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These are the Top 5 F2P Teams in Genshin Impact based on the community data!
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In this video, we review all the best and most popular F2P teams in Genshin Impact. All of these F2P teams have been tested and built specifically for this video and they are based on the latest 1.6 Spiral Abyss data from the CN/Global community.

Check out some of these awesome teams, featuring Beidou, Ningguang and plenty other characters that came from Starglitter Shop constellations and limited-time events. This video also includes the recommended F2P weapons choices for each team so you can know exactly what the playerbase is using to beat the toughest Spiral Abyss stages!

The following data has been used to create this video:

(The 1.5 Spiral Abyss data usage from NGA forums)
(All documented F2P rewards from Launch till 1.6 update)

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, Switch and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. funny how almost every genshin team suggestions in youtube has bennett LOL

  2. I’m not even f2p and I still don’t have razor or bennet-

  3. Oh my god the ningguang team is the team I've been using since zhongli rerun and it's chef's kiss

  4. I started an alt on US server and decided I'd play purely F2P there. So I only play with guaranteed and free characters and weapons.
    So I only play with the starters + Xiangling, Barbara and Noelle and craftable weapons + Favonius bow.

    I don't get the point of calling any other teams including other characters "F2P" because although you can get them without spending money you can't expect players to get them and they might never depending on their luck and patience.
    I want my account to testify that we don't need to spend even one penny into the game.

    Finally, you recommended the Serpent Spine for Beidou, this is definitely not F2P.

  5. I'm currently running Eula with Fischel Beidou and Diona. Do yall think Eula would benefit more with a team of Fischel Xinyan C4 and Bennett?

  6. MC, Noelle, Beidou, Razor, Bennett, Xingqui, Kaeya, Lisa, Amber, Barbara – Unlocked Characters. Can anyone suggest a strong team using these characters please!

  7. Can we stop recommending Festering Desire as f2p? Anyone who has festering desire has been playing this game long enough that this video old news..

  8. f2p … and here you are showing all gacha ones lul

  9. i actually ditch keqing when going in abyss, use xiangling, bennet, noelle instead…… ofc with xingqiu, and they can clear 9 star floor 12

  10. Pls I'm too bad at making a good team so can someone help me? I have these characters atm:
    Traveller, Keqing, Beidou, Fischl, Sucrose, Xiangling, Barbara, Noelle, Kaeya, Lisa, Amber

  11. Xingqiu and hydro don't interfere with superconduct lmao. Whale brain btw

  12. Yo does anyone know when will Bennet reappear in the shop? Cause i've been farming the starglitter for a while only to find out that he is no longer in the shop :') help pls i needed him that much 🙁

  13. The struggle is when u get ninggaung from a single wish on the standard banner with no intention of getting her at ar16

  14. Meanwhile , there's me focusing on Klee as dps because i got lucky, and with Rosaria,Barbara and Sucrose/Fischl as supports🙂🤣🤣

  15. Ive never bought anything in the game and my f2p team has Venti, Zhongli, Tartagalia and Qiqi and it works very well for me

  16. The repetitive inflection in your voice at the end of each sentence bothers me more than it should

  17. Meanwhile me a Beidou main, counter goes brrrr and for electro slimes physical damage and last kick on greatword by Beidou goes brrrr

  18. My Best Team
    Kaeya, Razor, Bennett, Barbara
    Best Team Ever
    2 Healers, 2 High Damage Dealers

  19. My team rn is xingqiu, chongyun, qiqi and Xiangling. I only started playing a while ago, so I don’t know much about the game. Does it work well?

  20. What about noelle , she can be a budget zhongli shield

  21. I've been using The Bell Greatsword for Razor is that ok I'm a f2p btw

  22. Remember when he places bennett and xingqiu so low.

  23. I pulled Eula and Klee and never spent a cent on the game

  24. bruh f2p means free to play the battle pass aint free to play

  25. Watching video like this makes me want to level up all my 4 star character at the same time, I know it is impossible because this resin thing, but I still at the pain even after reach AR 51 the only lvl 90 chara is Jean with the talent 6,7,6 (I only have 3 5 star chara with traveler), I only skip playing about 4 month but have been playing all day since then, but so many things to be upgrade, artifact, weapon, talent, and it all locked behind resin system, 3 times a week, and some of them on weekly bosses. I know we should appreciate those who pay all the gacha so we the broke one can enjoy this game free. But the reality for f2p been farming all day just to have 1 chara at lvl 90,.. sorry I don’t have any right to say this resin system is far from fair.

    My Razor: Tiny little wolfy boi who pokes enemies rather than hits them.

  27. I just started playing and my main team is bennet, lingguang, rosaria and Barbara.. all of them are at C2-C3.. I’m a F2P player and don’t really know much about the game. I’m really good at saving primogems, I’m at AR26 only.. I also have sucrose, Chong yun, xiangling, noelle, yanfei and of course kaeya Lisa amber and the traveler, do you guys have any tips or input for me to improve my main team? Any advice would be highly appreciated.. thanks guys 😁

  28. i am a F2P and i use eula, chongyun, fischl and xiangling (eula is my only 5 star)

  29. My personal “F2P” team is Razor main, Rosaria, Bennett, and Xinyan. Basically all about buffing physical attack as I do have Rosaria at C6 so her burst does decrease phy res by an additional 20%

  30. Can someone give me a team with the characters I have? I'm F2p and I have Razor, Fischl, Xiangling, Barbara, the Traveler, Rosaria, Noelle, The free 3 characters at the start of the game, Mona, and Bennet. So if u want to, make me a team out of these people. I want to make a team out of these characters but idk any good teams.

    I got 3 razor, 1 rosaria from kadzuha banner…. where is my Bennet…. just 1…. Please mihoyo…..

  32. Bennet is pestering me now. every time I wish 10x I got him but my main is Ning which is c0

  33. I got benett on 1.5 and i dint use it because someone says hin unlucky…..

  34. Why is bennett f2p? I pulled on albedo banner 80 times i still don't have bennett

  35. Aesthetically wise kazuha looks so damn cool, and maybe a good replacement for venti T~T

  36. Ok so diluc,Mona,barbarra,and razor

  37. Me: 2 F2P accounts:
    #1 – (C0)Klee, (C6)Xingqiu, (C3)Sucrose/(C4)Fischl, (C2)Bennett — (C0)Hu Tao, (C0)Ganyu, (C3)Sucrose/(C5)XiaoLing, (C6)Barbara
    #2 – (C0)Diluc, (C5)Xingqiu, (C0)Sucrose, (C2)Bennett — (C2)Razor, (C2)Chongyun, (C3)Fischl, (C3)Barbara
    BigDong Zhong players: Where's Zhongli?
    Me: T _ T

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