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Where Did This Game Come From?! – The Cycle

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  1. Played this in closed Alpha for a few days, and damn…it has come a LOOONG way

  2. It has been a super buggy and laggy experience in my case. hope it gets better.

  3. Honestly, it's a pretty terrible game. Have been in since alpha stages and it's just too sparse in terms of content

  4. lost all interest due to the epic game store exclusivity. no thanks. put it on GOG/ steam then ill bite

  5. isnt this basically Firefall 2?

    regardless, im glad im gonna be coming in early. this looks so good

  6. I cant be the only one who thinks this game is similar to call of duty ghosts: extinction right?

  7. FOOKE THIS SHET! Its battleroyale, rounds with dozens of players, the last man standing win – -, FU epic FU

  8. When is see this all I can thing off man I wish this game was more like how firefall was an open world mmo shooter instead of a battle royale esk pve what ever they call this new game. The game looks awesome I like the idea of it but it would been neat the see game more in style of firefall because that type of games are lacking. I can only think of 2 open world mmo shooters firefall that is now dead and Defiance that is still alive.

  9. Reminds me of Dauntless, I haven't played yet but looks very similar.

  10. I could ask the same about fortnite…. and roblox…. and minecraft… and COD…. and any other game…. where did they all come from? 😂

  11. This game gives me the same feeling like fortnite season 3… Its a good one. Time to check it out

  12. The crafting/loot system in this game provide so much depth! I feel like all the customization options for your weapon, suit, or ability allow for huge variation in the gameplay while keeping it all balanced. Can't wait to see where this game goes in the future.

  13. all the garbage collected in one cluster fuck of a game. cartoon graphics , ramdom shit in loot drops and bullet sponge pieces of shit……………only zombies are missing in this fucking pile of dog shit fest…..!

  14. Just tried the game & came to youtube to see if anyone knows about it. The game really reminded me of Firefall…
    Now I'm sad…

  15. So its just a Battle Royale? Don't over complicate it because you like the game, it's a Battle Royale.

  16. Im getting the strangest Warframe + No Man's Sky vibes

  17. This game is hard to find lmao. If I didn't decide to casually browse the Epic store and stumble across this I would've never known it existed. Does this have an active playerbase?

  18. I just saw this game today on epic while looking for free games lol

  19. Honestly I've always believed that Fortnite is pretty wack. The whole guns and being a carpenter at the same time seems goofy, crazier though is that you are playing against Jedi level competition. There are a lot of amazing Battle Royal games out there.

  20. basically journey to the savage planet battle royale
    this game seems to be very cool

  21. Am i the only one googling what hoe dmg is?

  22. Are people playing this game or is it dead?

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