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What happened to Mattjestic Multigaming and how this affects leaks on youtube for Genshin Impact.



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  1. could have transitioned to gameplay content instead of leak after getting viewers but alas he kept on playing with. Im more surprised that he is acting surprised when the ban hammer finally came down

  2. I'm not denying that leaking is mostly illegal and may violate local legislation and user agreement rules (although reproducing content that's been already leaked by someone else is not always illegal for most countries), but I somehow find it a bit hypocritical the way some companies and consumers deal with it, because they can both benefit a lot from it, if they make it in a cooperative way (partnerships with content creators and the like)… specially in terms of keeping their product (games) alive and profitable in the gaming community. Again: I AM NOT supporting or encouraging people to leak info or disrespect user agreement rules, and neither have I done it (nor will I ever do it) myself. It's just something that people tend to ignore before blaming someone who gets caught for getting themselves involved with content leaking, and I think that we should all take a moment to think about it, since the majority of the players gets really hyped and excited when new info gets leaked, right?!

  3. God you weren't kidding about the walrus part. Matt got what he deserves for taking advantage of the leak hype. You on the other hand, are not that far away from MJ for making this video.

    Also, serious, you weren't kidding about the walrus part.

  4. In my opinion I didn't like majestic content and I think all the strikes he's been given was fair as he had a lot of warnings before the strikes.

  5. The Funny thing is he’s keep mention he’s come from a free to speak country…I mean dude. free to speak is not a excuse to do genshin leaks…. Specialty YouTube was Warned him many times. He deserves it….

  6. I like leaks, they're great. Will have to continue looking for leaks from other sources. And I don't really get triggered by "click bait" titles. To me it's just meh.

  7. Friendship ain't about trust, it's about nunchucks. So, if I want ya as a friend then buddy, you'd better be ready for the time of your life.

  8. Guy speaking as if he ain't in it for the bags. lol

  9. Good thing he did get caught he spoiled alot for me

  10. I remembered when I subbed to his channel after watching his Noelle guide, but as time flew he shifted into a new type of illegal content which is why I unsub. Felt bad for the guy he was one of the early october 2020 genshin youtubers I liked, but it is what it is.

  11. It might sound bad, my intention is not to fuel hate or anything. But as a whale I want 0, and when I say zero I mean it, spoilers. I started watching him back in the days when genshin started. He even shared a post I made on Reddit about account security which was a wholesome thing to do, but I couldn't stand the turn his channel took.
    I don't blame him, money is money, more income makes everyone greedy.
    But as Tectone stated too, a part of Matt community encouraged that type of behaviour. I'm sad for the outcome but it was to be expected.

    As for the rest of the comments, I'm baffled on how some people "expect" transparency from the company. You need some knowledge on business, because in a limited gatcha game not showing a roadmap for characters Is the right move, because you create urgency with a sudden hero release, making people that didn't spend money actually fall in the trap. I'm not defending the morality of it. But business has almost no morality, so stop making it an argument for your case. Sorry about my English.

  12. I like how mature and intelligent you are about this issue unlike some certain toxic YouTuber whose name shall not be mentioned. He just bashes YouTubers without any useful input.

  13. Leaks are nothing but theft. So re distributing stolen contents ( most of which are coming by rogue beta testers that whipe theit bums with the NDA and data miners, aka: hackers) is still an offense even if he didn't sign any contract with the company. Instead of claiming himself as a sort of savior, he should thanks his lucky star that he doesn't get heavily fined by the company itself. Sorry but what he did were not genuine mistakes.

  14. this dude is the most reasonable and nicest genshin content creator ive wached. great vid

  15. How is talking about leaks illegal? It is not, unless he himself is the leaker

  16. tbh no one is right or wrong in this situation i can understand both sides thats it

  17. Majestic was overall just a wholesome guy bright attitude sure a bit click baity but no more so than other you tubers. I'm still going to watch his content whatever that may be.

  18. The thing that bothers me about Mattjestic lately are his community posts… he’s kind of hinting towards the idea that he’ll come back like “Rex Lapis/Zhongli” or “the Jade Chamber”. He’s just not learning.

    Also the fact that he only includes extremely positive poll answers (community posts again) for us to pick when he mentions that his account is basically done kind of sets off massive red flags to me, like honestly Matt put them there looking for positive feedback on something he knows he’s doing wrong. I see the polls everywhere with thousands of people giving him the positive feedback he’s craving…

  19. “Nice” strategy, getting all of Matt’s viewers to watch this..

  20. Mattjestic also spread misinformation. I spent all my primogems on the very first Venti banner because he told everyone that Mihoyo was changing their pity system and would issue retroactive 5-star tickets. That was obviously a total lie, and I still to this day regret listening to him.

  21. I always wondered how Matt somehow got away with leaks for so long when other youtubers I watched, like Demone, or Zeals got hit with warnings pretty early on and had to stop discussing leaks in their videos entirely.

  22. “Justice maybe late, but it will arrive” totally agree.

  23. Don't know if you'll see this among all the other comments, but I just found your channel. I think you have some good content, and I'm going to keep an eye on you to see if your style matches my needs. One small point, posting leaks isn't illegal. The copyright strikes are illegal. Content creators just don't have the $ to fight the strikes and YouTube doesn't care. Anyway, good stuff from what I've seen so far, good luck with your growth

  24. It is lovely to see a chinese guy can speak straight english, good vid

  25. He noticed the views are way better when he is covering leaks.
    While others are backing off of leaks, he doubled down on it.
    Became too confident and greedy.

  26. that's true…Zeals clearly left Genshin and now he barely gets 200 views in his streams or videos whereas he was doing so good at Genshin but was unhappy for a long time!

  27. what i believe that thanks to such leaked contents, genshin got much more hyped then it suppose to.
    What mihoyo chose to penalized players in such way will eventually turn gamers away.
    People could no longer prepare what to pay for because the gacha system is really sucking a huge amount of wealth out of players.
    You could possibly tell that the amount of money genshin earn from players are enormous .No game ever came close to what mihoyo did.
    And sooner or later, give it a 2-3 years maximum , people are going to drop genshin impact.
    There are already new games readily to be launching soon. They have the quality of what a AAA game title has.
    But they do not need players to spend over 100USD per month.

  28. Sounds like little d*** energy.
    “They are not your friend, they are not your family…”
    “Matthestic, if you’re watching, good luck to you my friend.”

    Side note: i had to watch 4 ads through this video alone.

  29. Aren’t all youtube titles click bait? Like don’t do this….or do this before this. Or don’t make this mistake. Then the actual video is a whole lot of rambling before they make their point. All titles are by design to generate interest to make you click. Some thumbnails make you click only to make you feel misled by what the actual video is about? I dunno seems like mattjestic just did all of the above all the time and got caught heck ppl used to joke that he was a secret mihoyo employee lol. Sad all around he seemed like a nice dude that just got caught up in the YouTube spiral abyss.

  30. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes… OR "And nothing of value was lost".

  31. matt future content
    also matt didnt expect future bann content

  32. To be very frank I don't give 2 shits of a preditory gacha game and that they think especially one coming from a country running concentration camps of millions of muslims. Matt was just looking out for the small guys and gave the best tips.

  33. I'll be honest, I liked his channel because, like you mentioned, he provided some pretty good tips. Once leaks started getting out of hand, I was surprised he started discussing them too. Because of that, I avoided his channel like the plague. What worse is that youtube KEPT recommending his vids even though I'm not subbed to him. I do hope he does well in the future.

  34. I feel bad for him why he went from being a guides for us genshin player to a leaker

  35. What made me dislike mattjestic is how he earns money from compilations of leaks, when the one who datamined it do some reverse-engineering and put an effort to get the renders, to make the renders, to datamine don't even earn a penny.

  36. I definitely disliked the fact he would make prediction videos of the next patch….. literally after we had a new patch being dropped just for a few days. I knew at that point he was baiting for views.

  37. Lmao I forgot about him and this video remind me after a week forgetting him

  38. I just looked to his channel and why do I felt some videos were deleted

  39. Wow, you have no understanding of the law at all. Nothing he did was illegal and no laws took him down. Way to spread misinformation.

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