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Wellness: Break the Cycle  | Tyla Kennedy | TEDxOcala

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Tyla has seen Americans fill there car with the most expensive gas and best oil then drive their vehicle straight through the dollar menu, as if what they manifested on the outside is worth more then the vessel that carries their souls. Tyla is a 29 year old local business owner and entrepreneur. She is a self made millennial. Born in New York and raised in Ocala, Florida, for the past twenty years. She’s in the top 4% of her network marketing company, where she educates others about Nutrition and wellness. She has helped the community lose over 10,000 pounds over the past 4 years on her journey. Tyla’s vision for herself is to help save the world from obesity by teaching others about self-worth, health, love and happiness. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. Oooooh thank God I'm not the only one seeing how we are destroying our world. Thank God I'm not the only one seeing how little we take care of other things at the expense of our health. Hugs girl, please let's speak it more

  2. Awesome in person and in the video! Keep shining! Vital message–extraordinary messenger!

  3. Wonderful job! Thank you for sharing your inspiring message.

  4. This is all so so true, I only wish those dollar menu committed folks would hear this.

  5. Wellness is so important for life balance!

  6. truly inspiring … and really important message…

  7. Great Job Tyla! As a community wellness advocate, we are relaying the same message. Keep up the great work!

  8. Love topics like this, thank you for speaking on it and for being so inspiring 🧡

  9. Wow, she made some great points. Just goes to show how personal tragedies can transform us if we are willing to hear and accept the messages they send.

  10. Also get the BreatheEasy Lung Exerciser to quickly tone breathing muscles and open airways. 😍

  11. She did NOT just compare herself to MLK… where’s her “civil rights movement”?

  12. Wow! I can't wait any longer, CONGRATULATIONS 🎉👏

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  14. James 5:12 "in God we trust" forever moves on your pick final score/good job tyla

  15. wellness does not lie steal or cheat SELF OR OTHERS avoid the short circuite 2020 Proverbs 4:13

  16. wellness "ask It" from good doctor what do you EAT how do YOU EXERCISE? & WHEN do you SLEEP

  17. diet be honest
    work hard sleep
    exercise be modest


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