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Why I Am So Confused About Wishing For Baal | Genshin Impact

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Her kit has some mazing potential, and if the rumors are true about her banner, I’d be hyped! However, I am not sure if she is worth wishing for myself due to the weapons, artifacts, and characters on my own account! Are you wishing for #baal in #genshin impact 2.1?


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  1. Knowing sara is on the banner with her. i might just roll for sara and if i get raiden Great! if i don’t get raiden
    Oh no, anyways

  2. i think her purpoese is similar to yoimiya but in reverse, instead of her ult being where you switch, its the skill.

  3. One month later: Why Baal is 10x better than I thought

  4. Baal seems made to nullify my lvl 90 Keqing.

  5. We know u are waiting for Yae Miko 🥰🥳

  6. remember what he said about kazuha, then he said sorry after a while. don't let him ruin youuu. JUST KIDDING! pull her if you want to. I think she will be great.

  7. I know your strictly playing the game in terms of meta and combat but no way I'm skipping an Archon buddy and there's only 7 of them out of the hundreds of extras and…multiverse cameos *wink

  8. If you can 36* abyss, then just pull her for lulz if you like her. If you can't 36* abyss just yet, wait for her meta perspective.
    Before 36* : Forced to Play
    After 36* : Fun to Play

  9. At first i was like mtashed is best genshin youtuber like 8 months ago but dude
    He is the worst meta slave I've ever seen in my life

  10. I was hoping her E would be a periodically falling thunder from the sky. Yet Mihoyo decided it would be a slashes out of nowhere. I'm a little bit disappointed, just a bit.

  11. 3:04 That sounds so close to the original Minecraft sound, I don't even know what to say

  12. The reason I skipped her is because of my guaranteed Kokomi lol

    I know she's cool, but I think I don't need any electro characters for now lol

  13. I really hope people bitch about her just like they did for Zhongli… because sh really needs the Zhongli threament, a full rework on electro passive and a direct buff on her

  14. Whether you skip or not you will have 21 days max to decide

  15. It's same for kazuha now for Baal nice.. 😂😂😂 then next video will be how she is broken or must pull

  16. Buff team comp will come up: raiden, xiao, childe, noelle

  17. I won't pull all characters.
    I will only collect 7 archons, 11 Harbringers and at least 20 characters in each nation and then I will stop, promise.

  18. Ah .. finally someone talking if shes a must pull or not. I'm on the same page with mtashed, I kinda want her, but also I kinda scared what she can actually do.. tbh, all I want her is her E ability.. her booba sword, not interested, her design is meh.. her lore is okay-ish.. other then her E, she's really not worth it imo.. idw getting a character that do 7sec insane dmg and then have to wait 5min to stack her ulti back.. while her Q energy return is good, but collecting stack might takes too long.. I'm gonna wait out for her test run and wait out content creator review.

  19. I'm collecting archons. Her kit doesn't matter 😂

  20. I personally really like Baal and want to get her but it’s so hard because of the great reruns coming but I’m scared if I skip her I’ll get stuck in the same predicament with future characters and her rerun

  21. This is the first character I’ve gone for just cause their really pretty to look at, I’ll just make her work on my team ☺️

  22. I don't care whether u skip or pull for Baal..
    But iam gonna pull for her no matter what

  23. you only need her on the field for 7 seconds till her burst is active, which not only regenerates energy for your whole team but has over a 720% dmg scaling at lvl 10. so yeah, you want her

  24. He is always like this skip at first then when the chars released he will say this changes everything. Lol

  25. The only reason you need to don't wanna skip her is "Archon's are fookin broken bruh"

  26. Waiting for “why am I skipping Kokomi banner video”

  27. I would wait Mtashed before rolling or not, I feel like I will roll just because Archons never disapoint plus she could always get a buff later just like zhongli

  28. You liar, dont do this, i still like some of your videos but then you do things like this, "oH iM sKiPpInG" then "I wAs WrOnG hUr DuR", makes me just want to avoid you…

  29. As a Beidou main – more buffs to my burst, and energy recharge? Hell yeah.

  30. Just watching her recent teaser makes me wanna pull her straight away..I’m offering my shoulder to cry on

  31. Watch her burst animation again and again untill you are hypnotysed to pull for her😵.

  32. Big purple hair booba mama? Yes please. Take all of my primos.

  33. The one true weakness in pulling a popular character is that only one person can use that character in co-op at a time 😅✌️

  34. Im just gonna pull her for raiden mei….

  35. I gonna pull baal no matter what <( ̄︶ ̄)>

  36. You are right… Beidou = best momma, but beidou+Baal = best trio with lucky boy Childe

  37. Following your own advice, wait till a few days after shes out and see others who build her and use her.

  38. Pull or not? Content wise.. believe me, he will !!

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