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why everyone loves cryo characters | Genshin Impact

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Cryo is one of the most popular elements in the game out of all elements for characters to choose to play, and today I wanted to take a look as to why exactly that is. With fan favorites like Ayaka, Eula, and especially Ganyu in the mix, it’s safe to say cryo is a powerhouse element, but in this video we’ll be analyzing exactly why, and why exactly this has never changed despite the constantly updating and shifting metas in Genshin Impact.

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by Eric Godlow


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  1. 🌸🌹It could be said in my personal case, because it yields truly and incredible cast of characters, but never shall I appreciate it as I do Geo-Element🌹🌸

  2. 🌸😹It is quite ironic to see the turn around, for Cryo use to not share the popularity it has today😹🌸

  3. lmao I didnt notice that all my fav characters are cryo until today, kaeya, ayaka, rosaria and probably shenhe

  4. I don't like using cryo characters I use everything but them

  5. More like why miHoYo loves cryo. It was in such a bad place they decided to buff it with Shenhe. Way to go miHoYo, yet another element saved.

  6. Didn't Ganyu better than Ayaka in tier list based on Youtubers?

  7. The fact theres only two cryo males and a dead zombie kid named qiqi. Cryo needs more males.

  8. I have Ganyu and Eula in their first banners respectively

    I am going for Shenhe for the cryo trio and support capabilities

  9. Cryo characters are usually quite hot, very ironic

  10. If I would describe Cryo, then it's quite hot and powerful. While Anemo is the "fun" element

  11. Well cryo characters till now have rlly piqued my interest.

  12. This game is basically on easy mode once you have Ganyu with the Amos Bow and right artifacts maxed talents.

  13. My favorite elements (in order) are Geo, Electro and then Cryo 💖
    Cant wait to see what Dendro is going to bring us

  14. Since I’m a mobile user, I definitely will be pulling for ayaka as my first 5 star cyro dps. Qiqi is my first cyro 5 star but we don’t talk about that lol

  15. this is also why the cryo hypostasis is the most annoying one

  16. If I was a cryo character, I’d probably be a catalyst user. Why pull the strings of bows, or swing a sword, when you can sit back and magically fire ice attacks into your enemies.

  17. Because Tsaritsa taste on adult females are just *cheff kiss

  18. Can confirm: Ayaka is a monster.
    I love her so much, I gave her a nice team for abyss (Kazuha, Diona, Mona) and basically turned her into the Unknow God.
    I went completely overkill with the team: Kazuha with 4 piece VV, Diona with 4 pieces Noblesse and Favonius Bow, Mona with r5 TToDS and level 9 Burst.

    My rotation is:
    Diona Burst (20% attack bonus and cryo application),
    Diona Skill (shield, lots of particles, stamina consumption reduction)
    Kazuha Skill (swirl Cryo, regroups enemies, 40% cryo res shred, cryo dmg bonus thanks to passive)
    Kazuha Burst (keeps cryo swirled and adds some nice damage)
    Mona Burst (procs freeze, applies Omen with level 9 talent = 56% added dmg bonus, omen duration extended thanks to freeze)
    Mona Skill (keeps enemies frozen, extends omen duration further)
    Ayaka Burst (boosted by cryo dmg, TToDS 48% atk, 20% atk noblesse, 56% omen dmg): everything disappears from the universe.
    Frozen status ends just before Ayaka's Burst last hit, Mona's illusory bubble finally explodes.

    If by any miracle something in 12-3 survives, while Burst is going on Ayaka Skill and then autos+charged combo (during the 6 seconds cryo infusion after sprinting, precisely 11 hits: 3 autos, charged, 2 autos, charged. All of them will still be infused without having to sprint again)

  19. cryo is my favorite element to play in genshin <3

  20. My DPS is chongyun, sub DPS is traveler, support is Bennet and idk what I use xianling for

  21. Meanwhile electro with reactions that can actually kill you, no especialty other than physical shredder and a artifact that works better on other element characters

    Honestly the only weakness the electro characters have is their own element

  22. I want to ask . I dont have any cryo dps.i have hutao and raiden but i want cryo dps to fit in my hutao xingqiu diona team .but i am an f2p so i dont have any primogems left since i pulled for hutao and homa 🙂 got elegy as well .
    Plz help me decide.

  23. And cryo seems to just get more powerful with Shenhe coming soon. I'd argue it's pound for pound the best element given the power and utility it provides, on top of having some of the most loveable and interesting characters in the game.

  24. Sad… I thought that a the end u would at least mention the new cryo waifu in the block… 🙁

  25. having ayaka and eula in one account is a blessed to me, and sooon ………………….im looking at you ganyu

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