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Weapon banner finally getting a pity system in Genshin Impact after several months. No more 20 staff of Homas and finally able to get your Freedom-Sworn Sword

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  1. what i really want:20 freemogems on rerunsforge new weaponssave for a character until I have 90 intertwined fates to pulltryna get as much free acquaint fates to at least get a 4* character I likewatch f2p, dolphins, and whales trying to pull for charactersget beidou and seelie since I don't have both of them yetthis. this is my goal. right here.

  2. How to actually fix the weapon banner;

    Have it work like the current pity system for characters, but once. So you get one 5* weapon, you are 100% gonna get the other. After that every 5* is 50/50.

    There, easy. Banner is no longer absolute trash.

  3. At this point I give up genshin it was fun but now idc about genshin this is to much already

  4. 3 pity is so lame and only benefits whales, Mihoyo really don't give a shit about 80% of their playerbase.
    It would be such a waste as a F2P or a low spender.
    Imagine spending that much to get the BiS of your fav char instead of new chars that offer new gameplay and diversity.

  5. Playerbase: suggestions to increase resin gain per minute or give fragile resin after completing all 4 commissions.
    Mihoyo: increase the resin cap instead.

    Playerbase: wants daily login rewards in-game like other gacha games.
    Mihoyo: gives daily login via website instead giving 20 gems per week and a bunch of eggs and chickens.

    Playerbase: wants to have a reroll feature for artifact's sub/main stat.
    Mihoyo: implement a feature where you sacrifice 3 5* artifacts into a random piece of artifact.

    And now:

    Playerbase: wants a pity system for the weapon banner as well.

  6. I'm still not understand why mhy doesnt make weapon banner more accessible like character banner. Giving more involvement to f2p and dolphin on weapon banner wouldn't make mhy loss either, in fact its a good long term profit. Those F2P and dolphin has potential to spend more if they feel happy with the games. As for whalers, the weapon banner changes wont affect them, because whales gonna whales anyway.

  7. i got 6 staff of homas so i guess this new pity system dont affect me lmao

  8. They want to know which weapon you want… sus, real sus.

  9. I'm happy for people who want Beidou but now it's like what's the point of pulling for her if she's free now 😫

  10. If the substats of a 5 star weapon is not crit rate nor crit damage, its not worth f2p primos to save for months just to go all in weapon banner

  11. It would be fun if they also make further character banner with same mechanic as new weapon banner

  12. Wait so does it reset your pity?
    Like if you 50 in on weapon banner now you go back to 0 pity or stay at 50?

  13. The fact that the pity resets every banner is bonkers :/ wouldve been good otherwise.

  14. As a F2P, We need a pity in getting a northlander prototype in each weekly boss

  15. So instead of rolling for a weapon and getting 10 of the other one you get two before you get what you want. That is still alot of money. Its not ok right now and it damn sure wasn't ok before. I can't remember the name of this tactic but its a marketing/ bartering tool. You offer something at a ridiculous price and then give yourself wiggle room to negotiate a lower cost making the opposite party think they are getting a deal without you losing the baseline amount of money you want. So now instead of spending thousands of dollars we spend 2 or 3 hundred. It wasn't ok before and this still isn't good. They are overcomplicating a simple problem. Let us pick what we want when we get a 5 star. Whales can still be whales because they are gonna roll for r5 and f2p or in-between can budget effectively making them want to play the game for longer.

    They almost had it but missed the mark by adding ANOTHER system where you have to build up a pity and based on the description you don't get what you want the first time around. You have to build up to get what you want aka your wasting more money. Can someone tell me who is in charge of coming up with these ideas and who makes the decision to implement them? Its fine to want to make money because at the end of the day they are a business but don't siphon huge amounts of funds from peoples wallets just because you can. How do you make it so more people roll on the weapon banner and you don't lose out on this idea you created in the game? Just let us pick what we want. We still have to roll up to pity so your not losing anything. The character banner is decent enough in that you are going to get what you want within two 5 star pulls.

    Now this system they implemented would be good if: 1. You can switch the weapon your built up pity is on mid banner or don't even incorporate this 2. It doesn't reset after each banner is over. They know full well how to make this more enjoyable and then brainstorm what kind of tweeks can make it just irritating enough but keep people spending and interested. People who see the foolishness and complain are gonna be drowned out by the masses too afraid or lazy to call Mihoyo out and will just throw money at it. Therefore continuing the cycle of bad company habits because 'since no one is saying anything it must be ok.'

  16. I just wanna get the seelie pet cuz i missed the other two

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