Why Childe is AMAZING! Full Character Review & Explanation (Should you pull?) | Genshin Impact - facenetgame.com

Why Childe is AMAZING! Full Character Review & Explanation (Should you pull?) | Genshin Impact

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Strengths & Weaknesses of Childe/Tartaglia covered in this video. Detailed review on his kit/playstyle to help you determine if you should wish.
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Updated Childe Build/Guide out soon.
i appreciate likes & subs ty we’re so close to 300k its insane



  1. I'm torn as Hu Tao is a big reason i got into this game for, but i also really want Childe

  2. I have no good hydro applyer (only Barbara).so I'ma pull for him

  3. Short version: don’t pull for him and don’t get baited by paid insertions like this video. Amazing useless unit. XQ is much better. Keep your primos for your waifu or 3.0 when all your older units will be power creeped by the newer ones.

    I don’t know how much miHoYo paid you to do such a positive review, but the fact that you didn’t took Childe to level 90 says it all about your account too. Childe, statistically speaking, is one of the least units used in the abyss. Guess why.

  4. Riptide is so satisfying, especially pair him with vindersent

  5. great video. can we expect the luxurious sea lord video soon?

  6. Childe is a very expensive character to build imo, he needs constant support from other characters to maximise his potential(beidou/xiangling to name a few). Solo his dps I even lower than keqing's/Jean's solo dps

  7. what if a team consist of childe, xiangling, yoimiya, xingqiu are they good for abyss team speedrun?

  8. What are your thoughts about a freeze comp with childe and ganyu?

  9. i would definitely like to pull for him (beidou electrocharge comp just looks like so much fun) but hu tao is such a baller character, one of my favorite both gameplay-wise and character-wise so i need to save for her.

    speaking of which, could you make an updated hu tao guide sometime soon? i have some questions about whether to use crimson or shimenawa, and whether to use dragons bane or blackcliff pole

  10. Ik that childe is a good character but I’ve been saving for another character and plus if I were to use childe I will have to rebuild my whole team comp and grind for more artifacts

  11. If You need childe and You save for Hu tao Don't worry
    In 2.3 Childe banner will have one more rerun
    (100% verified Leaks)

  12. 10:19 “Probably won‘t get powercrepped.“
    Me having vivid dreams: “Yeeeeaaahh uuhhm…… right.“

  13. Am using Childe and Xiangling since ar30 and am here ar55 and STILL don't have bennet and Xinque

  14. And yet my boi here gets shat on by 80% of the community cause they’re like this:
    “pULL fOr hU tAo cHiLdE iS tRasH, eWW LoNg cOoLdOwN”

  15. I got c1 childe on first banner(got lucky and got 2 childe in 1 pull) then got c4 in his rerun (got more childes while I was trying to c6 my rosaria for eula banner) now I'ma c6 my boy and have my first c6 5 star and know what it feels to be a god!

  16. Gonna run him with my fucking hu tao and zhongli.

  17. I wanna try Childe, Yoimiya, Xiangling, Xinqiu so much but unfortunately my Childe and Yoimiya are on different accounts.

  18. Can you make a Childe Diluc comp video please!

  19. If you have been using him a lot, you should be crowning his E and Q, like most of us ChildeMains..

  20. This video made me wanna build my xiangling better

  21. Me: Needs Childe because I need another hydro character for beidou or xiangling team.

    Also Me: I wanna save up for C1 hu tao because she cute af

    My plan: win 3 50/50 easy

  22. Finally, A content creator that doesn't hate Childe.

  23. So basically I'm going to pull for him and use him as a sub dps in my team, My team includes Hutao, Xiangling, Xingqiu and sucrose, So Im thinking about replacing him with succrose will it work? Or should I try different comps?

  24. please make the same video for hutao before childe banner ends

  25. I'll pull for childe since xiangling is my main dps for the longest time and I already have hutao.

  26. I quite like Childe, but 4* he’s paired with are absolutely useless, for me at least. Don’t even know if I wanna pull at all

  27. Childe has rigid teams but he has a few teams he can do. Its a trade off if you ask me. I know sometimes I run vape childe, fireworks childe, and even freeze childe to run the spiral abyss. I've gotten clears on all three so the variety is enjoyable.

  28. Ive summoned for childe every time he’s come out. Let’s hope I get him this time

  29. Should i pull Childe if i have Kokomi as Xiangling's enabler?

  30. hey can you do a beginner childe build since I'm guaranteed to get him

  31. I don't have xinqui and im at ar 45. Will he be a big upgrade? Suprisingly, i have beidou, bennett, xiangling, ficshl

  32. damn every time he had a banner i had to skip him and now i have to skip him again since i was saving for hu tao.. maybe next time childe 😭

  33. Zy0x coming in clutch for our boy. Love to see that

  34. Thank you for this video!
    I was confused if I should pull childe or not, but now I'm gonna pull for him.
    Im a diluc main and Yoimiya is my second dps so I was having issue with it cuz I can't put xinqiu in both teams. Wish me luck cuz I lost 50 50 both childe runs…😭

  35. question: if you use bennet on your first team, what healer do you use for the second team? or no healer at all?

  36. Getting this guy because he reminds me of Emiya from the Fate series.

  37. Just a thought, Childe will essentially hog Bennett into his team comps because most of(if not all) of his teams abuse the snapshot mechanic. So you gotta think twice if you're new and don't have a Bennett or if he's a staple in another team comp

  38. I've skyward harp
    Idk if i should pull for him or not

  39. Childe was my first five star and I absolutely love him
    He's still one of my favs in terms of general gameplay (right next to Xiao but unlike Xiao Ajax here doesn't threaten to destroy my keyboard)
    Also just interesting lore actually
    Gl to anyone grabbing him!

  40. i wanna try pulling for polar star, but then seeing memory of dust there made me not want to waste the saved up fates i have for my guaranteed hu tao. should i try or just stick to my childe using viridescent hunt?

  41. I only started playing when Eula came out, so I feel so lucky that he gets a second rerun. Gonna get him for sure. Although I wonder if it’s better to try and get him at C1 or get him the new bow 🤔

  42. anyway i just want him cause he looks cool

  43. Me with my saved wishes: No, I don't think I will 🙂

  44. goodluck future Childe havers! pulling him back in ar 40 during 1.4 was indeed one of the best moments in my genshin experiences, he's carried so well and definitely obliterates everything with the right team comps. just remember that if you want to see him do big dmg, your supports have a big impact on him too 🙂

  45. I'm definitely pulling for Childe! I'm also saving for Zhongli after that, so I could finally complete my husbando team.
    Diluc, Kaeya, Tartaglia, Zhongli. Not a really optimal team due to having no healers, but its fun to have all 4 husbando in my collection!

  46. Dude I really wished we had a timer icon for weapon passives and artifact passives so that we know when to swap to other characters or when to use skills. There was a post in reddit about this and the idea was really good.

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