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Why EVERYONE Plays: Zhongli | Genshin Impact

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  1. Because just his Vibe is enough to outcast the enemy LoL

  2. So if I ever pull Zhongli I will not put him in my team. I want F tier characters that I like. I'm kinda new, but I'm putting my resources in Amber and the Traveler.

    Amber is helping me clear content (which is kinda easy), but still keeping the game slightly challenging, fun and engaging. Plus she's very cute, and her meme status makes me more inclined to use her as my main dps.

    When memes work or do good, they're very satisfying to play.

  3. About the nerf you mentioned (take away -20% RES decrease ability of shield), they unfortunately can't do it because Ningg and Albedo damage depends on it (Itto too if you can run mono geo). 4 pc VV does 40% RES shred and only way for Ningg/Noelle to be viable is through Zhongli (-20% from his shield + -20% from Geo resonance). 1.3 buffs were, after all, tried to make Geo characters do damage. Existence of Ningg and Albedo makes it so that they can't ignore Geo character damage. So ultimately, MHY can't nerf Zhongli, without indirectly nerfing Ningg/Noelle/Albedo/Itto too.

  4. People always hate when whales do damage per screenshot videos, so I don't understand why you say his burst does good damage. It takes 2.5-3s to cast and since he has no access to reactions (you can only buff him using Bennett/Sara) his numbers are pretty low when you look at damage per second. He has very high multipliers precisely because he can't melt or vape.

    In normal situations, hybrid Zhongli of whales can't even breach 100k. My Zhongli with Bennett buff can only do 83k. Definitely weakest part of your video.

  5. Actually corrosion does kill the active character
    It's only the other 3 characters which aren't active where the 15% HP thing applies

  6. These days I don't always use Zhongli like I used to but I'm certainly glad to have him around if only for my Hu Tao team or even simply for general overworld exploration where he's invaluable to have with his fast movement speed to do the artifacts route and ability to mine ore effortlessly. I would recommend him to anyone he's without a doubt one of the best characters around!

  7. What are you saying. Zhongli is fine. Do not insinuate mihoyo to nerf zhongli. Not all players have good artifacts. Even though we have zhongli it is still a challenge to kill mobs in events and abyss using a trash artifacts. You are gravely mistaken sir. Zhongli is the salvation of the free to play who had nothing but trash artifacts. So dont ever say that zhongli nerf bullshit.

  8. The thing that raises Venti to god status is that he takes his team-mates damage and elevates it. For example, pop Ayaka's burst inside his burst and it's game over for 98% of enemies. And you can do electro and geo damage at the same time. Venti rocks as the animo arcon. (I am not dissing Kazuha, I want him too)

  9. Zhongli play style is when you just wanna turn your brain off, Speedrun resin and log off

  10. I believe shields as a whole is something that needs a nerf as it feels like you are invunerable to dmg when it should feel like armor, they could make that the dmg taken would be reduced a significant amount this way it would be more balanced and the game would get more interesting as you actually would need to dodge and time your attacks and not just keep attacking until the shield is broken, sure this would also nerf characthers like Xiao and Hu Tao but would make the players own skill more necessary

  11. Why? It's because:

    He's a dragon.

  12. Just remove the elemental resistance shred from his shield, maybe keep the physical part. Or just make his shield weaker in general. For reference, my Zhongli is built for ATK and physical dmg, I may have like 20% HP bonus from substats, and his shield just doesn't want to break at all, and it's only lv6. Even Spiral Abyss becomes trivial with that non-optimal shield I have.

  13. The more I progressed in the video the more I started hating on this character. So much to love in more character he completely kills every other character. He makes every other power in the game irrelevant

  14. is that pokemon mystery dungeon bgm in the background at the end??!

  15. His greatest strength is the easiest to build on a budget, being his HP pool. You don't have to be stingy with weapons and artifacts like main DPS or even some Support characters do. Just get any Geo-based set, a decent weapon, a lot of HP, and you're set. Total godsend compared to building someone like Childe who needs perfect attack, Hydro stats and crit stats along with an amazing weapon.

  16. Great video as always, but i feel like there are some misimformations in this video
    1. Geo is a terrible element and zhongli doesnt make geo good, he just has a broken kit.
    2. Zhongli's E reduces the enemies" all res by 20%, which is NOT equal to a 25% dmg bonus.
    Most enemies has 0.1 res to all elements. And if we subtract that by the 20% res shred, we get -0.1 res (of the enemy)
    The dmg bonus formula is something like this for res lower than 0: 1-(res/2), so we can calculate that the dmg bonus is just a small 5% (that is assuming you dont swirl vv or smt, bcuz then the dmg increase would be even lower.
    3. His constellations are not good. This maybe subjective but most of his const are useless, C4 is a nice QOL upgrade, yet it is just not worth pulling for. His C6 is so insanely overhyped. Yes, it maybe good for many other units, but for hutao, this const is terrible and practically ruins the hutao xingqiu albedo zhongli team comp.

    Your videos are really good and seems really entertaining. Dont see this as a criticism but as a small freindly reminder 😀

  17. Fun fact: Razor hold E is also great for ore farming

  18. What do you mean people don't admit that this is a waifu/husbando game? Everytime a new character comes out you can hear everyone polishing off their wedding rings…among other things .-.

  19. Simple if you play zhongli you don’t have to play the game

  20. Zhongli was the first 5* I ever got and, because of that, I’ve never built a healer in the game. I have Bennett built but purely as an attack boost. The corrosion debuff nerfed me so bad 😭😭

  21. As a f2p I feel naked and vulnerable without zhongli in my team. He’s spot one and always will be for me

  22. It makes me giddy inside that i was able to not only recognize the theme from pokemon mystery dungeon, but also which theme it was (being the temporal tower theme) within the first minute.

  23. The way to balance Zhongli? Make his -resist debuff, which was added for multiplayer reasons, only work for other players.

  24. Zhongli's only competition is his "son" Albedo and they're not even competing XD

    Also, personally, I think that even amongst the current Archons that Zhongli is still the most OP of the three. Venti, Zhongli and Raiden are all very very strong – there's nothing to debate about this; however, Zhongli is the only one of the three who can buff every single damage type in the game simply by applying his shield and standing near to an enemy, and he also has a unique stun mechanic (Petrification). Additionally, Zhongli is the only character in the game with an "elemental drain" mechanic, where his Hold-Skill will "drain Geo element" from up to 2 nearby targets – this lets you insta-break up to 2 enemy Geo-shields or Geo constructs, including the Geo cube's pillars.

    Zhongli is very unique, even amongst the other archons.
    Venti doesn't completely eclipse Kazuha (or even Sucrose and she's a 4-star).
    Raiden doesn't completely eclipse other Electro characters either.

    I agree that Zhongli's all-res-reduction should be removed. Perhaps keep the Geo res reduction, I think that would be okay, but granted a free damage buff to literally the entire roster and every single damage type all at once? No, that's silly. Not even the other archons can do that single-handedly – even Venti can only buff two things at a time like that.

  25. I don't because I don't have him. 🙃

  26. Well, genshin devs don't like to nerf units directly, and I get that, would discourage people to ever pull again, however they tend to make something that benefict others but the strongest one, biggest example is a new healing artifact set based on turning overhealing (wich bennet is uncapable to do) into more heal and damage.

    My sugestion for a zhongli nerf would be making "un-facetankable" enemies, that directly break shields (or do extra damage to them), however they wouldn't be tanks due to making them insufferable, by being hard to kill and hard to defend against them.

    The current problem with genshin roster is that they only manage to make two types of characters "must have" or "must skip", only a few of them manage to keep a balance between being too versatile or too niche, being Ayaka and Xiao, Eula and Childe to a lesser extent (have very few team comps).

  27. "The archons should be powerful given by they're canonically the strongest entities in their respective regions, but does that mean they should eclipse every other characters? Of course not, it's largely a question of balance"

    * Laugh in Herrscher in Honkai *

  28. no nerf he's good like this nobody is forcing people to use zhongli all the time, I've been using more healers since the new artifact set was released to change gameplay once in a while.

  29. why does 10k shield sound wrong to me tho? many bosses can just hit over 10k

  30. My Jade Shield only got destroyed once: Against Hydro mimics in previous Abyss

  31. 7:14 You made a mistake here. Most enemies have base 10% Resistance. This means damage they take is multiplied by 0.9. If you take away 20% RES, they're left with – 10%. However, negative figures are halved, so damage they take is multiplied by 1.05. The damage increase is hence 1.05 ÷ 0.9 – 1= 16.6%.

    This figure can change depending on enemy base RES. If an enemy has 40 RES, for example, the damage increase is instead 0.8 ÷ 0.6 – 1 = 33.3%. If an enemy has – 20% RES, the damage increase is instead 1.2 ÷ 1.1 – 1 = 9.1%.

    Furthermore at 7:26, you over-hype Zhongli's meteor. Realistically speaking, if you build pure HP, using his Burst with its long animation time is a DPS loss. If you build offense, your shield becomes not too hard to break, which means losing out on aforementioned RES shred. The Petrification can be both a help and a hindrance, and while I admit it's mostly a help, it does ruin your efforts to move the enemies.

    7:41 also overhypes the damage increase. It's not all that great (if you have 50k HP, that's only a 16.6k damage increase on the meteor even before damage reductions), though I'd definitely take the free damage.

  32. Could u make a video on fischl? She is my favorite 😀

  33. coz zhongli translates to "ezee mode unlocked"

  34. Why EVERYONE Plays: Ganyu
    Tons Of AOE DMG
    -Thicc Thighs
    -Have A Blood Of Adepti
    And Most Important of all
    -Ganyu @ss is so big that the monster swallowed her got choke to death

  35. 3:35 10k shield? Please, those are rookie numbers. I calculated that my Zhongli shield is in the 20-25k range (once geo resonance is factored in)

  36. From time to time I always remove zhongli so I get used to dodging and iframing again lol

  37. Have heard a lot of genshin streamers saying "genshin in an easy game" lately.. And all I can think is that they can say that because they all got some or all of these: Zhongli, Ganyu, Kazuha…
    Me who first started playing at Kazuhas banner and didn't get him.. "oh yeah… Game so easy.. Ow ow ow.."

  38. this pokemon mystery dungeon soundtrack as background music

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