UPDATED XINGQIU GUIDE (S-Tier Support) - Best Artifacts, Weapons & Teams | Genshin Impact - facenetgame.com

UPDATED XINGQIU GUIDE (S-Tier Support) – Best Artifacts, Weapons & Teams | Genshin Impact

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Xingqiu is absolutely broken. Here’s an updated guide with a lot more detailed information regarding how to play and build him properly. Will update pinned comment if new sets are released.
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I made an updated guide to specify some advanced gameplay tips, best build & weapon specifications, new team comps & how much energy recharge you really need on xingqiu.
Hope you enjoyed!

Initial Info (0:00)
Why Xingqiu is Broken (0:42)
Talents/Abilities Explained (1:38)
Advanced Gameplay Tips (4:45)
Weapons (6:46)
Artifact Sets (9:02)
Artifact Stats [How Much ER?] (9:53)
Constellations [VERY Good] (11:52)
Teams [Important] (13:08)
Overall Info (16:17)


  1. It's funny how most of the community before bashed Xinqui and called him B tier character.

  2. His cons are very elusive for me lol he's still at C1 after 4 months of playing

  3. I find it funny how the two best characters in this game are voiced by the same person who does Ladybug's voice in Miraculous

  4. I kind of don't understand since the rain swords apply hydro dmg shouldn't i focus on elemental mastery instead of atk % or crit rate
    Im still a beginner so i still don't understand a lot abt artifacts TwT

  5. Do you have updated Rosaia build or Fischl?(i mean did anything changed for those characters in thier build since the begining)

  6. beidou's ult is kinda like xinqiu's ult.. i pair them both and its so broken especially vs many mobs

  7. I need another xingqiu in my life, both my abyss sides need them 😭

  8. Would 180-200% recommendation apply to Favonious Sword as well?

  9. If you haven't build xingqui your team is missing 1/3 of their damage

  10. My xingqui deal more damage then my diluc when paid with diluc
    With Hu Tao he's a they become a beast

  11. can we have also some Albedo updated guide soon


  13. my c5 Xingqiu hit about 600k dmg in one E hit against 2 opponents….

  14. I'm a f2p beginner, currently at AR33. Haven't unlocked any 5 star. Am currently running Xingqui, Kaeya, Razor, Bennett. Any suggestions?

  15. don't you think you should wait to make updated guides. since we might be getting new arts in inazuma?

  16. In a Dliuc, Xinqui squad, who procs vaporise reaction more often? And can xinqui's water blades crit? I have given him as much attack as possible, without worrying about crit damage/rate ratio.

  17. I just moved my beidou who was using as main dps to sub dps/supp to my eula team after realizing that she really work a lot like xingchiu, her burst can be use outfield, procs with every attack, her elemental skill is an excelente electro application(also can be use has a Royal Guard switch comp to block/deal massive amount of damage) can use almost the same kind of artifacts(2 noblesse 2 thunderfury) and can use the sacrificial greatsword too.

  18. Does 2 noblesse 2 gladiator good?

  19. i was just thinking about building him omg the timing

  20. I'm disappointed. In this updated xinqui guide I was expected to at least see a mention of Freedom sworn. Seems like you did not test it if it can trigger its effect with his q. This sword seams to be rediculous to me if the passive of the sword would trigger with xinqui ultimate also when xinqui triggers the reaction that passive 198 em is nice on xinqui which in most cases any xinqui will not have any or very little em at all. What are your thoughts about this? Of course you would need er sands as you are not running sac sword anymore. This seems better to me than Jade Cutter even.

  21. Sorry XQ u cannot have perfect artefacts. Zhongli is occupying the feather and I need farm for 3 crown Kazuha first. Maybe after that u will ge- Ah not Kazuha artifacts farming is after this….

  22. Did I miss something??? Where the f is klee?

  23. I remember when I first trying out Xingqui, I was thinking long and hard about whether I should build him or not. If only I knew how broken he was back then.

  24. It's funny how my Ar 30-40 self ignored my C5 xingqiu lol would have saved me the resources of leveling him it was worth it though

  25. Ar 53 and still waiting for that sacrificial sword 🌝

  26. i'm using him only in abyss, nothing in overworld is hard enough to bring him to the team.

  27. 50/150 wow, i dream to get that stats one day….. (im Ar 56 and no luck on the artifact so far , atleast a set that would give me that much stats

  28. is 250% energy recharge too much? I like having ult in 2 abilities

  29. I got him since 1.2 and being using him at my main team ever since.

  30. "Xingqui is broken because you can keep making reactions with your pyro carry"
    Me who uses elektro character as carry: "Ight imma head out"

  31. The problem with Xingqiu is..
    he finishes off enemies too quickly for showcases.

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