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upcoming character banners in 2.2 and 2.3 | Genshin Impact

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2.1 has officially been rolled out, and naturally, Mihoyo has shown us a teaser roadmap of what to expect from the upcoming character banners in 2.2 and 2.3 Genshin Impact. The issue is, we only received one splash art; Thoma’s official splash art. This could mean a number of things for the next couple of character banners, depending on a few circumstances, so today, let’s dive into the most likely (with evidence and reasoning) characters to be coming within the next 2 patches of Genshin Impact, ranging from beloved characters like Ganyu, to Hu Tao, Xiao and Albedo, and even Yae Miko and Gorou.

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by Eric Godlow


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0:00 Intro
0:35 Thoma Rate Up
1:14 Ganyu Rerun
2:02 Other Potential Reruns
2:40 Yae Miko & Gorou

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  2. Super happy I lost the 5050 so I have a higher chance of getting Hu Tao/Eula when they have a rerun

  3. waiting for albedos rerun i skipped him for hu tao originally but then got ganyu

  4. i kinda want ganyu's banner to not be the next rerun because it means we f2ps get more time to grind primos for her.

  5. If Thoma is on the Ganyu banner I'm whaling. I have about 20k primos now and they're all disappearing

  6. i still think there's somewhat gonna be a halloween related thing coming up, and i think tsurumi island may be that one, since the 1.6 special program said that no one has set foot on tsurumi island in many long years, so this leads me to believe its gonna be somewhat spooky or smth

  7. Xiao re-run, xiao re-run, xiao re-run,Xiao re-run, Xiao re-run, Xiao re-run, Xiao re-run, Xiao re-run,Xiao re-run,Xiao re-run.

  8. The liyue big 3 arent the 3 most broken dps characters in genshin. Xiangling>xiao, 🙃

  9. I hope they have a rerun banner with Thoma

  10. I swear if its Albedo and not Ganyu, shiz will go down!

  11. So. Still no Albedo.

    Right ill go cry in the corner now…

  12. As a Ningguang main, I'm looking forward to an Albedo rerun. I want him to pair with Ningguang. Zhongli would be cool too (my life would be so much easier with his shield) but I prefer Albedo (especially cuz of his lower cost ult + buff)

  13. i hope they have a Ganyu rerun in 2.2 tbh cause i really want her and then im saving up for Xiao who might be in February 2022 but idk.

  14. I lost 50/50 after Raiden C1 and now I’m wondering if I should pull for the all powerful C2 or just wait for one of the characters I really wanted since the start Ganyu or HuTao who would be guaranteed now

  15. Mihoyo needs to pick it up with 4 stars tbh. If you do not count the 4 starting characters (Travaler, Lisa, Amber, Kayea) there are 17 4 stars and 19 5 stars. There should at least be a few more 4 stars than 5 stars! If you count everyone together, it's 20 each right now, and kokomi is gonna bring the 5 star count to 21.

  16. i think ganyu will for sure come back, and hu tao and albedo, it only makes sense for them to be the last 3 5 stars before the year ends, they should save ganyu for december since shes ice and well..winter? have a special event including ganyu for winter time, and even though china doesnt celebrate halloween they still know about halloween and she matches it perfectly, so if they dont have her in october then thats just silly, but then again i read she was out in march of this year to. either way hu tao and ganyu are the 2 5 stars im seeking to be complete i already got raiden shogun and her weapon, after i get hu tao and ganyu ill be happy, 6000 primo gems saved up so far im hoping to save up to 10,000 primos for both hu tao and ganyu

  17. Its going to be hu tao to commemorate la signoras arch and childe to dive into the fatui background

  18. I kinda wish that ganyu rerun will be in 2.3. I’m at 0 pity by getting Yoimiya and I don’t win 50/50’s so I wanna get more then my 5400 primos That I have rn

  19. I hope that’s not the case with Ganyu. Because I’m a bit broke right now. I need 180 wishes. Which is around $415 on Genesis crystals because I have no efficient way to farm enough primogems. That’s quite a bit of money especially given my low salary on top of being tight due too other expenses. And since a lot of players have been going on Baal. It makes sense to hold off on Ganyu Until At least the end of October. Especially given how successful she was and her popularity. It only makes sense from a business standpoint. Since they could potentially Ruin their rerun of Ganyu. Due to players not having the financial income to obtain such a powerful addition.

  20. i just want an albedo rerun, ive literally been waiting for him aRgh. lost the 50/50 on baal’s banner so my guaranteed is for him-

  21. Xiao: I'm gonna be in the next banner
    Hu tao: Of course not it's gonna be me
    Thoma: Y'all keep dreaming cause it's gonna be me
    Meanwhile Zhongli to mihoyo:

    I WILL HAVE ORDER….✧・゚: ✧・゚:

  22. I saw yae miko wasn't coming in 2.2 (it's not a confirmed but just a leak I saw)

  23. i beg the mihoyo gods to bless me with hu tao, ganyu, albedo, xiao and zhongli 😭 pls listen to my broke wallet’s wails

  24. Anyone else fell in love with Yae Miko after 2.1Archon quest or just me

  25. My plans rn are:
    Kazuha rerun (didn’t get him on his banner)
    And maybe albedo depends tbh
    Thankfully I can skip Ganyu and Hu Tao rerun bc I have them

  26. Imagine Yae's ulti is shapeshifting gumiho..

    Yae: in your dreams

  27. hmm idk why people is not talking about miko but i think it will interesting and cool in the same time if she will be included in the next banner.

  28. Thoma on Albedo banner and then Ganyu After that is what I think

  29. Looks I'm gonna have to skip Kokomi goddamn it. Ughhhh it's the Yoimiya situation again for me. Having to skip lovable a character for another lovable character.

  30. Hii guy i recently got baal as a low budget player, so i want to use her badly.. which of these 5 stars are good with her? (i dont have any of them) Would she good with ganyu?

  31. I hope that the Big three will release in 2.3, so that us f2p can save primogems for them.

  32. They are a Chinese company, but they serve worldwide. so, they should follow worlds topics and make an event. since halloween is not a national case -it’s most likely universal, then they should make SOMETHING about it. like their release of dragonspine is connected to christmas, their island event is connected to summer, maybe they can make a Hu Tao rerun connected to Halloween? i wish so, bc i collected everything for her, farmed hero’s wit for her, my pity is 60 and i’m guaranteed lol.

  33. Need hu tao so I can pair her with my ganyu

  34. I'm just sitting here hoping that 2.2 will be full of reruns since I'm primoless because of Baal's banner and I need to gather freemogems for Yae 👁👄👁

  35. “Mihoyo is chinese and chinese don’t celebrate halloween”

    Dot. Forget Mihoyo is otaku

    And since otaku is universal religion ….
    WE celebrate halloween

  36. I heard nothing about a Kazuha rerun and I am upset because I didn’t get him when he was running originally and am now saving up for a rerun

  37. i lose 50:50 and get mona 😓now my pity is 70 😊 whatever rerun three big liyue is awesome 😋

  38. Just remember; Ganyu, Tartaglia, Bennett, and Xiangling are broken together.

  39. kinda hate recycled banners though, even though I didn't manage to get hutao or xiao but i rather keep seeing new banner with new and refreshing skills

  40. rerun for 2nd banner most likely Hutao and they'll place Thoma there cause mihoyo trying to sell us their Staff of Homa altogether

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