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There’s a few things that are quite tricky about Hu Tao…
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There’s a couple of crucial questions that have been popping up about Hu Tao and her upcoming rerun in Genshin Impact 2.2 update, so this video is here to dive deep into this prankster’s analysis.

Hu Tao rerun in Genshin Impact features our favorite 5-star Pyro polearm user that will also be joined together with a new 4-star – Thoma. While these two characters quite a few things in common, there’s also the burning question whether you should save or pull on Hu Tao banner because we have seen Arataki Itto and Gorou previews made by miHoyo so making the decision now or at least waiting until we can get more info is probably the best step. Otherwise, this video also covers things like Hu Tao build, Hu Tao best artifacts and Hu Tao team builds. It almost feels like a separate Hu Tao guide! (hah) but you can rest assured that video will come later…

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. Keep in mind
    if you're not going for hu tao c1 and homa
    just don't pull for her
    xiangling is alot better
    but go for her if ur going for waifu

  2. goot I love Sponsorblock, it skips all your annoying and long sponsors

  3. "things hu tao's main doesn't tell you" yeh, we are the illuminati and we don't reveal secrets…

  4. 🎀 𝒥𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝐿𝒾𝓁𝓎 🎀 says:

    " Regarding Itto or Gourou "
    Shows Itto's abs and Gourou's fluffy ears .

  5. 10:46 Yo "Think with your resin, not with your heart" is such a good advice, I'm gonna start spreading that

  6. I've been wanting Hutou for awhile, i didn't get her during her banner last time. After maining diluc for awhile she will replace his slot as a main dps for my team, good luck hutao pullers. I'll not watse this opportunity to get her. <3

  7. Every character team guide: Add Xinqiu

    I can't believe he was bottom tier at one point

  8. how are gotcha games still advertised for having good plots

  9. i targeting thoma than her if i get her its okay since i childe main thoma+childe hhuh bouy

  10. Me, who passed on his 4p CW from Yanfei to Yoimiya:
    These heirlooms shall rest with the third generation.

    May I just say how I hate that basically everyone borderline has to use Xingqiu? I hate that unit with a passion but I feel like I HAVE to build him because he's just too broken. Mihoyo fix this.

  11. Farming for her.
    First you farm the exp books and talent books when they are available.
    Second you farm the ascension materials witch aren't that difficult.
    Third you farm for that sweet 4.7 million mora.
    At last you farm for the artifacts, trust me they are way less important than the others.

  12. I'm here watching video about should you get c1 hu tao or staff of homa while I don't even have primogems to guarantee her lmao

  13. main issue on her as someone who got her:you need c1 or else she is around 30% weaker,her charged atack is wasting a lot of stamina.But don't take me wrong,she's still insane even without it,I did 260k dmg on her burst with lv 5 skills c0 and around 50k on melt with her charged which is a verry good dmg compared to many dps characters

  14. my reason is because shes will be my first 5 satr heroes i will get on banner 🙂

  15. Yeah you need a lot of control against wishing I almost pulled another childe cuz my self control gets out of control once I see my primos (I just got tartag in my 2nd acc) just quickly log off your acc or get out of your pc cuz in the end of the day you're the only one to blame when you kept on wishing and building pity is the most dumbest joke I've ever heard better off saving it on the banner you want rather than sacrificing the primos for some 4 stars that can pop up again in diff banners

  16. i dont care about hu tao i care about ganyu

  17. Well I’m just going for one hu tao and the spear if it comes even though I hate her idle voice lines.

  18. Her C1 gives her 2-3 more charges with proper animation cancels. The dmg gap between jump vs dash cancel will become even bigger in combat because of moving targets etc. So C1 is strongly recommended if you can afford it. For artifacts, Shim can outdmg CW if you have C1 with gd animation cancels assuming they have equal substats.

  19. If I may ask; why charged attacks over normal attacks? As a future Hu Tao haver, I'm curious (I'm new~ish to the game)

  20. Goodluck to all people pulling for hu tao!! I hope you win the 50 50 and get her early.

  21. "We don't have info about itto and gorou"
    Yeah, sure

  22. I'm so glad that Hutao is the next banner cause she is an easy skip to me^^(personally don't like her play style) now i can use all my primogems to get Albedo and Itto to play with my lucky c2 Zhongli in 20 rolls😊

  23. the moment they revealed Hutao VA is Rieri idc about anything else. I straight up swipe my card during her release 😇🙏🏻

  24. Me with C2 Tao and R3 Homa, also in this dilemma

  25. When she walks the fine line between life and death. As a Xiao main I couldn't agree more 🤣🤣

  26. I've been using Yanfei + Kazuha + Zhongli + Raiden team but I need a strong Pyro DPS & someone who can use the excess 4pc Shimenawa set that I have lying around (incidentally, it has good HP substats & crit so it's essentially tailor-made for Hu Tao). Problem is, I'm on 50/50, so if I don't get her, I'll save my guarantee for Yae Miko instead.

  27. I went in hard when she first came out and i got her and staff of home, after being a hu tao main since I definitely am pulling for her c1 and thoma

  28. 4:21 Uhhh I got Homa because I built a pity from other weapon banners tho

  29. "Not given serious endgame content "
    Me : cries in ar56 and not getting past 11-1 with almost full 5* teams and 5* weapons on the main dps 😢

  30. Playing HuTao since release, never thought of jumping after the charge attacks. Feel like an idiot now.

  31. i have hu tao but im conflicted if i should use xingqiu with her or with raiden national team

  32. The problem with Shimanawa's set being bad for polearm-users, that you mentioned, goes double for Hu Tao, as she has some of the lowest attack stats in the game, her damage coming from her pyro bonus being extraordinarily high. This makes stacking Attack % on her worth considerably less than Pyro bonus buffing, which is another reason why many people choose Crimson Witch instead.

  33. The most exciting thing about Hu Taos banner for me is the Staff of Homa banner. I don't have Hu Tao. But i already have a staff of homa, and now im planning on getting my second one

  34. i'm pulling for hu tao because she can one shot childe first phase and i like spooky vibes
    and also i already have a vape team that has hu tao missing

  35. I ran out of primos just to get memory of dust now I'm gonna 100% liyue and hope tgat the new events coming give me more primos

  36. Hopefully i get her lol. I have 44 fates saved. Idk if it will be enough
    Edit: Even if i dont i'll get closer to pity for albedo who is another character i'd like in my party!

  37. Whats the song used in the 1st 5 seconds of the vid? Plz lol

  38. I use yanfei quite a lot so I'm used with the stamina drain. Why do pyro chars have stamina issues lol. I will pull for hutao since I need another dps to finish the abyss. I can't wait for yae xiao or ganyu anymore. Best of luck for all of us who will be pulling her!

  39. hu tao is a pyro waifu main dps at c6 that has 100%cr every 60 sec and gives party members 24%cr. Need I say more?

  40. I wish there was a quest to unlock at least 1 5-star weapon for each weapon class

  41. It's basically a skip for most freetoplayers, getting your c1 and weapon for a character is very expensive. Taking into account that there are other 5 stars that do not depend on any prerequisite to get a good performance.

  42. I really want Thoma but sadly I have to skip cause I'm not planning to get Hutao that will ruin my pity. This is so annoying.

  43. I tried at team with hutao+shogun+zhongli+bennet, and oh boy do they wreck havoc, my rotation was shogunE, zhongli shield, hutao goes berserk, then bennetQ, then for finishing touches shogun

  44. Edit: Slight wording mistake, I meant weapon Fate Points reset after every new banner (pity still carries over, lol)
    Who else is hyped for Hu tao + Thoma!? (and maybe Staff of Homa :P?)

    Also, really excited to see Tales of Luminaria! You can help the channel by pre-registering here: https://bnent.jp/ToLuminaria_50/

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