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These are the Top 5 Teams in 2.0 Genshin Impact based on the player data!
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In this video, GG reviews all the best and most popular teams in Genshin Impact 2.0 All of these teams have been tested and built specifically for this video and they are based on the latest 2.0 Spiral Abyss data from the CN and Global community.

Check out some of these awesome teams, featuring Ayaka and an unlikely ally for Childe. This video also includes the most popular weapons choices for each team (and even artifacts!) so you can know exactly what the playerbase is using to beat the toughest Spiral Abyss stages!

The following data has been used to create this video:

(The latest 1.5 Spiral Abyss data usage from NGA forums)
(Previous 1.4 data used for cross-referencing, requires hoYoLab CN account)
(1.4 Spiral Abyss data visualized from NGA forums)
(2.0 Latest data from Global community)

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

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  1. A team I love and stand by is Bennett, Jean, Kazuha and Rosaria 💪 I just spam aoe bursts within kazuha’s domain and it’s a monster melt hurricane

  2. put bennet + kazuha as well. that duo is too strong

  3. 8 months of GANYU SUPREMACY 😂 the number 1 team doesnt change at all

  4. I pulled for kazuha because I liked his style and didn't really look into his gameplay that much. He became one of my favorite characters to play and he is now my dps, along with Beidou.

  5. Honestly, Electro traveler really great with Eula and Diona

  6. if kazuha have rerun again, im gonna pull him again for c2

  7. My Eula team is Eula Diona Kazuha Xinqiu

  8. I just hope all the characters return somehow in the anniversary… I really want Childe, deeply

  9. My team has childe, ayaka, hutao/klee and zhongli in it and for me it works very well <3

  10. It’s nice to see my xiao team be on here. Sometimes I run Benny instead of jean for last spot but usually that team doesn’t need it. I might need to try the Childe team here because it looks solid

  11. Dropped my 80C1 Diluc 9/9/9+WGS for 70C3 4TF Bennett 6/11/9+FD, and dropped Zhongli for Sucrose in my ShotGanyu comp.

    Will continue building Xiangling, Chongyun, and Rosaria supports as well as and prepping for Raiden Shogun.

  12. Underrated/underused team comp that I use xiao, zhongi, kazuha/venti (interchangeable) and bennet

  13. kazuha is REALLYYY helpful in abyss, i used to struggle with floor nine and beyond, now i can get to 12 quicker

  14. For me, the strongest characters are those that you're confused on which team you're gonna put coz they can fit on literally any team.

  15. I got ayaka, now i will get kazuha on his rerun

  16. I'm a Ganyu and Kazuha main and just pulled Ayaka on a non guarantee 35th wish. So now I gotta grind her materials because I wasn't expecting to get her whatsoever.

  17. man good thing I have kazuha

    well actually I just waste my primo on the character event wish even though i will not get it, at least you gain more pity 🙂

  18. Kazuha and bennet the best team comp for me🤣🤣🤣

  19. Kazuha is the biggest boost for Childe Vape comp, it literally deleting enemies faster than my other heavily invested party.

  20. I'm actually glad I got Kazuha, it was so easy to put him on any team

  21. Would Zhongli serve as an ok replacement for Venti in the Ayaka perma freeze team? Because my Kazuha is already being used in my Childe vape comp and I don't have venti.

  22. it makes me sad that diluc doesn’t make these lists anymore, he was my first ever 5 star and has stayed my main dps this whole time. i’m loving him with bennett and kazuha. add pretty much any 4th depending on the situation and you’re good (I like zhongli, rosaria, keqing, or xingqui).

  23. my budget Childe Caporize comp includes Barbabruh.

  24. Dont roll for Kazuha they said… He's just an expensive Sucrose they said…

  25. I use Ayaka, Xingqiu, Diona/Zhongli and Kazuha and boy is it fun.

  26. Honestly,
    Ayaka, Diona, Xingqiu and Barbara with Thrilling Tales works wonders…..

  27. my main would be Beidou.

    my team : Beidou, Chungyun, Bennett, Childe

  28. 3:29 So, how is Aether Electro, while his portrait is Geo? THINK, MIHOYO, THINK.

  29. I was like fuck it let's go cryo so I put in ayaka rosaria ganyu and.. Zhonk daddy 😂

  30. The best new team will be sara diona baal and eula

  31. I use a keqin-klee-kazuha-xinqui just sharing an idea

  32. diona with full nobless can heal just fine and buff the same time

  33. Aight i kinda regret choosing Ayaka over Kazuha , sucks to be f2p😭😭

  34. Is it a good idea to add Baal to Eula's comp? Something like Eula, Diona, Baal and any other character. The idea is to use Baal's burst on cd and then swap to Eula's burst.

  35. Are you sure about your Hutao comp? I just checked the link to the abyss rankings myself and It seems like most popular last slot for Hutao comp is still Albedo in general for floor 12. Venti was 2nd most popular. Just saying as correction.

  36. And here I am using (Venti Ganyu Klee Zhongli) on 2nd half of floor 12 and getting 36 stars

    Klee is insane against Maguu Kinky

  37. I just wanted Eula man. I guess Ayaka has been better for this abyss but still, it's Eula the cryo mom

  38. Milelith is no a bad choice for Fischl!!! she can make more damage

  39. "all whales use the morgana team"
    me, f2p with the exact same team:

  40. Currently i have 3 team comps
    -Ayaka, Mona, Rosaria, Sucrose/Xiangling
    -Eula, Rosaria, Xiangling, Traveler
    -Jean, Hutao, Xingqiu, Xiangling

  41. Lol for those who skipped kazuha because of his hybrid capabilites. . As a kazuha user I can say he is the most f2p (fun to play) character in genshin impact so far

  42. I had to use a double cryo support for Eula to generate her ult in the Floor12 and she could work. Team was Eula Diona Ganyu Xiangling. Good AoE killing potential with both Ganyu/XL ult, and deadly burst on melee with Eula, and full support with Diona.

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