Which FREE 4 Star Constellation or Character Should you Pick in 2.4? TIERLIST! | Genshin Impact - facenetgame.com

Which FREE 4 Star Constellation or Character Should you Pick in 2.4? TIERLIST! | Genshin Impact

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0:00 – Intro
0:57 – Last Year’s 4 Star Choice
1:50 – Categories
2:45 – Beidou
3:31 – Chongyun
4:40 – Ningguang
5:55 – Xiangling
7:08 – Xinyan
8:22 – Xinqiu
10:08 – Yanfei
11:45 – Yunjin
12:44 – 2022 vs 2021

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  1. If I don't get more Cons for Chongyun in the banner, I will get him but if he does come home and I C6 him, I will be getting Yunjin.

  2. If a mondstadt one would come i would definitely pick barbara because i think her c6 is cool lol

  3. I'm getting C6 Ningguang, her constelations have been a pain to get xD

    Got Chongyun, Xingqiu, Xiangling at C6, Xinyan at C6… Yanfei should be easier to get C4 I guess, and I think it's likely I'll get Yunjin from all the banner wishing (I'm going in with low pity and no 50/50 guarantee… ugh).

  4. amma get ninng im not missing that skin u can put xq away i dont rly need him in my teams

  5. If I'm a new f2p player (ar32, with only c0 fischl (my main dps atm) and c1 bennet and c0 sucrose- no other characters other than the free ones from quests), which should I pick?

    Whoever I'm gonna pick is gonna be c0 cause I dont have any of these characters yet.

  6. I already have high cons for xingqiu and ning so ill just for yunjin since i wont pull for her

  7. Should I go for c4 xiangling, c0 xingqui, c0 beidou or c0 yanfei?

    I've always want to have yanfei so bad but idk if she could help my team or not. I think beidou playstyle is quite nice after I tested her in the past event. Xingqui seems like a very good character and can help the team a lot, since I'm planning to raise diluc. I'm also only need one more xiangling cons to c4 her (I mainly use her with kaeya and lisa for er). So idk who to choose, any help? TvT

  8. Gonna grab that c4 XL if i dont manage to get it on ittos banner

  9. Xingqiu, Beidou or Yunjin. Top3 picks. Yeah Xiangling has high burst damage but it is so random to hit.

  10. I'll still watch the vid even if I already know I'm gonna pick Xingqiu lol

  11. I’m literally so confused. I have C1 Beidou, C1 Xingqui and C3 Xiangling and I have no clue what constellation I should pick

  12. pick xq bc of his passive as well, if u dont have eula, he can refund u some talent books which saves u resin 😚

  13. i dont think Yanfei is bad , she is a very good Pyro DPS even at C0 it just depend on how much you invest in her

  14. Yunjin, i'm not using her or anything but i just need those acquaint fates LOL

  15. I already got c6 half of the selection and c4 on the rest besides yunjin.

  16. Thing is… I want the ningguang skin. And I don’t have her, and so I oringally clicked this video to help me decide form Yun Jin or ningguang but now I’m stuck in a another loop of ningguang Yun Jin or xingqiu SOMEONE HELP ME

  17. Meanwhile me who just picking ningguaang just to get her free skin cause I don't have her 😅

  18. I remember picking xingqiu last year to get him at C6 a few weeks later I got him again, it was still worth it he gives so much at c6.
    For me its an easy pick, its Yunjin all the way I have everything else and don't use them or have c6 on the ones I already use

  19. Help
    What should I pick up

    please 😀😄😀😄
    Should I pick up xinqui everyone is saying he's underrated

  20. Hmm… Such a tough decision…
    I appear to have all of these characters at C6…
    I could get a wish if I choose any one of them…
    But there's a new character.
    Yun Jin it is then.

  21. Which con should I go for c6 beido or C4 xinqui or C3 xiangling

  22. 5-star cost 90 pulls but sometimes a 4-star can cost more than that. 170 pulls on raiden banner but just got 1 sara

  23. lol imagine having a c1 beidou, a c3 xiangling, a c1 xinqui and dont intend to wish on the xiao and shenhe banner for Yunjin but despretatley want her. And all of the characters I just listed you use and have fully built. That'd be a hard choice

  24. Yunjin if she doesn't come on xiao's banner otherwise it's xingqui's cons

  25. Xingqiu is a must pick up at C0. If nothing else, for his passive. His passive alone will save you so much rasin when grinding talent books

  26. Easy pick, of course take the new character 🙄

  27. I’m not sure if I should go for ninguang or Yunjin to complete my gorou itto team

  28. as someone who has basically all important cons unlocked on all of these characters, my choice is obviously going to be yunjin lol

  29. You forgot to factor in the fact that Ninguang will be getting an amazing skin for free soon.

  30. To all xiao wanters u will be xiao havers this 2.4 (including me)

  31. Why there double C3 Xinqiu???

  32. Hopefully I’m able to win 50/50 on Shenhe banner so I can afford to wish for any of 5* polearms this patch, pretty excited for it hehe~
    Wish you luck on your summons Seka and everyone who’s reading this now too~! May we all win 50/50s

  33. This game is so subjective. I cant stand Xiangling, none of her normal attacks do any pyro damage, where as I love Yanfei even at C0. She's been a total power house for me.

  34. I'd say XQ C0 is on Big Boost tier in terms of your account if you dont have him just because how useful he is on many team comps

  35. So I'm a Yanfei main having her at C0, and I don't have Xinqiu or Beidou yet, so should I get Yanfei C1, Beidou C0 or Xinqiu C0? For now I'm using Lisa as her support for overload

  36. I have a c2 level 60, ult leveled up, xingqiu
    But I completely forgot about him and haven’t used him on a team in forever..

  37. yanfei is trash??? i couldnt disagree more, for real, she's a great character, carried me through a lot of content, even gave a break on using her because she made a lot of content too easy, especially the world bosses

  38. So for someone new (around AR15) who would be a better pick: Yun Jin or Xinqiu?

  39. Was going for C1 Chonkyun because he’s the only character I use on here but guess I’ll just get Xingqiu or Yunjin

  40. ˙ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ o says:

    I am Yomiya main so… Yunjin LOL

  41. It feels bad that everyone keeps trashing xinyan. i use her quiet extensively with my Eula team. she can phys res shred and phys dmg boost with her E and her Ultimate does a fair bit of phys dmg. and i really like her JPVA.

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