Version 2.3 "Shadows Amidst Snowstorms" Trailer | Genshin Impact -

Version 2.3 “Shadows Amidst Snowstorms” Trailer | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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The biting cold of the frozen land causes many to falter, but the secrets of life slowly grow within…
Follow the shadows that lurk in the snow, and wait for the ashes to sweep away and the dust to settle.

Just for the record, the above has absolutely nothing to do with the founder and leader of the Arataki Gang: Arataki Itto.

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  1. Could it be Bennett’s journey to dragonspine caused the avalanche?

  2. As an amber main, i hope we get to see her more in this quest!!

  3. Rosaria said: "Don't be so quick to trust Albedo." Where is she?

  4. wait, albedo if one new BOSS or is it the evil one

  5. I’ve watched this too many times, Mihoyo, stop making your trailers so good.

  6. Eula: "What the devil do you think you were doing"
    Albedo: "The cold never bothered me anyway"

  7. A persona 5 collab needs to happen just imagine how much popularity this game will get just because of Joker and Arsene being playable. Jokers fighting style would work the only thing I would replace is his gun with Arsenes counter or eagon.

  8. Eula x Amber fans are surely gonna make something out of this… ^_^

  9. y’all albedo is not going to have his “evil” moment during an event omg

  10. LETS GOOOOO im preparing my wallet for all of them

  11. It’s really sad that these amazing story quests are limited to an event. Newer players are missing out on so much, and I wish they’d stay after the event’s over so that those players still get the same experiences we had

  12. heyyyy bennett what. what cursed sword do you have there. hey bennett why do you have festering desire

  13. Bruh Bennett being so unlucky he has def sword.

  14. All hail the true Pyro archon Benny Boy

  15. here comes the lore hitting us like a runaway train

  16. Timmie brainwashed Albedo to attack Aether and his friends, avenging his piegons

  17. Альбедо, я понимаю у тебя беды с головой и ты хочешь уничтожить тейват, но не сейчас-же

  18. dies albedo is literally the reason i joined the game

  19. Why the hell is no one talking about Albedo atacking Eula with ICE WHEN HIS VISION IS GEO?

  20. Albedo just became the cryo hypostasis…

  21. Okay nobody's gonna talk about how cool My boy Benny was

  22. Im gonna be so happy if Albeldo is going to destroy dragonspine😌, The trauma I felt when I started the game is still present

  23. Genshin can make it’s own movie if it’s thralier is so good

  24. Trailer : *Fights Albedo
    Me : "Sh*t, i need to change my Klee to Hu Tao"

  25. ok so basically we getting an automatic kokomi and thoma buff with these artiezz

  26. Holy shiz first part…well ngl I don't care for the dog man but itto is cool only wish he had a more manly voice. Then theres the second part and gotta admit the vision users fighting each other looks cool as hell

  27. The time has finally arrive, albedo's gonna destroy mondstadt

  28. Eula: deep monologue

    Kid I forgot: ArE YOu hErE TOo buIlD a SNoWmAN?

    eula: I-


  29. just like a film, please mihoyo make a GI film

  30. Theory:
    Dragon within the mountain of Dragonspine woke up, that's why an avalanche occurred. Albedo is probably waiting for it to wake up and had to protect it from Traveler's gang that's trying to prevent the Dragon's awakening.

    Dragon = Shadow
    Dragonspine = snowstorm

    Dragon Admist Snowstorm

  31. "Oni, coming through!"
    Itto is Inosuke confirmed.

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