WHAAATTT!!! So Is This The Genshin Impact Competitor Everyone's Talking About??.. - facenetgame.com

WHAAATTT!!! So Is This The Genshin Impact Competitor Everyone’s Talking About??..

Undiscovery Ch
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So Tower of Fantasy was officially released 2 days ago, but I can’t get in because I heard there is a millions of people playing that game in the grand opening. For my opinion Tower of Fantasy is not as smooth as genshin impact when it comes to gameplay but the exploration seems similar, I don’t know for the detail because I only played that game for 2 hours, probably this game indeed can be Genshin Impact competitor in the future if they already release it globally. If that game is F2P Players friendly enough and doesn’t need any Freemogems or Free Primogems to play, I really want to try that game after the game is released

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  1. As a person who loves fantasy, and techo this is a winnnn

  2. I really wanna try this tbh but it’s only in Chinese at the moment

  3. Some anime games getting better… Past years, Honkai is a best game, best narrative, and others until Mihoyo sees the BotW game they just wanted to make inspired BotW game. But in some point, I was thinking best RPG mobile game is Dragon Raja because it was made of Unreal Engine 4 (Epic Games Engine) Nice Story, but needed grind levels for unlocking the story. Until Genshin gets me, I've been addicted this game… Then I saw some PGR videos before PGR goes Global, I feel I wanted to play fast pacing, Hack n Slash games for now. Then it strikes me playing this game… Until now this game would be good but some point this game reminds me of Phantasy Star Genesis plus some similar games too… I Love It… If they get to the Game Awards next year or next two years, they will spotted as Best Mobile Games or Anticipated Games (If only they get a good trailer) or Multiplayer Game (If they have multiplayer coop) or Ongoing Game (If they have many player base after one year even if they survived in launch day to one year and few months before December) or Others… I hope ot would be good game than other RPG Mobile games…

  4. Genshin looks and feels a lot better… i mean look at those clunky knockoff animations….

  5. this better be mobile game cuz it kinda looks cheap

  6. Something for Genshin to take notice as its going to be a competitor that could possibly improve Genshin or Evem mihoyo games to be better than their competitors

  7. Paimongus (paimon x among us

  8. Naaah, the visuals and graphics in Geshin is still better for me XD

  9. looks fairly generic, graphics are good, but like everything else… like we have plenty vaguely high-tech gachas, genshin takes specifically on a fantasy theme, while this has aesthetic of any other high-tech themed game out there

  10. Maybe this is what we needed for Genshin deva to finally listen to us

  11. Sorry Bro, but this are Standart Anime Art Style.
    I see a lot of Anime with Character thy looks like Shenhe or other.

    And the Game is not released, it is open Beta in China

  12. I remember hearing about this last year from Zeals you can use different weapons on one character

  13. There’s a difference between competitor and a straight up bootleg copy

  14. Fun Facts:
    1. ToF stole a weapon asset from Honkai 3rd and then published an apology not to Mihoyo, but to themselves. Tencent also did a similiar thing not long ago, except they stole from Genshin.
    2. If you installed the PC version of ToF and then uninstall it, it only uninstalls the launcher, the actual game (about 13GB) remains in your drive. You need to find a folder named "WanmeiGameAssistant" and manually delete it.

  15. Considering that just by the looks of it, it looks like a Chinese game, it could possibly be a game that decided to take heavy inspiration from Mihoyo and made their own game. That being said, this idea is thrown out of the window if this game was made without the knowledge of Mihoyo and/or made before genshin was released

  16. I don’t’ think genshin are worried about tower of fantasy because even though it got 1 million downloads in 6 hours of release the reviews aren’t so good

  17. hope this game became succesfull, that means mihoyo give more rewards to keep us playing genshin

  18. idk why but i feel like this game is copy the intro and the character style

  19. i hope this game don't have any gay/lesbian people. that'll definitely ruin the game and fandom. im homophobic btw and i dont care if y'all cancel me. your opinion on me doesn't matter not in the slightest. i respected the golden universe more than you human.

  20. When I saw "Keqing skill – check" I lost it 😀

  21. Id play it Im taking a break from genshin and letting my friend do the work lol
    Currently enjoying Punishing Gray Raven

  22. I have played something like this on PC cool but my pc died today gpu just Fucked me up
    And I bought ipega 9167 controller and sensitivity is shite bought for tablet but has bad analogs I'm going to bring that shite back will go with smaller one or never buy android controller shite again lmao 🤣😅

  23. You missed the opportunity on the eyes, they have Shenhe eyes in the CC

  24. This is cute but it’s not this basically like genshin-?
    I mean, even tho the destination yellow thing looks the same-

  25. is this game only is chinese? Cuz if it's in english I wanna play it!!

  26. It’s an open world, JRPG. There’s only so many ways to do this type of game and sure you can see the inspiration but this is way less similar to Genshin than even Genshin is with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You can’t call everything in a genre a copy of one game.

  27. It's definitely better than the game that ripped off Barbara's voice..

  28. That xiangling ult near the end tho, I was only missing Guoba x)

  29. Bro this game literally has genshin's looks, pgr combat+UI+robotic mob look a like, DMC+apho hi3 cerial combo, and a fking custom character? You joking right?

    Interesting imma wait for the global release

  30. general greetings to people who have struggled with a two-headed dog. I lived for 5 minutes.

    is one of the bosses in TOF. I hate people who gave bosses shields and 5 health bars. even with 20 people it's hard to beat. and doing a boss yourself is self-suction

  31. I'm sure Genshin will step up their game

  32. Too be honest I hope this game going too be better then genshin. Because of the competition that going to create 😁

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