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It’s exciting how often you can boost your team with this Kujou Sara build!
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In this video, GG reviews Kujou Sara Build in Genshin Impact. This video quickly showcases all the relevant information you need to know about Kujou Sara guide and goes through every single artifact, weapon and other things like stats for Kujou Sara guide so her build ends up at its top form!

This Kujou Sara Build Genshin Impact focuses on most important two things she is best at: ATK Boost Role and support sub damage dealer combined with the very same attack boosting. Kujou Sara Build or Kujou Sara Guide is presented here as your one-stop solution and entertainment to see this new 4-star Electro Bow character.

Kujou Sara was released during 2.1 Genshin Impact update.

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. At the moment my current bow with more atk that I possess is the Windblune Ode, given in the past event of Monstad, I also have the sacrificial bow but that is restricted to Diona and finally the bow of Favonius has my Ganyu which I use as sub dps thanks to Consonance Cryo and recharge a lot of energy in this way. Do you think the bow I mentioned at the beginning will also serve my Sarah?

  2. I got c3 Sara, Baal and C1 Keqing in just 40 pulls.. and I’m planning to build her to for that buff she gives

  3. what are your settings? the gameplay looks so insanely smooth o.o

  4. when you wanna pull for sara C2 but you also wanna save for hu tao xiao and ganyu👁👄👁

  5. is she good with tenacity build? as a buffer?

  6. So in an attempt to get baal i did like 80 summons and now have c5 sara and a diluc. Im pretty sure ill get c6 sara

  7. Meanwhile I've been playing for almost a year and still no bennet,so atleast i got sara

  8. her damage dealer role, sucks ass, has really low multipliers and really long CD, she is only good with another electro once c6, she is 99% of the time BAD and there is no go around.

  9. sara buff is stronger than benny buff, but it's only for 1 character with half duration of benny. even with passive talent 1 she's still questionable to build for especially me with firework party, didn't do dmg at charge atk duration it's a waste of time tbh

    BUT after unlock c2, then she's worth to be a buff and swap char like i want

  10. She's the most technically demanding character so far. I wouldn't build her if I haven't got Raiden and C6 Sara though.

  11. I have her at c5 just one more and my Ei(c1) will deal a big 200k burst damage for sure 💪💪💪

  12. I have similar team i.e with Beidou Xiangling and bennett nd Sucrose …….and i just got Sara ….should i replace my Sucrose with sara😶

  13. Interesting. But man her boobas r big.

  14. Well, even if some people calls her a weaker Bennett, or Half-a-Bennett, it's still fine. After all, 1.5 Bennett in Abyss is better than just 1 Bennett. And she's fun to use in Co-op

  15. Me when I hope that someone will finally praise the merits of a certain 4* Bow : …

    "Alley Hunter" addressing to the entire genshin community : Am i a joke to you ?

  16. The new F2P bow from Inazuma is really good for her.

  17. I came here as fast as possible when I got C2 Sara on my first 50 pulls!

  18. Managed to c6 her on my journey to get ei, wanted to build her but I'm starting to burnout fighting thunderceanid lol

  19. The mere fact that Raiden's burst when she switches to the bobba sword lasts for 7 seconds and Sara only buffs for a 6 second attack and CRT DMG buff makes me feel things.

  20. I'm too used to making sure every char can dps just cos they're gonna have to

  21. I really WANT to like Sara and use her, but she just feels really clunky to me. And I swear half the time I try to use her Skill, if there's even a fraction of an incline, she teleports in place and takes the buff for herself. Also her attack string is super slow and just doesn't feel fun to use. Still a nice video covering her though!

  22. Wishing for baal.
    Used up 1000k genesis.
    And all primos.
    I got diluc C2, C6 xiangling, C3 sucrose and Sara at C4.
    No Baal.
    Still rushing to get her home

  23. the only question remains: who's writing the new scripts!

  24. I really wanted to like her but when you have bennett there's no point when the atk buff only lasts HALF as long. There's no way it's worth playing her over Bennett. Not to mention Bennet is a more useful element.

  25. I think both her and Raiden Shogun are one of those kinds of characters where they're not super crazy in solo content but they absolutely FUCK in Co-op. It's a lot easier to make use of Kujou buffs when everyone's clumped up together whacking something, and Shoguns's Eye buff procs the assist every second for every player, so it literally quadruples in utility and damage. I hope MHY implements more events and late/post-game content with Co-op because these characters really shine in them.

  26. Not for me. I did 50 pulls on that banner and got myself 1 weapon and 4 times xiangling (the only character in the banner I didn't want).

  27. I need one more copy of her to make it C2, I've had enough with charge atk mechanism. 😂

  28. i absolutely adore her design but im not sure if I'll be building her😔 plus raiden is taking all my resources

  29. I didn't want her
    i didn't need her

    Mihoyo : Take your C6
    Me : guess i'll take it and use it '^'

  30. Been watching a friend play since launch so I'm knowledgeable, but I just started last night and said "screw it, I have one wish plus the 11 acquaint fates, let's try my luck at Kujou Sara and Raiden Shogun." Didn't care if I got poor luck, but first pull in my game was Kujou Sara.

    Any tips for a new player/fresh account with Sara? Any beginning game equipment that could make her good (granted she is already my best character 😂)

  31. Imma be a raiden main so yeah

  32. her burst does so much Damage on enemies!!!

  33. She is trying to become just like benette but everyone knows that benette's better

  34. Others: sara as support
    Me: im probably alone using her as main dps since shes cool

  35. Is it alright if I use Amos bow to aim to hit my targets and then go into the zone with a character I want to buff, or do I HAVE to aim at the floor,
    Edit: I actually have c2 does that not matter no more

  36. 7:20 ya right. more like Baal is easier to get then this new 4 star. every time..

  37. Kinda glossed over the fact that c2 gives 100% uptime on the atk% boost.

  38. I have her but i don't really understand how to build her since I'm not a good with bow user characters 😩 i felt that it's just a waste that i got her 😔

  39. Sara just introduced another way of playing bow char:shoot the ground

  40. Bennett with extra steps…

    …and no healing.

  41. Bennett seeing her mechanics:
    Look what they need to do to mimic a fraction of my power

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