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In this video, I review the top 5 trending teams in the latest 2.3 Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss and some of these comps will truly surprise you! Instead of the usual build guide I dive deep into all of the details of the most popular equipment choices for the team builds, like the one that’s currently really popular is Reverse Melt Rosaria and how it works in the latest 2.3 Abyss or how about Tazer Kokomi who also has a really cool usage for Freeze team in Genshin Impact.

If you’re ever in doubt what’s the 2.3 team build in Genshin Impact, you literally just have to look at what teams others are building and hopefully get some inspiration to make your very own team!

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. my team is comprised of the very first characters i just so happened to invest in because there arent enough resources to go around.

  2. Wait that first team comp showed is one of my actual team comp. haha

  3. So, how about a F2P friendly version of this video, that has some options beyond the 'Chinese National Team"?

    This was a great video and all, but for those of us who are not in to mirco fury like the publishers of this game seem to want to lure in to playing, then most of these teams are impossible dreams.

  4. Honest question, what's the point of building teams when there's nowhere to use them?

  5. Does it ever occur to you that characters are hard to get and hard to raise? We don't have teams! We are f2p. I am lacking characters in every team mentioned on the internet

  6. 5:07 good weapons for Kokomi — is the Hakushin Ring a good option?

  7. The rosaria and kokomi freeze combo is my new favorite. The aoe of kokomi jelly fish and Rosaria's burst is similarly wide and both last a decent seconds

  8. I've been using Ayaka, Rosaria, Kokomi and Sucrose for a while, and I absolutely love how easy it is to freeze enemies with them. I had to switch this team a lil though because I needed Sucrose to be in the party for the first half. Can't wait for a Kazuha rerun

  9. What a coincidence that Ayaka freeze team is what I've been using ever since I got Kokomi, her hydro application and heals are just so good.

  10. for freeze i use kaeya, barbara, chongyun, xingqiu
    a pretty f2p friendly team id say

  11. I prefer raiden in geo teams for the 100% skill uptime and infinite crystals

  12. I already spent $2k primos on getting enough wishes for Itto 😪 peep the channel if you think I’m lying

  13. I think the best mono geo would be Itto, Albedo, The princess, and C4 Gorou.
    Gorou can heal and if you can keep his burst up, you will have constant crystalize shields because of Fish's electro and geo.

  14. Everyone using kazuha as support hurts me as a main dps triple crowned kazuha main

  15. Thing is, I pulled for both Eula and Albedo but didn't get a single Rosaria constellation. I have C6 noelle and Bennet now(C5) and C4 Diona and C2 Fischl. Pein

  16. I've been using Koko Freeze ever since she was released. Glad to see it's finally catching on.

  17. I hope Kamisato Ayato does Hydro application like Xingqiu.

  18. My three comps which have been feature in 3 abyss reset :
    1. Zhongli + Hu Tao + Ganyu + Xingqiu(/Sucrose when no rifthound in that floor)
    2. Bennet + Ei + Eula + Xiangling (this team much more relevant vs Maguu Kenki(3 variant or 1 itself))
    3. Bennet + Ei + Xiangling + Xingqiu (when no rifthound)

    Would love to use my Morgana but the dmg is way less compare to above teams and my Ganyu are now equipping elegy for the end, which boost Hu Tao element mastery and also create much higher melt dmg.

  19. I really like it when "unpopular" characters make it to the meta. Like It's super good to see various meta comps because sometimes it's so boring to see the exact same teams being used in abyss. I really liked Rosaria ever since her debut and it makes me happy that her popularity is rising.

  20. Kinda funny that I don't give a fudge about "meta" teams and I just go with whatever I like it and it works amazingly great. I even build my Ayaka in a very weird way yet I still have tons of crit and crit damage alongside with attack to utilize her burst and attacks well enough that it just works. For those who are curious, I'm using 2 piece Noblesse and 2 piece Blizzard with a crit damage off piece circlet.

  21. @Gacha Gamer
    I just want to clarify,
    Hu Tao (Chinese: 胡桃 Hú Táo, "Walnut") is a playable Pyro character in Genshin Impact. She is the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

    Her team name is not called Walnut, because Hu Tao means Walnut.
    Her team name should be Double Geo or Geo Resonance Hu Tao if she is with Xingqiu and 2 Geo Characters.

  22. I wonder if this is paid xiangling video sponsored by tenten

  23. Fandom: Kokomi sucks
    Also Fandom: Kokomi is in 2 of the top 5 most used teams in abyss

  24. Fischl will forever be my favorite 4-star

  25. I use Melt Ayaka team.
    Ayaka, Xinagling, Bennett and Rosaria for Crit bonus to Ayaka.
    It works well honestly. One of my most powerful and fun play teams.

  26. Is dps physical rosaria still good 🥲, I wanna build her???

  27. One thing I shockingly learned from this video is that Noelle's popular loadout is 4pc Gladiator. I always thought it was 4pc Bolide

  28. I already have a freeze comp team as ayaka-mona-diona-venti/sucrose…. It is very easy to wipe out a floor with ease… The only difficult part is those hydro mimmics and maggu kenki… Which is more dangerous now

  29. My mono Geo team was Ningguang/Zhongli/Albedo/Geo Traveler, and I had no idea that it was dubbed as a microwave team. It was an annoying challenge to pull off against the triple kenki and the annoying rifthounds when they do their triple dash, but it was definitely a fun team comp to try. Damage could still be better if I swapped Traveler for someone else, though.

  30. Finally Rosaria getting some attention! Although I use her as a main physical dmg dealer, alongside with Fischl, and it works pretty well too with consistent dmg for all enemies

  31. no wonder Rosaria didn't appear in the Albedo event, she's too busy clapping cheeks in the abyss


    The rosaria and kokomi freeze combo is my new favorite. The aoe of kokomi jelly fish and Rosaria's burst is similarly wide and both last a decent seconds

  33. Kokomi + either Tartaglia or Mona + Rosaria + Sucrose is my new favorite thing. Kokofreeze for the win

  34. 9:25 well that is because back then (before jellyfish icd buffs) it wasn't one of her selling points yet

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