Venti Feels Like CHEATING With These Buffs : Genshin Impact -

Venti Feels Like CHEATING With These Buffs : Genshin Impact

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I got all 36 stars in the spiral abyss… but for some floors I only used two characters! The buffs to swirl made Venti OP

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  1. My ganyu has 40% more Crit damage on the same set and still doesn't hit as hard. R2 Amos cracked af

  2. More like “beater” from SAO cause Venti has done it before

  3. I thought that god roll time peice would make a god ganyu. My f2p ganyu is perfect 57 cr 236 cd.

  4. Man I missed venti twice I feel sad. Zhongli is ok. I don't regret not missing

  5. I hope to get my Diluc to be that strong. I'm slowly building him up so he can tag team dps with Razor.

  6. I NEED A GOOD WANDERS SANDS FOR MY F2P GANYU. Mtashed i need your f2p luck

  7. A really easy way to deal with the last part of the cryo hypostasis is to use bow characters since you don’t need to fully charge their shot

  8. Nice ending… You got nice artifact too 🔥

  9. Patch 1.6:
    Venti and Sucrose: we are built different

  10. 0:07 76,943
    0:12 "you thought I wouldn't get it, my Zhongli is a hundred thousand damage"

    okay dude

  11. You should start another new f2p account now for the content

  12. I will always be waiting for you to return to d2(sadly it will never happen but hopefully I'm not the only one left)

  13. ngl
    i was scared of the new abyss at first but i think it was a ton easier

  14. I'm still struggling with floor 12 but atleast this time I've done floor 12-3 for the first time(4 star).
    I think I am still a pretty bad player even with having the best 5* supports in the game (aka zhongli and venti, but still struggling a lot with this floor.

  15. calling it now Mtashed gonna be sad in 1.7 when he has no primos left for all the amazing banners.

  16. Awesome video dude! Got so lucky with that pillar

  17. You could probably afford to swap your crit rate helm on ganyu for a crit dmg since she gets a lot of crit rate from her passive + cryo reconance. Not to mention that all shots on weakpoints automatically crits.

  18. Wait for kazuha he will leaf blow the new abyss o3o💨

  19. I mean Venti has always been cheating… though with this update he has established himself as a character that will never suffer from power creep unless they release a character that can do everything better then anything else like grouping, shielding, dmg, def, Hp, dps, atk speed, etc.

  20. you know when you dont move for while in genshin and your character does an idle animation? when venti does his he LITTERALLY CREATS A BLACK HOLE FROM THIN AIR!!! strongest archon period😎😎😎😎😎

  21. Man… we have same team Except Ganyu… I need her badly..

  22. that last fight gave me stresssss. Pillar clutch???

  23. Wait till kazuha comes with buffs and becomes like Xiao and venti

  24. 16.:17 when he made fun of the artifact I got hurt cuz that what mine looks like LMAO

  25. I like when this guy says the word "INSANITY". Thats why i subscribed

  26. I love ur content mtashed ur my inspiration in Genshin

  27. Oh yea today I did abyss was able to fully complete f2p btw 32 stars

  28. I don't have ziongle . I used Ningguang's special ability. It came as ziongle meteor with animation . Is there a Glitch .

  29. Sucrose too. Full EM with just basic attack swirls feels so good.

  30. im not pulling until venti gets another rerun (although highly unlikely)

  31. It's obvious that you don't pick characters with buffs if you want a challenge having maxed out characters…
    We don't have floor 13+ for actual challenge in the game.

  32. I think using c6 on bennett is bad idea, might not hurt you now, but might make some other comps in the future, and you don't need c6 on him for anything really

  33. Someone please tell me at what AR did you find out samachurls heal I found out at AR 22😭

  34. For me, they made Spiral Abyss a bit easier even without Ganyu or Hu Tao.

  35. yea ik this is out of topic but can characters who already reruned, have rerun again?
    i just play genshin recently (a month and a half) and got zhongli. and decided to collect all the archons. but i just realized i missed venti's banner and his rerun banner cause you know, i didnt play this game until like mid april i think

  36. I am at AR43 with no 5 star character except AETHER

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