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Who Do I Regret Raising In Genshin Impact?

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re taking a look at my raised heroes and talking about if I think they were worth the resources.
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  1. I regret raising Amber especially that im f2p

  2. I raised 5 characters, diluc, childe, noelle, fischl and… the traveller. why the traveller? I'm a whale with almost every character so…. i have no idea why i invested so much doing that instead of like, venti sucrose bennett razor zhongli xiao ganyu etc.

  3. I raise the characters I LOVE, and I don't regret any of it. If they're hard to use then I would gladly suffer for the things I love. Oh, I just defined passion. Lol

  4. Being f2p, I hate claymore, even a 5* can’t make me want to raise that weapon type.

  5. he regret raising hu tao?? wtf bruh why?? hu tao is the dps queen😭makes me feel so sad after hearing out

  6. Why tf is this game feel like the characters are your friends 😅 maybe I done sucrose too early but I don’t regret it team swirl 👋👋👋

  7. Maybe he just doesn’t resonate with Pyro and that’s okay, I think that’s just a little reasoning that could be overlooked as to why he mentions he doesn’t feel them

  8. ∙?𝚜𝚞𝚣𝚞𝚔𝚒鈴木さん?∙ says:

    if i did get hu tao the highest i would raise her is 60 because she and xiangling have the same playstyle and i like xiangling better

  9. I honestly only raised mona,qiqi,ayaka,Bennett and xiangling and I don’t regret any

  10. For me, I just can't fight close range, very uncomfortable. So I main Yanfei, with Shogun as Elemental reaction and ER, Diona for shield/heal, and the last spot often change between Ayaka, Fischl, Xingqiu, Xiangling, Noelle, and Sucrose depend on the opponent.

  11. I'm always raising character just for fate🗿

  12. I personally regret raising Diluc. What a waste of resources.

  13. that 'no homo' part made me regeret watching this video

  14. My crowned Guoba does more than that Diluc woah

  15. Moga: I regret raising Hu Tao
    All the people that’s waiting for her rerun cause they didn’t got her on her first release(including meh): what?-

  16. I dont regret raising characters becuase it's not like I knew I was going to get better characters.

  17. I have Jean and Ayaka as 5-stars, but i have grown so attached to having Aether as my main dps that i can't use any other character

  18. I regret trying to raise Barbara… Oceanid is a HUGE pain in the rear end.
    I don't regret raising my Rosaria whom I use as my main DPS (don't judge me (I need 5 star characters)). Paired with someone like Razor + the right artifacts and hoo-doggie, amazing damage all around.

  19. screams from the abyss KEQING MY BELOVED 😩

  20. i hate you bc you regret rasing hu tao. /hj

  21. 6:05 that killed my heart as a diluc main
    Idk why u don't like his playstyle but u do u

  22. Do I regret raising Amber? No, no I don’t. Do I regret raising Diluc? Yes, yes I do.

  23. The first 5 star I got as a free to play was Klee and at the time i had no idea she was a 5 star

  24. Everyone’s first five star will always have a special place in their heart-

  25. No regreats here, but got to admit, as a Razor Main since Game launch, that i'm dissapointed with Eula's damage and performance for a Phys 5* DPS…I expected a Lot more from her

  26. hutao is known for her charged attacks not ult????????

  27. “I do regret raising hu tao she can’t one shot childe”
    She literally nearly wiped his entire health bar
    Also she cute

  28. I like it how he's giving hate to every character, wishing I had even one of them😭

  29. I kinda regret raising diluc too since I don’t really like using claymores 😭

  30. Xiao is like the most DMC character lol

  31. I use xianling as utility tbh. I don‘t have many good characters to begin with but her boba is a good mix up with fishl‘s OZ. Most of the time I make this combination to keep some enemies occupied while I kill others. But sometimes I use them in combination with anemo traveler to have a quick 3 second slaughter…

  32. Diluc was a hard character to get a handle on tbh. But I'll still main him no matter what 🤩🤩

  33. “Zhongli tickles my fancy the most, no homo giggles ⁿᵉᵛᵉʳᵐᶦⁿᵈ “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. all the dislikes are from all the peaple who were mad at him for not raising razor

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