Using Girl Gamer As Bait - The Cycle Frontier -

Using Girl Gamer As Bait – The Cycle Frontier

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Using Priscilla as bait , we lure out the unsuspecting thirsty boys! Enjoy! Shout Outs to Priscilla and Chickenprism

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Game: The Cycle Frontier

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  1. I wouldn't need a gamer grill to bait me. All it would take is chicken daddies whisky voice to make me coom on the spot.

  2. Do you want incels? Because that's how you get incels.

  3. never seen such an evil play ,….
    and ive seen shit.

  4. this game is trash, why is kotton playing this garbage

  5. "Do you need any more assistance?" Ha Ha! Scilla is my favorite.

  6. Dude this reminds me of Book of Eli…or any end of the world movie ever

  7. "Are you new to THE GAME?" Piss off, Priscilla!

  8. Haven't even watched the video, just hoping the girl gamer is chicken prism

  9. Aww, men! I want one of those.
    To take advantage of in these games. Not for… personal reasons of course.

  10. Now I have to be on the look out for mythical sirens in this game?

  11. no one is gunna trust a female gamer ever again in this game lmao

  12. That was so dirty but even more funny when it worked 😂

  13. I would still fall for her voice even after watching your vid, makes me feel all funny inside 😆😆😆

  14. She's even better bait than Hanz's weinerschnitzle 😂

  15. MEMES. I love it. Enforce the stereotype of "trust no woman" that'll teach those virgin gamers a lesson. Jokes but true

  16. I love the ntsntsntsntsntsntsnts when you get low health 😀 Getting pumped up

  17. You stuck on the tree. I would say KARMA beach

  18. That why u always kill them soft talking gamer gals I really wanted you guys to get smashed as that’s some Shiite tactics but dam fun to watch young virgins get rekt lol

  19. That honey voice would probobly work on me aswell xD

  20. Kotton what has become of you. Everyman will fall for that but me, i can control my weaner XD.

  21. now take her to tarkov, once the voip drops

  22. You kinda sound like Bert from We're alive

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