Version 2.4 "Fleeting Colors in Flight" Trailer | Genshin Impact -

Version 2.4 “Fleeting Colors in Flight” Trailer | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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Where light can barely reach, a treacherous foe lies in wait in the shadows.
In a realm void of sunlight, the remaining kindlings still burn.
And where the sun shines, people’s hopes spring eternal.
These heartfelt wishes sparkle as bright as fireworks blooming in the sky.

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  1. I love how lately the genshin impact trailers are:

    Something cool and festive happening in liyue/mondstadt and right after that Inazuma dark past

  2. Miss ningguang just showed how poor we all are 🙄 “I could always destroy another jade chamber” OKAY MISS! 😭

  3. me and my c3 ninguang
    this version is certified pog

  4. Aether get knocked down
    Xiao: (holding Jade Spear and Staff of homa) WHO HURT HIM?

  5. No matter how many regions get added in the game, I will always come back to the place where I feel belonged to— Liyue, you're as magnificent as ever.

  6. I guess jade chamber's fated to deal with osial

  7. The music when Yun Jin and Shenhe showed up omg!

  8. Ninguang in her new outfit is just 👌🏼✨

    man that part gets me every time. epic

  10. Dang. What's the background song? Its awesome! 😀

  11. Just saying,

    They rebuilt the Jade Chamber
    To potentially destroy is again?

  12. Yunjin reminds me of Qin Xianglian lol

    If "the story of a girl who became a hero" was pertaining to Xianglian, sorry but it was Judge Bao/Bao Zheng xD

  13. Seeing Zhongli and Hu Tao together warms my soul I hope we see interactions between those two they seem like such a wholesome and chaotic duo.

  14. they srsly be making an event to rebuild the jade chamber and then destroy it again

  15. Liyue has always been my favourite place and it's so beautiful during lantern rite and im glad they are doing it again! ❤️❤️😍

  16. The second part of the trailer was amazing, the voice acting, the animation, the cut scenes and the music was all well timed to give everyone this goosbumpy feeling or a little shiver.

  17. The music, voice acting, animations, designs.. everything is on point!! Can't wait for Windtrace part 2 😄😄

  18. I just want the paid skins to give additional stats. We will pay or paid money for the skins so we should get more than a change in clothes.

    However, I gotta say, the dresses look GREAT!!!

  19. The underground section has me so hyped. I love the Abyss storyline and the new Liyue event looks like it will be a delight. My only hope is that the underground section is permanent as its too good to be a one time occurrence.

  20. I keep crying lantern rite has been my favourite event of all, it brings me joy every time I hear it

  21. Лучшей песни , чем та что поёт юн цзинь в этой игре уже не будет….

  22. can we try the 4 star characters before we get them?

  23. The flute sound was amazing during Yun Jin's appearance. I hope she gets such a good music in her demo trailer.
    This version sounds amazing.

  24. This looks cool as hell! If Osial comes back, I would definitely destroy another jade chamber! Sorry, Ningguang

  25. Yes the video was cool but Zhongli and Hu Tao together is like a father and daughter enjoying the fireworks display. I really want an interaction between them in the game, Zhongli with his oldy self and Hu Tao with her antics. It would be crazy


  27. Нин Гуан ультует дворцами, вот это даа..

  28. Lmao the thing im most excited for is the album

  29. I can't stop repeating Yunjin"s part! The music is soo good

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