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We need to talk about what miHoYo has been holding out on.

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There’s a lot of topics surrounding the upcoming Inazuma region and some of them involve newest characters Ayaka, Yoimiya, Kazuha and Sayu. But it makes you wonder – 4 new characters announced and yet there’s a huge red flag you can see from the released characters so far that could potentially affect your long-time team building strategy. There’s also important things like best Kazuha build and Kazuha team building as well as the truth of Kazuha’s actual appearance in the story. Gacha Gamer never endorses leaks nor does it participate in spreading them and having a healthy discussion for the game’s future is an important part that needs to be covered for the sake of having a more understanding community.

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  1. what we are forgetting that there are 2 types of electro slimes blue and yellow ones, i think if we ever going to get electro buff its going to be related to that yellow nature of electro which will give a electro a massive booost. Take it with a grain of salt XD

  2. For electro's demise, Its not just the cool down for reactions or who triggers it. It's even with the elemental burst. When a Pyro character uses their elemental burst on an enemy with hydro or Cryo applied, the numbers are far bigger than when an electro character does it. The mechanism for electro reactions does not help with the big numbers and with the elemental bursts we will need the big numbers to eliminate the enemies.

  3. Peaple who are asking for new electro characters are just dumb.
    Electro is lackluster second worst element in the game.
    It still needs rework to be good.
    Also it would be much easier to balance around keqing,Beidou and fishcl keep releasing op characters and then buffing the element, so existing ones get powercreeped anyways(cough cough venti cough cough)
    I am actually glad they are not releasing electro characters.
    I actually want to see a new hydro character that element is actually viable and rare as well.

  4. Meanwhile Dendro :- You guys are getting characters and reactions?

  5. Well, we do not have Dendro char since the Dendro archon died. So it does make sense that GI does not have that much Electro char due to the vision hunt decree as well as the arhon stopped on giving electro vision.

  6. Lol my team has two electro characters, Fischl and Keqing, with Bennet to generate overload. I think I'm playing Genshin in the wrong way

  7. Baal: Noo you can't just possess the electro element without a vision!
    Traveler: Haha electro resonance go brrrrrr

  8. Traveler: Can possess the electro element without a vision
    Baal: Wait that's illegal

  9. My theory is we're going to dethrone the electro archon and establish a new one, someone who's willing to gift mortals visions

  10. What is the point of the video, what are we actually forgetting about?

  11. Seems like just like zhongli, baal will come out and buff her own element

  12. I read about how the Archon is using a similar tactic of Tsaritsa taking away Gnosis. By taking away the visions, she uses its pwoer to build smth to overpower the Celestia like how Tsaritsa plans to with the Gnosis

  13. Every new 4* character has always been a Cryo or Pyro
    – Diona
    – Xinyan
    – Rosaria
    – Yanfei

    Good thing is that they're breaking it with Sayu (Anemo) later on

  14. You'd think the first Inazuma character would be an electro character but the foreseeable ones are all non-electro

  15. What if the electro archon can’t give any more visions because her gnosis is already stolen so that’s why she’s taking away everyone else’s electro vision out of fear

  16. ▧𝄇𝖙𝖘𝖚𝖐𝖐𝖎𝄆▧ says:

    When your revenue is so high you don't even need the watch add to get primogems 😂😂

  17. I just want baal strong that she can be on top without any reaction

  18. It is simple, I am not sure if everyone notices this…miHoYo just buffs things that their new 5★ will benefit.

    For example: When Eula was released the abyss buffed physical dmg.
    Kazhua is going to benefit from EM (more EM = more dmg bonus%) and he looks like he will trigger a lot of swirls.
    Guess what buff the abyss gives this month. 🙂

  19. Don't worry Razor, physical Xiangling can't hurt you. She's built for Pyro damage

  20. Maybe could also talk about that every time I hear "or new players" I have to laugh. This game has grown to be the most new player repulsive game I know.
    The way the game is driven makes it new player unfriendlier each patch. Ok, you might start to play the game, enjoy it, then dig a little bit into information on it and realize you are pretty much too late to the game.
    For a start to max out any character you need crowns, but they are only given out in special events and a new player missed what 6 or so of them already.
    Then a new player sees all these amazing characters everyone uses, but they are on limited time banners. Yeah well they could get lucky and see a rerun, but som reruns have happened already so it is not clear if a new player will ever get the chance to get one of those characters.
    Then a new player might read about some good 4 star weapons and characters you were able to get for free.. but yeah those where special events and they can never get those either.
    Can probably add several more points to this list. But the bottom line is that every new patch will push away new players even more if Mihoyo does not add some mechanics that lets players redo some of the events when they missed them.

  21. We'll be getting a free 5* Electro in Inazuma POG

    Electro Traveller

  22. Would counting both characters elemental mastery be a good buff for electro units? Since the new buff really just buffs the wind element

  23. joke on us where there is still 0 dendo release

  24. i guess we will be getting some electro characters after inazuma i guess after the archon quest of inazuma we will confront baal about the visions and she will probably stop the vision hunt and return the visions to its bearers and we can see some new electro characters


  26. MIHOYO STOP PUTTING OUT CRYO AND PYRO CHARACTERS 😭😭😭 BALANCE EVERYTHING WILL YA!? Tsk tsk.. so guys, are y'all gonna roll for Kazuha's banner? Chu guys think?🤔

  27. "we want electro buffed"
    "ight", Buffs EM scaling, swirl gets stonks

  28. I don't understand why people think Inazuma will bring a lot of new Electro characters. Mondstadt had just Jean, Venti and Sucrose, and Liyue had just Zhongli and Ninnguang (I think there's another polearm Geo user that's coming from Liyue). I don't think there will be 5 Electro characters or similiar coming with Inazuma. Right now we have just 3 speculated, being the Electro archon herself one of them.

  29. Speaking of 5:51 , im surprised there are actually a lot of people who seriously thinks that zhongli is realy really broken pre-buff

  30. I think the electro archon is trying to collect all visions of inazuma, not just electro ones. In Kazuha's teaser trailer, soldiers from inazuma try to take Kazuha's anemo vision.

  31. You missed mentioning our main girl Keqing 🙁

  32. "amazing electros like fischl beidou razor" rest in piece poor keqing

  33. In my opinion, even superconduct isn't in a good position, cause it doesn't do anything to both the elements involved in it. At present the only characters that seems to benefit the most from it is Eula and Razor. Why should an whole reaction be dedicated to a very niche category of characters. They should also make superconduct reduce electro and cryo resistance ( or at least electro in irl, the literal meaning of superconduct is to not have electro resistance ) so more characters can take benefit of it.

  34. pretty sure is a lore thing. they really care about that

  35. I don't even care abt any of the elemental dmg calculation stuff…….. I just care if:
    1. I'll be able to kill…..
    2. I see colors all over the place
    3. Physical razor go brrrr

  36. the electro archon stopped giving out electro visions but venti just gives anemo ones to people who have dead friends

  37. won't scaramouche be an electro character tho? like beidou and razor who weild a claymore and are also electro users

  38. Kinda make sense now that electro archon does not give out electro visions and the number of electro characters are very less. Wow they even considered that into the release of new characters. That is really some details they take into account :O. I wonder what about the water visions and dendro visions tho.
    Even though electro vision may not be a good element to have in the team due to (Overload, Electro-charged), Personally I still love to use my C5 razor as my sub dps(Xiao is my current maindps). So far Razor is quite solid and seriously deserve to be a 5* honestly XD. Very balanced with the phy dmg and the electro dmg together, so Superconduct is a must for Razor in order to maximize his dmg.

    Any new players out there looking for a good dps, I really suggest Razor. Previously I didnt know much about razor and litterally left this boi not being built for a long time during the start of my game TvT (big brain me oof). Razor has been a solid dps for my account and not to mention his cute UwU.

    A good team comp with Razor would be Razor, Kaeya, Either electro or ice support char and Benny boy(or any healer like Diona)

  39. This video contained a little bit of lore explanation – would you like to see more of it in future videos? Genshin has surprisingly deep lore and a lot of cool things are influenced by it.

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