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Understanding Mihoyo vs. Leakers | Genshin Impact

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Hey everyone, I would like to comment on the current Leakers Hunt Decree that Mihoyo has embarked on and provide a view insights and suggestions.

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  1. It really sucks about Honey because I go there for units I know I will be getting (bc it'll be guaranteed) and I prefarm for them. It's also the only website with all the voicelines available, and I can hear all versions in one place.

    I know it's about the leaks, but such a shame to lose this website. And I know MHY won't make one of their own of Honey's caliber to replace the resources we've lost. Their stuff at Hoyolab sucks

  2. So now I just can farm every new material released to certain point or farm them when I have the mood, well it's not bad, I have fun when farm Ayaka when the material needed I can't access yet, seeing the character slowly getting stronger is also satisfaction as well..

  3. i wish mhy would tease charas/events/etc. the way FEH teases new units (2 silhouettes mashed together but you cant really tell what it is) or have at least a single image teaser being like "brr…is it getting cold in here or is it just paimon?" insert qingxin in front of blurred bg of jueyuen karst so its not complete radio silence in terms of new content for months at a time

  4. With the Character Info MYH can easily integrate Ascension/Talent Materials, Ability Scaling etc into the Archive inside the game. When a new character is revealed they should have all of their gameplay info available. I’m a mobile player so exiting the game to look up info on a 3rd party site is such a hassle

  5. I dont understand why miHoyo makes such a drama about genshin leaks while literally allowing youtubers to post the new stuff from beta servers for Honkai impact. Some of those content creators are even officially acknowledge by mihoyo themselves on the "game guides" contests they do every now and then.
    Obviously, those videos dont show story/events spoilers but they do show new playable characters, gear, game modes and event rewards from the CN beta versions 1 update ahead of global or even from the global beta servers a couple of weeks before the updates. I understand that both are different games with different goals, but the company that develops and manages both is the same, so they should at least allow the spoiler-free stuff that is useful information for their customers (like most of the info in HoneyHunters) just like they allow it to a certain point for honkai.

  6. I think they should kind of hire honey impact and make it a official gen shin site lol.. and cut out the leaks. Because honey likes to make informative stuff of the game.. Mihoyo likes to make the game and keep leaks away. so its a win win :-D.. A few social initiatives wont dent the wallet of Mihoyo by much.. But i get both sides here .. its a big nono to release leaked stats.. And mihoyo has been extremely generous on people to make their own merchandise and sell it without any commissions.. not many companies do that.

  7. Now where's the traveler when u need him the most xd

  8. If honey hunter only keeps the released characters db, they won't be facing the issue of removal. It is clear that Mihoyo had had a chance to investigate the kind of content each of their target is putting out. To produce a letter like that took months of investigation and lawyer meetings. They also need solid evidence to enforce it on another company. While these ppl happily leaking, Mihoyo is collecting data on them.

  9. The leaks are pretty bad if they can steer the entire community's content creators into referring to a new character by the wrong name. Baal was never referred to as anything other than Raiden Shogun from official sources/in game. It was only due to leakers referring to Ei as Baal that the community started doing the same. That's the kind of harm that can be done by leaks, even over something as small (or as large) as a name.

  10. Just to put it into perspective, I had a feeling Raiden was gonna come soon when Eula came out. So I was able to save enough primos to get her. When information about her materials was leaked, I was able to farm everything preventively, and now I have an almost fully built Raiden. If I didn't have the leaks, I would still be farming talent materials and Mora for the ascension. It literally takes them no time to make a 2 minute video talking about the characters, the abilities, and the materials. Hell, they could probably put that at the end of the current update's livestream, as a sneak peek at the new update, to create more hype for the future content.

  11. The website is useful for me to pre farm materials just like how i use that website to know what materials or determine suitable artifacts, weapon for ayaka and yoimiya. Even for other characters i use honey hunter website to know the mayerial needed. But just those. I never bother to read the lore, hear voicelines

  12. As a summary, the only thing leakers are "helpful" is telling you what to prepare and "expect". But it is not the thing only leakers can do. So what else can they be helpful to actual players and developers and society? None!
    A better wiki website? They are not the only wiki site at the end of the day. Mihoyo has their own and it is not that "bad". Leakers are just good looking thieves and robbers pays no respect to contracts.

  13. Honey impact is pretty useful for pre farming and learning about some upcoming characters, BUT the way they are going about this is stupid and absurd.

  14. you know why leaks ruin the fun? they ruin the present moment for you in the game. this is why some characters like albedo or kazuha were under-appreciated when their banner was up. it's because people are waiting for this 'supposedly' (because of the leak) strong character that you don't wanna miss. players also kept evaluating the company and forget to actually enjoy the game, and ruin other's fun by doing that.

  15. Leaks aside from character banners aren't useful lmao F2Ps are gonna be fine, people should stop acting so dramatic. You guys are too obsessed with this game that you are becoming spoiled. I've never seen a game fanbase anywhere as babied as this. Maybe if you had lives and jobs you wouldn't feel like it is the end of the world. Thieves like Honey deserve it. If you hate Mihoyo and hate their business approach so much then stop playing!

  16. Genshin Impact community crying in the background
    FGO JP Peeps: Weaklings!
    Genshin Impact Community: What?!
    FGO JP Peeps: You don’t know true gacha hell.

  17. The main concern about pre-farm that Atsu mentioned probably could be fixed with better content-creator partnership where they drop the hints on skills and exact pre-farm mats just for the group of content creators who apply and get accepted. So yeah, u dont want leak, we just need better communication and CC program. Easier NDA management and also solving CC dependencies on future content without diminishing any hype.

    Value of CC goes up in general too, as they would be the few people with max leveled characters and testing it, giving their impression or opinion on final version of a character. Rather than the hotch-potch of leakers already sending message to community on second day of beta when character can change drastically (remember zhongli or ganyu?).

  18. That honey hunter guy, bragging about making 5 digits a month from that website, and adding this (now edited) disclaimer: “Genshit Infarct™ is a registered trademark of MeMeHoYo Co., Ltd. This website is made for educational and research purpose (and us, eating macaroni). Images and data belong to decaying mind of mentally unstable game designer, considering himself a brain-damaged horse suffering from PTSD syndrome, caused by multiple copium infusions and are pretty fictional. Any similarity of names, data or images with resources of gambling waifu game with 3+ ESRB Rating, developed by some third party company, whos whole legal department can't make a clear paragraph in English, are entirely coincidental. Country flag icons are subject of free Flaticon license, made by Freepik © 2021 Honey Impact – Impact DB and Tools."

  19. the leakers deserved this. they already knew the consequences and still did it.

  20. Pre-farming is nice
    But not knowing what's to come is also nice
    As someone who played Genshin because they're a lore a theory addict, I don't appreciate leaks. On the other hand, as someone who has been doing Gacha since who knows when and is an F2P, leaks are literally the one thing I rely on a lot.

    I can understand miHoYo's take on this, and as someone who writes and occasionally uploads on reading websites/apps such as AO3 and Wattpad, having something that has been worked on for days, weeks, maybe months leaked is just a terrible feeling. But I am also a consumer, a reader, a player, and with that said, knowing what to expect and could prepare beforehand is just such a great feeling.

    So what I'm trying to say is, consumers shouldn't get too greedy, and on the other hand, creators shouldn't keep the consumers waiting too long. Like how we get an update every 6 weeks, a weekly hint on what's coming is nice. Nothing too major, just tiny stuff that won't give it away; the guessing game never gets old.

    This is simply my opinion.

  21. Mhioyo only care about money they dont care about nothing or there players there a selfish gready company

  22. Every game I've played usually has some form of road map of content to hype the players.
    Another issue is player testing in an era of partnerships and social media relevancy is not a good idea.
    Miyoho has the money to hire a QA staff.

  23. The problem with genshin is that all servers are going at the same pace. Usually gacha games have a jp variant or other regions that are out for a year ahead of other releases, which allows a roadmap of already released content for the newer players. Fgo is a great example. Genshin runs all servers at the same pace so leaks will be a huge problem.

  24. We need leak for resource management, its especially important for F2P and low spenders~

  25. Honestly I am pretty happy with the leaker bans, I've been avoiding leaks like crazy cause it really messes the hype for me and muted all words that may appear related to leaks, but they still show up on my feed feelsbadman

  26. I think we all deserve to know what we should be pre-farming since there is a hell alot of RNG involved in almost everything you do in Genshin. RNG on artifacts, RNG on banners, RNG on ascend materials/books, etc. If they won't step up their games to let the consumers know what they should be prepared for… I'm going to play it safe and be very careful spending… Or might not spend at all anymore.

  27. Leakers is important for F2p..the majority who sided with MHY are content creator and whale

  28. Talking about the real world: Mihoyo does not release infos in advance of incoming characters is because they want players to pull on EACH single banner. Releasing before hand certain infos might cause players to skip banners months ahead, skipping maybe 1-3 banners at the time. That takes revenue OFF for Mihoyo, which is a stingy company, but still: they're not charity, they aim for profit, not players fun or benefit. Not to mention that breaking copyrights still illegal, on top of morally disputable. Unless there's a specific fair use clause that comes with ANY game, the contents cannot be disclosed, used, modified etc etc by the user. Period. Understanding both sides of the coin does not change the hard reality nor put the leakers in a better position. If Mihoyo is evil for tackling down leakers, imagine Blizzard that used to take down even fan arts or Nintendo that forbids showcases of gameplay and footages of fully released contents.

  29. MiHoYo simply hates leaks. Is that so hard to understand? THEY INSULTED MIHOYO. They make money from MiHoYo.

  30. actually never liked leaker in the first place lmao

  31. As a low spender and f2p player, I want to know what the next characters are like, will they be useful for my team, what element and weapon will they use. All this is way more important fore personally to know, than what talent books to farm. I won't be able to even prep for a character I don't even know which element or class it's representing, that would be in the worst case just a waste of weeks of resin, thrown in domains for prepping a character I end up not wishing for. They have to give a Roadmap with which characters will be next in the banners and at least the talent materials. Otherwise neither the leaks nor the demand for them will ever stop or decline and more or less forcing leaks to stop being published, will have the exact opposite effect imo.

  32. So in general I see 2 main reasons people think leaks are good.

    1. I can plan and decide if I want to pull the character.

    2. I can pre-farm and prepare.

    1 used to be true before 2.0. When MHY didn’t announce the release of new character an entire patch before.

    But now that they do, there really isn’t a point in these leaks anyway. Let’s be real here, when have the leaks of the scalings EVER been correct they get changed anyway. They‘re fun to look at, but definitely not as helpful as some make them out to be.

    To 2 I just ask, why… why? What’s the point of pre-farming? Why do people feel the need to pre-farm? A banner lasts for 20+ days, if you decide to pull for said character, you have over 20 days to farm for that character once he/she is released. If you’re F2P you have even more time because you won’t pull for every banner anyway. Y’all pre-farm, get the new character to max on day one and then start to complain that there is nothing to do after the events are gone if you can’t pre-farm for the next character. Am I the only one that sees the irony in there? We don’t need leaks because we need them to pre-farm, leaks are only needed because people WANT to pre-farm for no reason.

  33. i work as customer support – people just never lose the habit of "shooting the messenger". the worst part is, as the "messenger" you can't even say "i'm not the devs, i can't fix that for you". it's pretty terrible

  34. With the jinx situation I can’t at all support honey impact, like she genuinely is a fucking disgusting person, I don’t care if her website is good, I’m happy she’s getting fucking taken down, and I hope a better alternative by a less shitty person pops up so people can still prepare ahead of time.

  35. leaks are good for consumers and are easy to avoid, so easy in fact that most content creators pretend like they don't exist most of the time and their viewers are completely oblivious (even if said content creators just so happen to pre-farm for characters whose upgrade materials haven't been announced officially hmmmmm). If you are upset because you somehow saw a leak you didn't want to even when most have warnings and like, 3/4ths of the community actively pretend they don't exist, idk what to say. Literally click away if you don't like leaks and if you can't help it, go outside or something lmao. This game is a gacha literally made to milk you for all you've got, leaks provide a way to better prepare and not waste resources. Mihoyo doesn't actively care for you, don't get so attached to companies.

  36. I've quit genshin but one day I'll be back to play Genshin again. A lot of happened in genshin after I leave and ignore thing related to genshin!

  37. Its actually funny that the NA Server will suffer from potentially no leaks kind of thing. Usually its the Asian server that is suffering from this.

  38. I didn't even know honeyhunter runs ads because I use adblock

  39. I don’t care about the pre-farming aspect of leaks (I find it very helpful myself sometimes) but when they start leaking character lores, story quest, and archon quests, I hate that with a burning passion. They deserve getting demonetized, reported, and banned.

  40. What people doesn't even know is, these leakers are doing in depth story spoiler even before the patch is out.
    Like what's the point to play anymore? And before ppl said, "you can ignore it.", do u know how trash this community is? As in those ppl going out randomly spoils people for fun after reading the spoiler?
    Mihoyo shutting this for a good reason. If only leakers stick with upcoming units news and certain events news this would have not happened.

  41. 0:56 pretty much sums it all up for what is going on from the angry side of the community. Same thing for every form of entertainment, if you are not enjoying and are unhappy with how is it being managed, then why continue playing it? What have you personally gained by being angry at all of this? If Genshin servers shutdown tomorrow and you spent more time being angry rather then trying to enjoy the game the entire duration, what then?

    Yes we all want things our own way but reality is we cannot have it our way all the time and instead we are better off trying to enjoy what we can when we can.

  42. The point is that you never need to pre farm that's the way the game is set up your arent needed to 90 a character as soon as you pull it

  43. But I think some "leakers" are part of the marketing campaign….

  44. I'd have to say this was very well formulated. I am generally against leaks since, as you put it, it kills off the excitement of anticipation, however I do think that MHY should take into consideration some modifications. In my opinion, a roadmap is pretty much mandatory from their side – no need to disclose everything, perhaps just put character silhouettes for the ones far in the future, small hints here and there and maybe some provocative hints regarding the story. However, I would absolutely love it if during the livestreams, if not sooner somehow, they straight up just put the materials needed for the characters. This would be sufficiently satisfying and would simultaneously invalidate leaks as they are now, since we'd expect the same information as found in those leaks to be shared by MHY themselves in a timely fashion anyway.

    And yes, from the quick skim I gave the interaction between the two sides, neither has been civil and/or rational, especially not Honey, since they are technically in the wrong here.

    Just enjoy the damn game and let Mihoyo hype you up, after all, they have a team of pros to deliver just that.

    Cheers! 🙂

  45. I understand taking down leakers, but taking down Honey Hunter which is the genshin equivalent of Wowhead is a bit much. They have every right to do it but we dont have to be happy about it.


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