USE YUN JIN IN THESE TEAMS! Best Build & Showcase (Genshin Impact) -

USE YUN JIN IN THESE TEAMS! Best Build & Showcase (Genshin Impact)

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In this Yun Jin build showcase, I will show you which teams are best with her and why her buff is actually very unique, so you need to be careful with which teams you build with her!
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In this video, I review Yun Jin Build in Genshin Impact. This video quickly showcases all the relevant information you need to know about Yun Jin guide and goes through every single artifact, weapon and other things like stats for Yun Jin guide so her build ends up at its top form!

This Yun Jin Build Genshin Impact focuses on most important two things he is best at: Support build and providing massive boost to Normal Attacks like when using her together with Yoimiya. This detailed Yun Jin build guide is presented here as your one-stop solution and entertainment to learn about this new 4-star Geo Polearm character.

You will also learn that Yun Jin is an excellent team mate with Physical teams as well characters like Zhongli and Yun Jin.

Yun Jin was released during 2.4 Genshin Impact update.

Contents of the video:
Intro 0:00
Playstyle & Talents [IMPORTANT] 0:16
Weapons (All Weapons Ranked) 1:37
Artifact Sets 2:52
Which characters and teams are best with Yun Jin (Critical Info) 4:48
Yun Jin Overall Analysis & Review 9:32

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  1. wouldnt yun jin would also indirectly boost Yae Miko? i mean… with her E and Q fcked up dps + her normal attack that seem to flow like water wouldnt it be broken too???

  2. what would you guys pick, a C4 Xiangling or a C0 Yunjin?

  3. I really love your vids and your voice is very soothing, have a nice day <3

  4. As a Phys DMG Zhongli main something has to be said about his 5th Auto, it’s a very weak attack that hits 4 times like Xiangling’s but unlike Xiangling’s it continues dealing damage if you dash cancel, if you ask any Phys DMG Zhongli main they’ll tell you that the most efficient rotation is N5D with the dash the frame you start seeing the damage from his N5, it’ll take a while to get used to but it’ll become second nature to you

    I got off track, this attack, as GG said in the video will use up a stack every time it hits so it’s a very quick way to burn stacks, plus all of his autos are fairly quick except the last one which you won’t be using really. Not only this but Yunjin also activates Geo Resonance which whilst not providing as big of a boost as if it were on a Geo DPS like Itto it still provides some much needed damage buffing and tankiness and because you need to burn 2 team slots on an off field Electro and Cryo DPS You get a 7.5% NA DMG Bonus from her A4 passive. If Albedo was Zhongli’s best support teammate then Yunjin is definitely his best DPS teammate

  5. I can't build my Yun Jin rn but I'm looking forward to it. My only normal attack DPS is Razor, and since I already use him with Zhongli since he has The Unforged), Yun Jin's buff + geo resonance should make a big improvement to his usual teams. I'm looking forward to it! I've had the boy abandoned for a couple of patches now, with all those shiny 5* characters.

  6. Somebody who have both childe and yun jin can you plz tell if her buff works with childe??

  7. Okay! Okay! So this time for her Artifact set we have to be lucky to be umlucky to her subs to maximize her support capability?

  8. Yunjin in her own niche environment will out buff Bennett a faire amount, for example with yoimiya. Overall universal use and consistency Bennett will be better. But it’s nice to see Mihoyo is finally upping their 4* game after a long streak of mediocre at best 4*s (Gorou was pretty good, but far too limited).

  9. Says her weakness is energy particles yet doesn’t use Favonius polearm as hes saying it. Ok. My yunjin always has her ult.

  10. WAIT- BEIDOUS BURST GIVES ATTACK SPEEEEDDD/??????????!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

  11. yunjin will be so much stronger if she's anemo tbh
    either that or if mhy buff archaic petra to be as usable as viridescent

  12. Dude. Your content is fing top notch. I love it all. Keep it going.

  13. Too limited playstyle for yunjin team, only yoimiya is the best reason to actually build yunjin. The others normal attackers are just bad

  14. Yun Jin is somehow my favorite new addition in 2.4.

  15. yun jin is such a cool new approach to the support role, mihoyo has been doing so good with introducing new characters that are fresh and exciting to build / strategize with

  16. You forget childe team… maybe. But childe are good on auto attack too

  17. Still can't beat Benny overall. Damn MhY already released 2 others main buff characters like Sara and Yunjin but still Benny is on top of them. And still don't understand why Benny isn't a 5 stars too.

  18. Is yunjin good with eula? Since most of her dmg is with normal atk and all 0:

  19. Everybody forgot the Inazuma Spear and it really works too well om her. Got r5 and I don't have any problems sustaning her burst

  20. You went over how a character like Keqing would not benefit because "most of her damage comes from CAs," I was wondering if maybe that could CHANGE? Like her normal damage is not that massively far behind her CA damage, it's just the best option under normal conditions. I would be curious to see testing though on both her and Ayaka (and maybe some others) to see whether spamming normals with Yunjin's buffs could actually outdamage their CA spamming attacks, by enough to be worth the bother.

  21. Was thinking of building Yun Jin + zhong li + cyro + electro. Should I go for bolide for more tankiness as I have vv or go for pale flame and change to R5 crescent ?

  22. Um….is childe viable teammate for Yun Jin?…………….

  23. What about pairing her with tartaglia is it worth it?

  24. Thank you for the video. Hope u get to see some grass once in a while. Liked

  25. I was wondering, why not use Yunjin with Eula?

  26. Can childe be a good partner for yunjin

  27. As a Yoimiya main, Yunjin is amazing! I am not fond of niche characters because they tend to be quite useless in most teams I use, but Yunjin fits nicely in my Yoimiya team.

  28. Childe to Gacha Gamer: Hey Girlie, Hold Still!

  29. I got some luck because when I go for Albedo artifacts I don't get good results so… I complete him with Emblem and 2 parts of his Kit and then I can use it in Yun Jin with Deathmatch

    [I hit a Hilichurl 4.262 crit dmg in lvl 50, talents in lvl 2 with DeathMatch lvl 70, 70 Prob/ 180 Crit DMG (approximately) and the Sand and Cup with DEF and a little less with a Cup of ATK but doing more damage with normal attacks]

  30. Put her in my Shenhe's double cryo + double Geo team =3

  31. kinda relieve watch this, i expect too much from yunjin to boost yoimiya, but neglected her cons, will get her and try different comp, thx for the video 🙏

  32. Pls donate primos, i already pulled 60 wish i still dont have her.

    Im desperate

  33. useless support for ei cause her burst atk is count as burst, not normal atk
    sad man

  34. How about kokomi and yunjin? Are they compatible and can make a good team?

  35. My boy totally forgot about Eula

  36. I'll partly disagree with that part where she is not as good with melee charged attack dps. While it's true in situations where you only battle with heavyweight enemies where you can afford to be less mobile and burn all your stamina hacking away with a barrage of charged attacks, abyss nowadays is full of mobs that can easily be thrown around with charged attacks, with the corrosion doggos being the best example. Spam melee charged attacks on them and you'll waste time and stamina chasing them down with every hit, losing more dps in the process. So in those situations where melee charged attack users are the only dps available, Yunjin will be very helpful to them.

  37. I like how Yunjin is better than Shenhe because there's no elemental restriction on her, though it's sad that it's only NA buff, I wish it buffed CA too

  38. As an Itto and Keqing main. I'll just grab her for fun in the lantern event lol

  39. That feeling when a 4-star is more complex than 5-star 😀
    I am gonna share some more teams I discover with Yun Jin on Twitter, so follow me here! ►

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