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Why I am playing less Genshin Impact and Money in Content Creation

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Some important discussion that I hope reaches the right ears and people.

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  1. yeah my dude.. you making less then minimum wage.

  2. Twitch is the real winner here. Anything below 6 digits are not really rich, people need to know earning is not equal to saving

  3. Well, I do not care what you gain with all you do and you do not need to explain to me or the rest of the people!
    I watch your videos because I like them and if you get paid for it…good on you!
    Take care and, please continue to do this. 🙂

  4. Don't let the toxic beggars get to you. They're the same unrealistic people still demanding a 5 star from Mihoyo. It's your money to do with how you please.

  5. Man… me and my friend’s just started playing Genshin during the Ayaka banner. Discovered you and others channels during this time.

    Seeing all these content creators burn out while me and my friends super excited and energized is disheartening.

    My friends and I are stoked to get a chance too bring Hutao and Childe home, while the OGs are bored out of there minds.

    I am happy that you are taking a break. Most of the new Genshin content on YouTube and Twitch is sad and depressing. I feel like we need some new blood that has not seen and done it all.

    Remember the first time I discovered your stream. I walked into my daughter’s room and thought that she was watching a K-pop streamer, only to find out that you were playing Genshin Impact. We started playing it a couple of days before discovering your stream. We were laughing as you tried to counter the wolf boss with Beidou. 🤣

    We’ve been watching you ever since. It has been harder to watch you and others lately since we are totally enjoying the game and don’t want to be down on something we enjoy. I am sure we will get board at some point, but today is not that day.

    Hope to see you return with the energy you had when we discovered you. Or at least you can find joy and success in another game or hobby.

    I wish more content creators would take a break or quit Genshin. Especially when you can visually see that it is making them and there content

  6. i enjoy watching you on twitch because you don't do constant giveaways. anytime some of the smaller genshin streamers i consistently watch do a giveaway, i see some common names pop up when it happens (the giveaway hunters), and this is off putting too because it feels shit to have these hunters come in, win the prize, and disappear until the next giveaway. disgusting lmao

  7. Content creators deserve to be paid for their work, there is nothing wrong with that. Even if you kept all $77k, it's your money that you rightfully earned and worked for. I'm happy to see genshin creators make a living off something they love

  8. Sup Atsu follow your dream and do what you love best bro 🙂 dropping a like as always

  9. We Dont want anything back except you keep on posting videos, We or I should say, I followed you cause I like you as a person, keep up the hard work

  10. How do u get to that website? I wanna check something. Can anyone help, Please?

  11. Correction:

    The only reason you are addressing all of this is because you are being attacked by a bunch of kids/young adults that unfortunately know absolutely NOTHING about income, bills and taxes.

    Is so sad, at the end of the day, is YOUR money. Don’t stress yourself trying to explain all this… Their parents and teachers should be teaching this to them! Not you!

    Keep making that cash and live the life you and your beautiful wife deserve. Sending tons of hugs and support! xo

  12. Atsu just greedy 🤣 about giveaway, no one's your money man.

  13. People support you by consent and you have earned your money legitimately I don't see where some people have problems with him. If you live independently and work according to location taken spending into account you wouldn't complain about anyone who is earning, if you don't like them don't support them but don't harass. No one should give justification of their spending and salary to a stranger. Edit the fact that he has to make a video on this is sad.

  14. Hi I wish you all the best with your mental health and financial problems or stress, thank you for being real with us and we understand, you're a human as well and you have feelings, we respect your needs and even if you stop playing genshin, I'll still be here for you, not your content. thank you and goodluck!

  15. I really value your happiness, Atsu, and I hope you can rest easy knowing your community wants the best for you and Neko. You're absolutely right to prioritize your mental health, and I love your philosophy of only making content you yourself would like to watch. Keep up the good job and stay safe!

  16. This whole video could've been in 8 minutes… Fvkin milk that for all its worth

  17. Earning 77k over 2 years isn’t much at all. It looks good on paper, but not so much in reality. When I was a kid, I think that earning 77k annually is a lot, but oh boy adulthood hit me like a truck. Everything is so so so expensive. Buying things with your own money isn’t the same as buying things with your parents’ money.

  18. Kids have NO IDEA what it costs to live and what real money is. I applaud you attempting to educate them but they will need to get out into the world for a while before it will stick.

  19. Thats Twitch money only, maye u should also show what u get from sponsors and youtube with all the adds? Dont get me wrong, u do a nice job but if u wanna go into this u should be as fair to show everything what a content creator can get.

  20. Maybe playing with friends would make gaming more fun!

  21. 2021
    I was here before atsu making a million a year

  22. Classy way to teach the internet about Adulting101

  23. You work for a living? How shocking that you actually earn money for that!
    Its called making a living, no explanations needed.

  24. this is so little like got dam even work in some low place got more money. It is so sad and so diferrent about how every other streamer place work.

  25. I've been watching your genshin videos since u started, keep it up and keep growing bigger

  26. It's insane that you even needed to explain yourself to those entitled, greedy ppl.

  27. AsianDadStream.
    But jokes aside i appreciate you laying down the facts like this. Hopefully more people are more aware now. Best of luck to you and nekko

  28. That number is only from subscriptions, not taking in account all the donos, sponsors and youtube. So take it as you want.

  29. anyone that's ever held a job in their life or had to pay bills knows 77k in 2 years isn't rich by a long shot

  30. i have never demand for money i just enjoy videos 🙂

  31. I feel ya but “haters gonna hate” my yearly income is more than that but I
    Aploud you genshin creators going on 20-30k+ on summons plus community events stream long hours yea it’s a job that you can only tolerate if u love what ur doing continue doing what you do best Asian guy you guys are hard working to bring extra enjoyment to a lot of viewers of all ages

  32. twitch always says hi to us,, hello twitch!!!!

  33. 77k only translates to 1600 per month which is an avg office pay in the uk and that's without tax. Whoever says Atsu is rich cannot do math or just not an adult to know what £1600 translates to in real life. After rent and bills ur not left with much. I live in London too boi it's expensive

  34. I love when you get real. I hope you can create the type of content you want to and still make a ton of money 👀

  35. Another thing people are mad about. Not surprised. Anger is the majority's constant emotional state nowadays. Complaining about someone else's money isn't making you money, so stfu.

  36. Am I the only person who looked at the payout's and thought that it was a pitiful amount? I am not saying that its a small amount of money, but you have to remember that these creators are the top 1% of Genshin, aka this is not a position you can get into consistently, but essentially involved luck. I am currently in my 3rd year of engineering at Uni and I've had and my friends have had internships that pay more than the top 1% of genshin content creators (one friend got around around 10k for the summer, while the equivalent for Atsu would be around 8k for the summer). I was not expecting much, but you would assume that they would at least make enough that they get paid more than someone who got a university degree for the amount of factors that got them into the 1%, while a uni degree is something that can be consistently obtained without needing as much luck.

  37. Im fine being part of the youtube community

  38. Wanna say thankyou for doing this even though you didn't need to just opens the viewers eye a bit to how most creators are pretty average earning people hope you eventually feel stable with yourself and end up with a nice home and beautiful child

  39. Why is people so entitled? 🤯 Let’s pretend you were ‘rich’, why should you buy them anything?!?! Like what the actual f…?

  40. No one :
    Me : writing survey to Mihoyo about please add some end game content for content creator bcs I don't want to lose many genshin content creator 😭😭😭.

  41. I hope this video will be insightful for a lot of people as there is some pretty distasteful behaviour and remarks going around regarding content creators. We are living the dream because we love what we do but it's not necessarily all sunshines and rainbows in the way people like to think.

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