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Don’t miss out on these 5 awesome Archipelago secrets!
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In this video, you will see top 5 secrets of Archipelago which is a time-limited zone introduced in Genshin Impact 1.6 update. In this video I quickly go over each one of them and tell you the best secret Genshin Impact has to offer in each segment. Look no further than here for the Archipelago Secrets Genshin Impact style! (otherwise known as Genshin Impact 1.6 secrets)

The secrets shown in the video with full solution:

A Trip Through Fog and Wind solution (how to reach the northern island, also called nameless isle)

The Minacious Island Seelie solution called The Winding Homeward Way (otherwise called Minacious island puzzle solution)

From Outer Lands (finding the two ship halves)

The Broken Isle Rock Music Puzzle (rock puzzle, broken isle puzzle)

Archipelago Murals (murals, murals solution, where to find murals, all murals Genshin, all murals Archipelago)

Underwater Bubbles or bubbles

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  1. Lux chest at the south west just enter the whirlpool

  2. Me when I saw the Seelie: Heyya little fella, long time no see…

  3. Knowing the tides must be the reason why we haven't see any people walking around golden apple archipelago…. And those echoing conches.

    Sailing across the sea and visiting yhe islands makes you feel a tinge of sadness.

  4. Glad I did, found, and know all of these secrets 😄

  5. How many murals need to collect 4 right??

  6. missing the luxurious bau puzzle that unlocks with a 4-digit password

  7. The island in the mist is literally the raftel in one piece 😅✌✌

  8. You may have missed the secret of an island where you have to have your waverider be eaten by whirlpool to complete the 4 pyro torches.

  9. this is the best genshin patch. generous and fun.

  10. I hope that when this map disappears, Mihoyo might make it downloadable at our option if we have the storage for it. It is such a waste to bin it entirely. Would love to come back even if there is nothing to do anymore but to cruise in the boat and listen to the music.

  11. You can trigger pyro and hydro mechanism in seelie quest using the harpastum.

  12. Does the astrology whirlpool a secret or not? I mean its kinda hard for people to figure out that puzzle or its just me

  13. Someone please help for the first one I found the cave on my own but all it says is sit and doesn’t let me actually read the notes I’m so confused

  14. The final mural you found in this video shows you where to find the journal. But as far as I know, once you go to Monstadt to find the researcher, the murals leave your inventory.

  15. Already did everything but I love listening to the narration 😊

  16. This puzzle is more hard if u play at mobile phone.

  17. So much exploration, so much primogems, so much fun. Best patch to date. Dragonspine comes second just because of how relaxing GAA's music is.

  18. I'm glad I'm not the only one who brute forced the Seelie puzzle. Apparently we need to use the Hapastum to do it

  19. I was done doing all quest but my god those 4 remaining conches in chapter 6 is so annoying to find

  20. There's this place between Minacious and Broken Isle that has a whirlpool with some bubbes surrounding it. Enter the whirlpool and be transported to a cave…

  21. Anyone knows the password for that locked chest?

  22. Thanks really needed help with the musical one.

  23. Guessed I didnt miss any of them

  24. Protip!!!
    At 3:07, Gacha Gamer tells you to climb the mountain. You actually don't have to do that! Complete the quick time trial challenge, the start of which is just around the corner, and upon finishing (and being awarded a precious chest for your efforts!) a wind current will spawn at the place of the chest that will carry you to the very top with no effort whatsoever. 🙂

  25. Me on 2nd day of this event already solve all puzzles only need 4 shells and unlock the globe island: INTERESTING

    Me on 3rd day of this event bullying all Hilichruls for primos and mora: INTERESTING

    Update: takagg shared where to find the other 4 conches!

  26. To reach the top to see the half ship easily, activate the challenge to destroy 3 Dodo Wall, once you done it free air lift upwards

  27. Thank u so much, now I know i got 2 more puzzles to solve. Which is the water level and elemental pillar

  28. i forgot the location bet there's some hilichurl digging ground, once you defeat it you can dig up the chest (luxurious), to open the chest you have to know the password for it, to know the password you should the echo because there's some hint there

  29. Just had almost 10 precious chests in this place lmao

  30. Wait, you do know you can use the puzzle things at the bottom of the seelie event for the hydro and pyro applications right? Cause I think that's how you're supposed to use them

  31. In an attempt to speedrun collecting the echoing conches, I accidentally started a chain of these secret quests and got waylaid a lot—

  32. I got a luxurious treasure chest in the middle of the ocean but to open it….I need to put some kind of code do you know how can I get the codes?

  33. Can you go back to that island with the 3 precious chests? I just noticed I missed the other 2 common chests in there.

  34. I think i already finished exploring everything.

  35. dongdong's dad was one of the people that was in the island

  36. That seelie puzzle is easier by using the 3 ball hoop thingies, you can adjust them and shoot them and the ball will go up there to hit the water and fire thing

  37. What about the locked luxurious chest

  38. There's a not to secret portal in the bottom left small islamd

  39. Me who already did all of this: Ah yes, "secrets."

  40. i spent legit 20 minutes trying to get that conch at the first secret :v i found the hidden cave myself luckily

  41. 2:30 you can use those elemental rings to trigger those element machenism just use the ball and aim the centre ring in the proper Direction

  42. meanwhile in taka gg videos…: all the secret already posted

  43. you dont need to go up in the lost seelie just use the event ball and trow it in the hoop hahaha

  44. Your "secret 1" – you actually missed the big secret hidden ON the island itself. If you go around to the side/bottom of the cave along the waterline, you will find a hidden cave and there's a precious chest hidden inside.

  45. You dont need bow users for the elemental pillars, just use the harpastum ball…

  46. just a tip, you can use the Kamera gadget to take a photo of the murals

  47. For the lost ghost thing, you "supposed" to use the little ball with the 3 rings at the bottom to light up the 2 upside-down totems, but yeah, you can use the archers or other ranged characters to get them lol.

  48. Wait how about the island with the big bubble is it also puzzles? :O

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