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In this video, GG reviews the 5 most popular Raiden Shogun teams in the latest Spiral Abyss and some of these comps will truly surprise you! Instead of the usual build guide we dive deep into all the Baal team comps (now called Raiden Shogun team comps) and explore things like most popular weapons, artifacts and alternative picks for each and every team.

If you’re ever in doubt what’s the best raiden shogun build in Genshin Impact, you literally just have to look at what teams others are building and hopefully get some inspiration to make your very own team!

Raiden Shogun (also known as Ei) was released during 2.1 Genshin Impact update.

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. What if I switch Kazhua with sucrose in the hyper Raiden team?

  2. My team comb for Raiden is Raiden, Venti, Xiangling and Bennett. This comp is quite good for any chambers of floor 12.

  3. I’m curious. Since I don’t have hu tao, can I choose klee instead?

  4. Every team had a character that i don't have… Nice. lol

  5. I dont have bennet but I just built this team with raiden lead, the my c4 xiangling, c2 xingqui, then c4 Barbara with thrilling tales.

    This team is so strong it's unreal.
    I'm pulling for kokomi though so I will replace Barbara as soon as I get her

  6. Eula, Benny, Lisa, Raiden is what I am planning to use. Raiden is only for the battery part of the game along with a quick clear and some extra dmg.

  7. Love to see you put some love in Xingqiu…only lv.70?

  8. I've been mainly playing Raiden with electro Traveler, Diluc, and Barbara. But I'm still trying to level up Raiden, so I only really use that team in the open world, doing daily commissions type stuff. Obviously Overloaded is my most common reaction. Sometimes vaporize and electro-charged. I do sometimes substitute in Kazuha or Mona, whom are pretty built up, too.

  9. the 1st team was actually what I’m using my mind

  10. im running noelle main dps, shogun sub, benny and xiangling as supports its fun u got unlimited SS works well with noelle ❤

  11. I use Rosaria, Raiden, Fischl and Xingqiu in my team
    Is it powerful? Nah
    Is it invincible? Hell nah bro
    But damn if if aint fun looking at the enemies healthbar rapidly going down

  12. well I have Hutao but I'm main Diluc and he pretty much 100% uptime since Diluc alt is just so fast to recharge
    start with Dad&Book
    Raiden E
    E > Norm> E > Norm> E > Q > repeat E > Norm > E
    Dad&book refresh maybe some rock from the sky
    Raiden Booba Sword mode

  13. Ei, Kazuha, Childe, Jean. Statisfying, i guarantee.

  14. I NEVER seen a SINGLE video of someone explaining rotations of each teams, can u make it? I honestly don't know who to use first in any team.

  15. My top Genshin team is : Ayaka, Raiden, Kazuha, and Bennet. No Comment

  16. Oh god, the way you speak is so unnatural !

  17. Does anyone have any tips on xingqiu, childe, kazuha, and raiden as a team?

  18. Tbh I am using Eula x Raiden combo and thanks to Raiden's E, Eula only needs to stay 7s on the field with big enemies, with small enemies you can switch faster and they will die too thanks to Raiden's E buff

  19. Charles: "What would you like?"
    *charges bow*
    Diona: "Burn the wine industry"

  20. Klee, Xingqiu, Raiden, electro traveller

  21. I use a variant of the 5th build, but my line-up is Raiden, Qiqi, Xingqiu, Zhongli – works when I wanna play with Hu Tao instead of Raiden as well

  22. And whats the best f2p team for raiden ? I dont have any of these other 5 stars im not a whale

  23. I've been running Eula, Raiden, Diana, and Zhongli since I got Raiden. I use to use Fischl but there has been a noticeable increase in damage since adding Raiden

  24. hii nice video i wanted to ask smth a bit different is it possible to do a razor dps team without a cryo like bennet xiangling sucrose razor ?


  26. Anyone excited about Mihoyo 1st copium annyversary rewards?

  27. The smiling Baal or ei is cursed and wholesome

  28. I use raiden shogun,diluc,babara, and zongli and i have never lost a batte since.

  29. My yoi/bennett/baal/zhongli team honestly puts in more work than my morgana team in spiral abyss

  30. i play the shogun with c1 with keqing benny and kazuha

  31. yo gacha u kinda suck u gotta keep using baal with the ult.

  32. I experimented on Baal, Xingqiu, Diona and Yoimiya — it worked somehow because Yoimiya had an 8sec downtime after her skill and i would just switch to Raiden to redo the combo as a sub dps 😀

  33. can raiden use 4 millelith? (eula support) thnks.

  34. I'm ar51 and I badly want to do the national team with Baal but I don't have benny boy unlocked T_T

  35. My team for Raiden is:
    Eula, Jean, Xian Yang. 36* Abbys

  36. Is it effective as me using Diluc or Razor to use raiden shogun on the same lineup as them with kazuha and Bennett ?

  37. yanfei/klee and raiden shogun comp is underrated

  38. This is the longest & most ambitious video yet! (Also first team Zhongli alt can be Bennett, but you prob already knew that ^^)

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