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Was C1 Hu Tao Worth It? (Genshin Impact)

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re showcasing our new C1 Hu Tao.

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0:00 Why C1 is really nice, plus animation cancels
1:45 Forsaken Rift
2:55 Bosses
4:00 Abyss 9 through 11
7:13 Abyss 12


  1. bet you moga will make a video where he can only walk/travel through hutao’s charge attack xD

  2. Is getting Hu Tao worth it when you already have an op Xiao with Homa?

  3. So I just got Hu Tao in my first single pull in her banner. Wishing luck to all who want her >->

  4. Went all in for Hu tao and Constallation 1, I got it gurenteed in around 15 pulls, I'm just so excited at this point

  5. Eh, i accidentally got mine to c1 when she decides to spook me on early 5*

  6. can i ask those zhongliless players like me who got hu tao.. which shielder do you use? I've never used my revive food this much before lol i kept dying

  7. I got pyro 5 star in my 50/50. It is the GREAT FRIED TUNA GREATSWORD PYRO USER.


  8. I had my first hu tao guaranteed so had to win 50/50 for c1, I won it for the second time in my life winning 50/50 and I had to lose on weapon banner twice for staff of homa. But I'd say I was lucky still though since I only had 243 intertwined fates

  9. pulled for hu tao as soon as she was made available in NA server with a 50/50, i got her 77 into pity 😀

  10. I pulled hu tao at like 60 pity (had her guaranteed), then staff of homa with no fate points, then mona and diluc back to back on standard banner, then lost the 50/50 to jean at 10 pity on event wish it was insane

  11. i tried for a C1 after i got hu tao and got diluc at 50pity now i am at 43 pity with no primos… im still goin to try C1

  12. i got pretty lucky with my hu tao summons!! on my first ten pull i lost the 50/50 to mona who i really like, it also let me raise my pity up and then after a while i got hu tao 🙂

  13. She's really nice at c1 but my wallet isn't that nice😭

  14. I was stupid lucky. I got Thoma one 10 pull, then two Hu Tao (C2 now) the next while on 50/50. C1 is definitely worth it, C2 is a nice to have but no where near as valuable. Hopefully I'll get homeless staff this time around, if not I'm still using a jade spear.

  15. Can someone explain these for me? I’ve had hu tao at c0 since March but then the gacha gods gave me a c1 and c2 hu tao yesterday when I was pulling for Thoma, can someone explain what her c2 does? ): I also have staff of homa but I don’t know what it does >.< i have a low iq when it comes to building characters so I don’t know what’s best for which character.
    My hu tao has a full crimson witch set if that’s helpful

  16. In my first 10 pull I got hu taul and quiching and in the second 10 pull I got another hu taul with tomha

  17. I summoned for Raiden… Costed me 140 pulls to get and 40 on her weapon and got no weapon… Then I did 16 random for Kokomi and got her. Now I did 53 for Hu tao and got her and a Elegie sooo… I still want her weapon… To greedy?

  18. Why Hu Tao users use her charge attack so so much???

  19. Nice effort for the thumbnail with hu tao attacks

  20. i was unlucky and got DIOluc first, but i saved enough to get Hu Tao and i also did some pulls on weapon banner.
    now i will be saving for future characters and maybe waiting for her next reran to get C1 and staff of homa :}

  21. Me, with no hu tao and no money: hmmm interesting ✍️✍️

  22. Man back in the day , moga would go mad because can’t 36 stars abyss , now he do it like a piece of cake

  23. I am currently at 80 pity without getting a 5-star.

  24. I tried getting her. I'm a 1.5 month Welkin only, I couldn't get her with the 55 summons I had prepped. I got Keqing for my 5 star so, probably won't be getting her since I probably won't be able to get her since I probably won't be able to summon enough for her.

  25. he is the only whale that doesn't get c6 everything so respect I think

  26. I got her on like 83 pity then on 17 pity I got her again

  27. I dont have hutao cus i lost 50/50 on a qiqi ;-;

  28. I am so glad… I got Hu Tao on 78 pity and then 20 pulls later I got her c1. Then I did 20 joke pulls on the weapon banner at 0 pity and got Staff of Homa! I love playing her so much but she obliterates literally everything :")

  29. I C3'd mu HuTao,,an I almost went hard Pitty Eeeeevery Sinnnggle
    Time Go figure no surprise to me really Thanks Mihoyo XDDD Orz

  30. Me watching all the why you should get hu tao wile i lost my 50/50 to keqing 😓

  31. First hu tao banner i lost to Mona and the rerun i also lost to a now c2 Mona which sucks cause i prefarmed and got decent crit stats 66/65. Hu Tao ascends with crit dmg so it would be 66/90? I also had 500 em so a c1 Mona and Hu Tao would have mega nuke combo potential 😐

  32. I still don't like animation cancelling. Super sketchy and inconsistent. I have been running C0 since the first banner and she was ok. She was a bit tricky to play before but now she is much easier and more enjoyable. I feel myself using her more now and just unga bunga everything.

  33. Diluc's tech is harder and cooler but less damage

  34. I already had c1 hu tao from last banner cuz i got that in one singl 10 pull so i went for the weapon banner but I forgot to put on that thing where you get 2 other weapon that you don't want and then get what you want so I ended up with one skyward adlass and two of the bows that are on the weapon banner. I've never felt this dumb in my life

  35. Yeah, so I made the thumbnail text entirely out of hu tao attacks. It looked better in my head and was way too much effort.

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