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Finally! The long awaited C0 Yoimiya build and review – BURN enemies with fireworks!
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In this video, GG reviews Yoimiya Build in Genshin Impact. This video quickly showcases all the relevant information you need to know about Yoimiya guide and goes through every single artifact, weapon and other things like stats for Yoimiya guide so your build ends up at its top form!

This Yoimiya Build Genshin Impact focuses on most important two things she is best at single target DPS Role and ranged tactics. Yoimiya Build or Yoimiya Guide is presented here as your one-stop solution and entertainment to see this new 5-star Pyro Bow character.

Yoimiya was released during 2.0 Genshin Impact update.

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. if i would try to get her.
    i would run her with xinqui, xiangling and kazuha

  2. I guess MiHoYo can put Amber to rest after Yoimiya now 😂😂

  3. if i had yoimiya i would for sure use full EM electro traveller with her. that like the only application i would use electro traveller for.

  4. She is pretty lackluster considering she is a 5*. I really wanted to pull her but she is underwhelming compared to other characters.

  5. Couldn't you also replace Xingqiu with Mona for a vaporize comp and run sayu for the swirls with bennett as the main heals?

  6. I was hoping for diona and i got yoimiya….and its on my 21st wish i only have the free 4star bow hahaha and i cant level her up that much Cuz im still on ar23…so now im here to look for ways to make her strong

  7. on my opinion mihoyo needs to atleast change her charge attack since those fireworks really are just useless maybe insted of 3 particals they could change that the end of yoimiya shot with full charge explode like a fireworks or something other than that maybe change the ult effect damage to more rapidly or insted buff her or something. more and all if she didnt change at all atleast she is still pyro hot wifu

  8. Inazuma crafted bow is way better than other crafted weapons for Yoimiya. You will never aim shot with her in a normal rotation so the video is quite wrong about prefering prototype instead of Hamayumi.

  9. How many times did he say “internal cooldown”. Lol! Dude seems to have forgotten the melt reaction completely.

  10. Got her, then pulled for the new bow. But I got an Amos Bow instead. A shame since I've got an R5 Rust. Could've been worse tho

  11. I just did a 10pull to get sayu after i got ayaka. Did no get Sayu but i got Yoimiya.

    Thanks Mihoyo.

  12. I'm already saving for Baizhu as her companion… They will be a great Duo.

  13. I cant believe i got Yoimiya yesterday 😆
    I got Yoimiya , Yanfei , Diona in single Banner 😍

  14. I just started back Genshin because I saw her, I was like she's cute but I thought I wouldn't have gotten her due to getting diluc last time I played but apparently not did about 5 or more singles then Bam 👌

  15. im a f2p i just roll my 180 primo just to get my pity high and they give me this

  16. bro I want her But It sucks I got ayaka -_- by accident

  17. I got yoimiya after 60 pulls .Didn't wanted her .Have no primos .I am feeling miserable .I swear to god i'll never level her .Like ever .I just wanted sayu .I shouldn't have taken the risk .God only if i can get lucky enought for baal .I feel sooo bad .Its not even funny .I might stop playing genshin for a while now .

  18. i just pulled her minutes ago, i hope those who want her would be able to pull her as well! ><

  19. i was rolling for sayu and just got yomiya!! super happy to have her as my first 5 star 😀

  20. i used all of my primos for her as f2p, i got her in 4th 10 pull. :))

  21. Okay but what if you use Yoimiya as a Sub-Dps where you just use another character for the 10 seconds of downtime

  22. Bro, I literally just got ayaka. Then I accidentally pulled this mf, AFTER I WASTED ALL MY UPGRADE STUFF ON SAYU. Like tf, Chill out.

  23. All other Characters: Normal Names.
    Bennett: Bennyboi

  24. Y'know, i've seen how many people where skipping Yoimiya, this got me very sad and I started rolling for her, suprinsingly, I did got her (She makes the 3RD 5 ⭐ character I got in 50/50) and now, I don't regret it even though my main objective was Raiden and not Yoimiya

  25. I'm using the favonius bow cause I like energy recharge, is it good or decent?

  26. Can someone help me, i was planning geo pyro, so my team comp are yoimiya, bennet, nigguang, idk what to put on my last i only think of noelle because she also a geo with shield, can you guys help me what do i put or what do you prefer (only 4 star hehe)

  27. The Viridescnet Hunt also goes well with Yoimiya….

  28. Rust is the best 4* because rust is iron oxide, and iron oxide is used in fireworks.

  29. i got yoimiya on the character banner and skyward harp on the standard banner in one day im lit so happy cus they're both my first 5 star character and weapon pull

  30. Coming here to say dat I won my first ever 50/50 and got yoimiya at 83 wishes

  31. i whaled for yoimiya and i dont regret it, most likely wont do it again but i genuinely really like her and i needed a good bow user anyways so im not really complaining and she came out on my borthday so i thought it wuz meant to be

  32. I don't really like the design of all these new 5* weapons.. All of them are purple and have that electro symbol. It makes the bow to looks not matching with yoimiya design. It's like the designer are lazy to make any other concept.. the only one that would be matching is the spear with Baal and the bow would look much better with kujou sara. Mihoyo need to start designing the weapons to look matching with the character. I rarely pull for 5* weapon because I only pull for it if it looks good to the character that I'm building 😄

  33. The fanbase is really vocal about Yoimiya's ICD, i think she will get buffed or tweaked like what happend to zhongli.

  34. I don't get it why even bother to LVL UP Electro MC, He is a strait up HUGE DOGSHIT!!! Mihoyo really fucked up on this

  35. Her power may be not as strong as other pyro characters, but i decided to pull her last night and win 50:50 right after Ayaka. In 10 pull i got her and Sayu after tottal 73 pulls i finally got Sayu and Yoimiya. Her design and personality are just so CUTE. I dont have enough hero wit to level her up but i tried to play her with Albedo and Zhongli even she only level 20 she’s so FUN to play.

  36. Yoimiya is good and decent character, this mtashed and + toxic community that likes broken characters made her look bad, they haven't even tried her…. I feel sad for yoimiya but Im happy too because no one will take my yoimiya on domains soo yeah

  37. Why do i have to see this a few days before baal 🙁 my resolve is weakening ……
    i cant …..i want archon at least 1……. ahh i cant unsee the unreal easy range dps which is perfect for phone user and the 5digits norm rapid atks ahhhhhhh helllpppppp i cant decide may mind issss cracking T_T

  38. when will f2p get melt reaction from this pyros corectly

  39. Other Streamers: Yoimiya is Trash
    My Yoimiya: 1 sec after dealing the treasure horders using my E skill "I picked the wrong test subject"
    😕 Yoimiya is good

  40. i just got her and im not even close to pity i got her on single wish to im so lucky

  41. I've been watching your Genshin videos since pretty much the beginning. I just wanted to point out that your narration skills have improved noticeably over time. Your speaking rhythm and tones are a lot smoother and consistent now. It makes listening to your videos much easier to follow and pleasurable to listen to. Thanks for all your hard work!

  42. i just got yoimiya while trying to pull for xinyan cons and now i dont really know what to do with her because i already don’t have enough resources to raise my first ever 5*, let alone the 3 other 5*s ive gotten in the months since lol

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