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When you’re farming for Kazuha everyday | Genshin Impact

Streetwise Rhapsody
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Spending so much time to get this one man and I’m not even gay.

Some people are asking me about my wallpaper
You need Wallpaper Engine, it’s a paid program on Steam that let’s you use live wallpapers.

And this is the wallpaper

The widgets are from Rainmeter.

Music Used: Tassel Town – Shantae Half Genie Hero

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  1. i have nothing for kazuha, not even primos, and my pity is at 28 but ill try and get him
    goodluck to all the kazuha wanters out there, including me <3

  2. i have 40 wishes with no pity and guaranteed but i hope he come home 🙁

  3. I farm the boss one day exp boons the next and artifacts the other and then from the begining i just dont want to do the same stuff everyday

  4. I got viridescent venerer cup EM but with def percentage and all 3 flat it's worth to use it ?

  5. me who doesn't know scat about farming or where to find the stuff: kazuha come home pls 😈🙏

  6. been saving for a bennett who happens to be on kazuhas banner, so ill probably end up with a kazuha so i ended up farming for em.

  7. Took me forever to get the anemo goblet, should I use harbinger of dawn for kazuha

  8. PLEASE i’ve been farming the anemo domain for WEEKS and have over 90 artifacts but still not the ones i want >:(

  9. 50/50 but i saved enough fates if i lose it 😤 he’s coming home no matter what

  10. Got his artifacts set up many weeks in advance… Yep, triple EM with Iron Sting giving me a total of over 1k EM once he is ascended. Easy 40% elemental damage buff for team.

  11. If I don't get him on pity. I'll tell myself it's OK. There's better chance for a character in the future.

    Also me: You're such a big loser! 😭

  12. The Dave Chapelle part had me dyin🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. I have 20k primos but if i lose 50/50 i will just keep saving for the electro archon and i think kazuha needs to be built full EM because reactions doesnt crit and because he gives elemental dmg to the team based on his EM

  14. I dont normally save for characters like their ascension materials and stuff i just get them and figure it out
    Thats what happened with my venti and klee

  15. Hahaha people saved up for a 10 roll so small hahaha

    Oh i saved 1050 primos yess

  16. Already farmed and collected everything, have a Skyward Blade ready. Now, the question is – can he pull out non meta physical dps build

  17. he better come home bc it’s 50/50 and I have 10k primos saved up

  18. Same. Artifacts are coming slow, still have no talent material fml. Got 8k primos in the bag with a 100% drop rate on him though!

  19. I had saved some primos and decided to pull a few when I got KLEE. I pulled again to increase my pity and I got her AGAIN. I don’t have enough primos for kazuha and even if I did I have 50/50 chance

  20. i have enough for pity but im not guaranteed pls give me luck i am getting kazuha

  21. I have 80 pulls saved but first have to surpass the 50 50

  22. I’m guaranteed him because I lost the 50/50 on Klee.. I don’t want him I want Klee 😭

  23. That artifact domain is cursed! I just have def and hp! I'm farming for Kazuha and Sucrose….

  24. Imagine he doesn’t come home after all of that

  25. i literally have everything ready the mats the mora the artifacts and the pulls i just need him to come home ;-;

  26. 1:15 Me with 374 primogems and still have at least 33 wishes to get pity:

  27. Been farming for him since he was not even official so please come home… if you don’t i might quit Genshin until your banner is gone 😂🥲

  28. How do you find enough childish freaks to play this sad life and they think there killing it.

  29. I’ve saved enough for 4 wishes🗿 but at least my pity is on 75 all I have to do is win the 50/50


  31. Eh eh eeeeeh…..I Got 72 pitty and Guaranteed 😏😘

    Zhongli Didn't Come home🥲

  32. I have no chance do I because I just got diluc and klee even though I was planning to get him ;-;

  33. Kazuha release
    Meanwhile Xiao :
    "Kazuha? ah that dude, I'm interested with him. When i met him for first my heart feels nostalgic."

    Traveller : "SOU DESU KA"

    Xiao : "What's wrong with you?"

  34. I like sound 😘😘😘 give link

  35. Imagine u worked hard just to get kazuha but then it is a wrong charact-

  36. oh he coming home
    I saved up enough
    and artifacts ready to go

  37. i have saved 700+ primogems also with 68 what that name purple blue thing 😂…. but.. sad……….. that for A

  38. Genuine question, is 2pc glad + 2pc veridecent or 4pc veridecent better?

  39. I legit am on 27 pity with 12 wishes..cries

  40. You have my team. I see you are a drip connoisseur as well.

  41. ive saved about 76 pulls worth of primos so far. that's the only thing ive been farming. if i lose the 50/50, im gonna cry and then suck it up a week later

  42. When you already have triple crown for him and you're farming for another character: my job is done here , but there I have some work

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