmg that can beat them before they attack , but she may out meta soon , maybe middle of next year , i agree about klee, i pull for her since 1.0 bc that time she's unbeatable, but now she turned out to be the weakest limited char , i agree about xiao, he carried me through the early game but endgame he out meta , and now 2.3 he still , it's hard to use him to deal with 2.3 mob , his dmg isnt enough to clear fast at c0 , and his plunge knock them back which is make the situation worse , he have big AoE but childe or raiden already do his job better alot with more damage , but smaller aoe , but faster at attacking

  5. Honestly, I don't have that many characters .. but i really don't believe in playing one character till the end..
    I used beidou and diluc a lot in beginning but now I have almost benched them.. and enjoying my Thoma and hutao. But I am now looking forward to new characters… .

  6. i never C6 my characters so fast. Cuz i see myself playing this game for a long time and eventually i'll get it. i care more about getting all the characters i want.

  7. I have both Xiao and Childe and I never use them nowadays, I dont regret pulling for Childe because I pulled for Ning and got her and she's my main, he just showed up really early, Xiao tho… used him for 2 months then never again

  8. imagine having enough luck to gain a limited 5 star constellation , couldnt be me man

  9. well, the only character i kind regret getting is xiao, the most boring one so far, or more likely annoying one, albedo is another character that came from nowhere, he is ok but not really that special, lets be real, any character you use that does off field dmg is boring mainly cause you dont use it, albedo can also annoy you with the elevator, thou its not that big of a deal cause you can just use plunge. Ganyu is fun for me mainly cause i play in my phone, so the actual experience of the aim vs just pressing the screen is something else, you actually need to aim/do some effort to do dmg, meanwhile other people just aim at the floor to hit enemies with the bloom.

  10. Childe… he is one of the best main dps… for me no one can replace my Kaeya… he is and will be my main dps for along time… but he was the first who always hits 10k when he crits… and the first one who got to 50k… it may not be much but I was AR50 at lvl 80 and just… I was f2p… but off topic but… how can I stop pulling? I'm regreating spenting my primogems… I want to save but I can't stop… I want to pull when I have 1 pull… but yea drink water, sir stright and bye!

  11. In terms of regretting "not enough copies", that's Albedo and Xiao for me, potentially Kazuha but in all three cases it was just a case of losing 50/50 and just not having enough pulls to get my desired constellation.

    In terms of actually regretting…. myC1 Hu Tao. I wanted one, just ONE Thoma. I literally got two Hu Taos first. Who the heck claims 5 stars are rarer? lol

  12. I thought eula would be here cus of how much you have to invest on her

  13. I would say I regretted pulling Tartaglia, but it was back in 1.1 when most of us were still figuring things out, and he and Keqing helped carry me until I managed to score Ganyu.

  14. I would have like if the title had "whales" instead of "players" as for players a expected a wide range of players, mostly f2p, expeted usefull info but it was only "i regret not speding $1000 dollars instead of the $600 i spent in the character.

  15. Raiden probably. I only pulled her because I was thinking of pulling all the archons at some point (also I wanted to max xiangling's cons). I only got her at c0 so she doesn't really offer much to the table for my comps and her most popular one (rational) doesn't appeal to me. Thankful that I stopped at just one copy though cause her story and archon quest turned me off from her to the point that I benched her for a while.

  16. i regret pulling on keqing banner because i never wanted her in the first but i pulled anyway because i was bored. huge mistake.
    i also regret pulling on the weapon banner as a low spender.

  17. yoimiya because i lost the 50/50 and didnt get her

  18. i originally regretted pulling for raiden because I realized that I didn't really have a team where I could use her so she stayed benched for a while. it wasn't until I built xiangling did I finally use her. raiden national team is honestly so op and I don't regret rolling for her anymore

  19. As a Diluc main, I'm disappointed that he made the list, he was my first five star and I still use him even after over a year of gameplay. That being said I think Tartaglia is my biggest regret, his skill and cool down make it incredibly difficult for him to be a main DPS given my playing style.

  20. I also regret pulling for klee, for the same reasons as the ones you said. Back then I was a newbie with primogems, which never ends well

  21. As much as I love Klee's character I actually did regret pulling for her banner during her rerun. She surprisingly came home in a single pull, but then Kazuha's banner came (this was before everyone realized he's OP) and I lost him to Jean. Not only was I unable to complete my ANEMO boyband, I don't even use Klee often even if she's strong already at c0.

  22. i feel targetted since i spent money on homa just for ei. And childe and ei herself :pensive: I'm questioning my self control LMFAO

  23. I don't regret pulling for hu tao but just after pulling her i got diluc in standard banner so i was like what is this rng 1st i had none now i got 2

  24. C2 Klee is the most powerful constellation though. Pyro resonance character that can debuff def. C4 definitely completes the support kit though.

  25. I don't regret anything tbh. Now there are characters I wish I could trade. But they gave me a ton of fun at the time.

    First is Ganyu. I never use her and find her so freaking boring. That said at the time of 1.2, my team was so weak and I loved how much she opened things up for my account. It was fun doing crazy damage and the sniper gameplay was fun. Eventually it got boring but a year ago. Ganyu gave me great fun in the beginning. However now there's ton of characters I would gladly trade her for if I could

    Second is Childe. My main issue with him is all he can be is a main dps and I have more fun with my other dps. So I never use him anymore. However I don't regret him bc he was fun at the time and I was mostly going for Rosaria. To put this in context I am a Rosaria main, I have c6, 10 10 10 lvl 90 Cresent pike Rosaria. She still the most fun character in the game for me personally and I like her more than all my 5 stars. When I rolled on that banner I got Childe in the first ten pull before I even got a Rosaria copy. So I kind of don't love him but Getting Rosaria on release was more than worth it. Plus I got him quick so no harm no foul.

    Third is Zhongli. Now I like him and he's fun so I don't really regret him
    However there are characters I don't have that I think would be more fun. I kind of rolled for him bc everyone said he was a must roll for his rerun and this is a time I went with meta when I normally don't. However I did end up having fun with him so while I rather have a different character I'm cool with having Geo god

    I really want Kazhua. But I don't regret not going for him. At the time I had enough pulls to do 1 5050 and 1 guaranteed. I was super hyped for Raiden like a lot of us where. And then the story made me fall in love with Ayaka. So I did the 50 50 and got Ayaka, and then I got Raiden. Now I ended up getting Raiden in the first ten pull so in hindsight I should of rolled for Kazhua but at the time I couldn't guarantee. So I don't regret it bc Ayaka is my second main dps behind Rosaria and Raiden is essential to my Rosaria team. Raiden opened it up so my Rosaria team could finally clear 36 star abyys. And having Ayaka on the other side made what seemed impossible, possibly. So yea I want Kazuha and looming back I should I rolled but I'm really happy with they two characters I skipped him for and who would of known I would get so lucky on both banners.

    Also Kokomi is grown on me as a character I might want for the rerun. I'm thinking of turning my Ayaka team from a melt into a freeze team and with the new artifacts, Kokomi is a character I would like to have to pair with Mona, Ayaka and maybe Shenhe or Kazuha. I just hate using Bennett, even tho he's so good bc his story and design suck imo. So I want another healer to switch him out for. I'm at the point where I'm trying to make two God like teams of characters I love, not necessarily meta characters

  26. Tartag is a dps tho, I still don't really get how people see him as JUST an enabler. He deals a good amount of dmg during his skill uptime, even more so with a bunch of enemies, while enabling his teammates to deal off field dmg, he even has a nuke since his elemental burst deals so much dmg. You don't really need c6 for that, his c6 just allows you to use his E more which is a huge dps loss in his best team comps, when his E is in cooldown that's when you should be charging up your teams burst to set up the rotations again.

  27. Dolphin here. My biggest regret was trying to go for Ganyu C1. Sure it does increase your dmg on your charged attacks and she doesn't need to have ER because the constellation can battery herself, it took me 4 months to realise how boring Ganyu's charged attack playstyle is. Not only that, Anemo VV can replicate the effects of the constellation but it is better.

  28. well i dont regret pulling albedo as he fucking ruind my pitty. well i regret not pulling kazu but i could not waste my guranteed on him while saving for baal

  29. its diff with my diluc i wanted the best pyro dps amd their weapon then i got him on zl 1.2 then i wanted wgs on homa banner
    got homa instead now i have crowned lvl 90 c6 xiangling with staff of homa and have the strongest pyro dps, stronger than those pathetic 5*s

  30. I don’t ever understand the need to pull for meta/hyped characters when people don’t even get interested in that character’s story and everything. The hype will stop eventually and new characters will come that will be stronger and better than older ones so it’s better to pull for those you actually love.

    I regret having Hu Tao because I didn’t want her, I just don’t like her character. I wished to get a 4 star.

  31. i regret pulling eula, after im playing with her for months she is not that great at c0. i got her since her first banner but i learnt something that i wont do same mistake twice. i always wait 3-5 days and test the trial before i roll new character to see what he/she can do after that i decided to roll or not. saving primos for months is hurt if you just spend them carelessly.

  32. Don't rly regret pulling for hu tao cause I think as long as you invest on her well enough she wouldn't dissapoint, same thing to other characters

  33. Though I do not regret pulling any characters because I want one copy for all of the 5 stars. But I don't Xiao as much cause at C0, he doesn't add much to my team comps even if he's a great DPS. Still have energy problem with him without a battery and with corrosion, I haven't used in a very long time.

  34. i kinda regret pulling for Raiden, i was hype at the moment the update came out and got her at 88 pity with my guaranteed that was meant for Xiao, now i don't use her in open world and even in Abyss i don't use her, the only place i use her is the new domain with Bennett Barbara and Kazuha for electro charged team, i can't deny the fact that she's a very good burst dps/support but her power is locked behind that one constellation that ignored like 60%(?) of the enemy's def and i still much enjoy playing anemo and geo, was a Kazuha and Albedo main, still a Kazuha and Albedo main

  35. This video makes no sense. Regretting not getting higher constellations doesn't mean regretting pulling for. It means exactly the opposite.

  36. I’m a dolphin and regret Childe and Xiao C0…but only because they take so much investment. Would love to see the dolphin version of this video.

  37. I'm not a whale but I kinda regret pulling for Hu Tao on her rerun- I mean she's great but I don't really feel the crazy damage most people talk about

  38. I have yet to regret having pulled chars I actually wanted, waifugaming be like that.

    EDIT: You might wanna rename this to whales and not players since there is quite a emphasis on it

  39. I regret pulling on Hu Tao bcoz I lost 50/50 and got C1 Qiqi, that's what it's about.

  40. I regret on missing out on alloy Collab and it was free too

  41. Haha! The youtube automatic translation to English writes everything wrong. 😆

  42. Diluc, I regret pulling him and I also regret not get more cons for Jean

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