Version 2.4 Special Program|Genshin Impact -

Version 2.4 Special Program|Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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Dear Travelers,
This special program will feature juicy details about new game content and developments in Version 2.4. It will also “drop” some redemption codes and other goodies!
Special thanks to Travelers for your support and company. We will bring you more updates and information as they become available~
Travelers, we’ll see you there!
(The redemption codes from this special program will expire on December 26, 11:00 PM (UTC-5), so be quick and redeem them~)

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  2. I can't choose between Shenhe and Ganyu but i can't pick both coz I'm broke af 😭

  3. Thanks for showcasing real creators, not talking heads 🙂

  4. Uhmm what, will they sacrifice the jade chamber again?


  6. Why this posted 12 hours ago but codes already expired. So unfair wtf

  7. As someone who doesn't have Xiao, Zhongli, and Ganyu while still going for Shenhe and Yujin this makes my wallet cry in agony ☠

  8. Can you guys atleast make the code expiration more longer you know where are in different regions so maybe change it mihoyo i really want my 300 hundred primogems and

  9. FINALLY STELLAR MOMENTS VOL.2 I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR IT FOR YEARS I am gonna go broke this version but I am really excited for 2.4! Can't wait

  10. It was so nice to see the devs and designers behind the game, and this live stream was the best so far!

  11. Developer just being developer. They can't even smile on camera. As someone who work in IT, i can relate 😅

  12. Nice Stream but I think it would be better if you bring a translator next time, they spoke so fast that I lost track of what they were saying all the time.

  13. Muy buen a explicación de todo. Ya iremos a la actualización con más claridad.
    Lo único que no me gustó fue el gachapon doble, no se hace muy accesible para la mayoría de jugadores.

  14. You guys are amazing! Love everything you did!

  15. Thanks for the in-game mail that led to this 13 hour after the fact… Oh look, redemption code invalid now… THANKS! LOL

  16. I watch these hoping that this is going to be the update that makes me play Genshin Impact again. And it's another miss.

    I love the game, it's a solid game with great characters, music, themes, a beautiful world overall and the art style really ties it all together. But as they say, graphics aren't everything.

    This is not a game that rewards its players whether they're spending time and/or money on. Not to mention there are so many limiting factors that straight up prevent you from making the progress you need to make. Resin. RNG. World bosses that only reward you once a week, and the super rare materials that will take you months to obtain simply because of RNG. Flowers that take two real-time days to respawn and fish that take three. And the only semblance of end-game content is something with bi-weekly rewards that are not reflecting of the challenge that must be overcome to obtain it. Characters that are literally unobtainable until some dev decides it's time – something that we get very little notice for – with a constantly expanding roster (it doesn't take a genius to see how this system will need updating).

    Mechanics that make no sense or just don't exist. Shields having been worthless since launch and now they just keep adding health-degrading effect one after another which kills your party even if they're not in use. The fact that you can be frozen solid while protected by a pyro shield. The inability to lock-on except for an inferior system that more often than not makes you attack who you don't want to.

    The blatant disregard for the people that love this game enough to spend money on it and despite all the problems continue to play it daily (anniversary rewards people never forget).

    I feel like there are just two or three too many people at MiHoyo making these decisions that are holding Genshin Impact's potential back.

    Either remove all your limits or your RNG. And no game should allow anyone to pay $1,000 and not have everything.

    Well for now I will continue to watch and hope, and will continue to refuse to play.

    I think it's been four months now. God I hate to love this game.

  17. it's so touching, I'm very glad that the banner of Xiao and others will appear, so many events! continuation of the plot! everything is perfect, recently they bought me a new phone and now I can play on beautiful graphics! :)))

  18. The codes are expired and the video has only been out 13 hours…… im…. confusion?….

  19. im excited about the fireworks but like can we make more lanterns? cus it is the lantern rite, super hyped about the new mechanics tho wooo

  20. I just want the paid skins to give additional stats. We will pay or paid money for the skins so we should get more than a change in clothes.

    However, I gotta say, the dresses look GREAT!!!

  21. I hope this new update gives motivation to people who quit genshin😭

  22. Ah again, have you seen this pattern with big booba characters in genshin , they are dominant and kinda bossy except for Jean and Ganyu
    Is this like trying to avoid being sexist or something, and guess what, most small boobas are nice as heck 😧

  23. Who should i pull for i need some advice……cuz my main aim is to get all archons(i have only baal)(waiting for venti rerun too)…so i want zhongli….and i lost 50 50 last time so i am guaranteed this time….and i have a second account…so i can get a total oF two characters if I don't lose 50 50 in that one…i will try to get xiao cuz i like his gameplay…and i want ganyu too…..but i also wanna try shenhe………if i stay strong enough in shenhe banner….i will be a zhongli haver(in my main account)….so i gotta choose from the three characters…i would like to have ganyu cuz i like her…..tell me who should i pull on in my second account….(i am pulling for itto for the time being in the second account)
    F2p(cuz of course)
    And for the record i have both albedo(c1) and EULA… Got em both in just three pulls….(in my second account)

  24. They don’t build the jade chamber in the sky-

  25. The shadow game, definitely giving me Resident Evil 7 flash backs, Anyway I just have to applaud the dev team they're are some of the most dedicated I have ever seen and deserve so much.👏☺🙃

  26. Will this game ever be on the blockchain ? Would love to see this on a sustainable layer 1 proof of stake such as Harmony Protocol!

    Grinding my way to world 🗺 rank 2 at the moment, look forward to the longevity of this incredible game please make play to earn a reality such as defi kingdoms! Love what you have done huge fan 💖

  27. i love going to work in the morning the day the livestream is released and having the redemption codes be expired when i get home 🙁

  28. Mihoyo is evil and heartless of what they have done to us during the anniversary

  29. it's a bit sad to know that my primogems won't be enough for all those banners 🙁

  30. all the devs looks all tired and then we have Dawei
    Them looking kinda tired looks genuine and I love it tho

  31. 12 horas es muy poco tiempo!!!! exijo que expiren en 24 a 36 horas

  32. Just got to watch special program cuz i was bussy all day and tried to redeem the codes but theyre already expired….. Hasnt even been 24 hrs since they were released 🙃😭😓

  33. I'm really mad at that one person who said "LMAOOO HER VOICEE" bro your disrespecting they're culture right now

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