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Why I Haven’t Made Another Tier List for Genshin Impact

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Let’s talk about THAT Tier List video and what’s going to happen next…

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. You put bennett at B before now you're just bandwagoning.

  2. If only this player base wouldn’t depend on tier list to decide what they play instead of thinking for themselves and become meta slaves.

  3. Hey….. I am here because of you. In….. Genshin. (♥_♥)

  4. You are first channel I have followed when I started Genshin and I really enjoyed your content and I love your voice in all of your videos and I was even more shocked that your voice has a mild tone to it (referring to your voice in this video).

  5. Your videos quality are too high
    So I hope you Keep doing it

    By the way I still belive
    Qiqi SS tier until now 🙂

  6. Please keep going I really like your video 💕💕

  7. Love your vids. Idk when I started watching but been playing since day 1 genshin. Your vids are easy to understand, entertaining and doesnt drag on. Good job! I watch your vid whenever theres something new in genshin.

  8. after a while we all knew that the tier list was wrong but many didnt realise that it was a year ago and reacting to it after a year when many things have changed has no point. back then qiqi was considered the best 5 star for some reason and i highly doubt many people built her because of the tier list cause at the start many didnt even know how to get 5 stars

  9. This is refreshing to see, even though we appreciate the scripted videos and content share, it does feel good to just unwind. And I completely relate to you, just 3-4 months ago KonoSuba was released and I immediately started playing and looking for which were the top units for it… and it's just very difficult to classify them. Objects like headphones or clothes can be done based on their own qualities, for gaming content (or players). And you take your time, your health is top priority. Cheers and Happy Holidays to you and your love ones as well. 🙂

  10. I honestly thought you must have just been the voice for a company. Props to you for doing this yourself! Love that you used your actual voice too!

  11. You were the first genshin creator I subscribed just beacuse at the time you were the one with the most quality, and now I’m here happily bc the quality has done nothing but improve, good day and happy holidays!

  12. hi bestie I like your videos but I would also like for you to take it easy on yourself too! xoxo loyal sub

  13. I mean mtashed used to say razor was a 5 star when the game is out and well nobody knows about the game lol

  14. Man i remember that i didn't build bennett nor xinqu cuz i watched ur tier list but man ur a big part of my genshin experience

  15. Hey Gacha gamer, i'm a brasilian viewer and i really like to see your videos, it's so different than the others and i really enjoy them. I know what is the feeling about work in something for 12 or 14 per day, it's really tiring, make your videos when you can and all of your viewrs will see because is a good video in the final. Thnks for your videos 😀

  16. This community is on so much Copium tier list are not even worth doing. U get insane dislikes and death threats if u don't put their favorite character in S tier reguardless of how objectively bad they are.

  17. I'm subbed to only 3 genshin cc and u are one of them, ur videos are really good and always teach me something new, don't mind that old tier list, everyone was sitting on Bennett back then and none can blame you. Hoping to watch more video of urs in the future 🤗

  18. For the longest of time I thought Gacha Gamer was a whole team of production, an editor, an writer, the guy who actually does the testing and the math on the character or maybe two, because your guides are always so spot on and the videos so well produced, it wasn't until recently that I found out it was all the work from one person that I realized how much work a single person should do to make one of this videos, I still remember the probably speedrun mode you got into when Xiao release, the guide was out like one or two hours after his release hahaha, I hope you are doing fine man, your work is great as always.

  19. Tbh u don't have discord server or ur not streaming like u said but these videos literally enough no need for streams or discord if a single video about a character or a meta feeds ya all the important and the non important things about it so yeah from the first day i watched ur video and till now ur the best genshin reviews

  20. Always enjoy your videos. They always get sprinkled in when I binge watch genshin videos on YouTube. Keep doing what you're doing

  21. omg i knew the speech pattern you normally have was too good to be true

  22. I think your reviews are really helpful and we're really greatful for the effort you've pour into every videos you make. Just take your time to rest and publish videos for the community in your own pace.

  23. I am really happy that you took time to have this direct talk to the community 🥰

  24. Gacha Gamer all I got say is thank u from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you’ve shared with us and keep up the amazing work ur doing but please do take time to rest and take care of yourself. Happy holidays everyone. Much love to u

  25. Thank you Gacha Gamer!
    And happy holidays everyone!

  26. Hey if you need to take a break, sit down and take a break! People are still people and they get burnt out. Consider your own mental and physical health before your channel— unless you’re still struggling, in which case I can only offer my best wishes for you to get through it.

  27. Not sure if its only me, but I always craved to have just a excel list, with all characters, lots off information (character height, E skill energy generation, element, weapon type, cooldowns, Energy generation ration related to Cooldown, most obvious character role + second and 3rd most popular role of that character, stuff like that…

    Since even some "leak info page" couldnt comapre that data properly, I made it myself.

    If you like, u can have that list and maybe optimize it in ur own way. It's a great way to get a lot of info about all characters or you sort stuff according to a key criteria you have.

    If interested, let me know and I'll share it on google docs~

    List is not perfect, but better than anything I ever found online~


    I offer this so u dont have to spent another xx hours to research more stuff and it might even be exciting to go through all the details at one glance 😀

  28. I watched your tier list too back then but since I was just a newbie then, I just agreed and thought you're right. After that I found guides for limited banner characters in your channel too so I continued watching up to this date. I really feel the quality in your vids tho there are some stuff that I disagree but I just keep them to myself. I still enjoy it today and I'll keep supporting your channel until the day you stop making vids. Cheers man!

  29. This video says so much about your character ! Just for that I’m glad to be following you 💛

  30. There are a ton of critical people in the genshin community, and lots of people who disagree with one another about the game, what kind of content is "good", etc. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it shouldn't be a reason for anyone to not make genshin related content of any kind if they are inspired to do so. Stay confident and keep doing what you love, and there will always be those who appreciate it. Big respect for making this video and keep up the amazing work!

  31. Your videos are among the best in terms of presentation and digestible information. Also, you have a great, soothing voice. It's commendable that you yourself edit your videos because they are so well-made.

    I've heard a popular streamer "mention" you and your tierlist from one of his livestreams before. When I went and checked it out, it actually made sense that the list would be outdated as it was made so early in the game. Overall, I didn't think the call-out was necessary and even found the act quite hypocritical.

    Keep up the great work, and thank you for introducing me to Alchemy Stars.

  32. Hey man appreciate all the work and love you put into these videos .
    And just to note patch 1.0 Qiqi was very valuable for Abyss floor 12 because as we only had Barbara and Noelle as the only healers that we thought was good at the time and Barbara could not function in floor 12 due to the cryo aura thing.

  33. As someone who jumped on genshin in the 1.6 patch, your videos were the gateway for me to learn and love this game. Keep up the good work bro! I look forward to your next one.

  34. Hot Take: Tier List Videos on Genshin should be based on whether or not you should value them in Either OverWorld or Abyss, and whether or not you (personally) would invest into them. This would cause people to look through different Tier Lists and come up with their Own Conclusion since they're getting a Mini Review.

    S tier would be Abyss
    C tier would be Overworld

    Abyss makes some Characters better than Others, but Overworld gives you Different usage of Different Characters, such as Exploration and such.

    Any Character in the Middle is amazing in both (ei. Kazuha).

    There's nothing wrong with the Tier List he did in 2020, because if you're New to the Game, healers are more important than Damage Boosters, then in Late Game, it shifts.

    Tier List ALWAYS change because of Nerfs, Buffs, better options, or naturally going down. So there's nothing wrong with the 2020 one. Watch Every other Tier List video and how they fluctuate

  35. wish you would stream, you have a soothing voice and I would enjoy streams even if as background noise

  36. every character is S tier with the right team composition

  37. Your channel is one of the only two chnnels I trust to watch and enjoy watching, because your content is a lot helpful and makes more sense. Keep it up bro.

  38. Hey your videos are great thanks for dedicating the time. Happy holidays and hope some twitch and discord channel opens up. I'm suggesting you can do quick videos of small reviews of several games, you got already the name and reputation. And go easy on WatchMojo xD

  39. Ur 2-4 second videos of characters always touch my heart.

  40. Keep up the good work. Because of you i got smarter in this game. Been following your vids since 1.0 and you taught me so many things about this game and very thankful. You and tenten are my favorite genshin teachers! Best of luck and please stay, merry christmas!

  41. Gatcha make more videos like this, i actually enjoy your content a lot, and hearing you in this format is heartwarming!

  42. though very different I can realate on a small scale to the nerves you have making guides or giving opinions on characters. When I make tiktoks saying how good a new unit is or if you should summon I get scared someone might take my points too literally and regret listening to me later. You should make videos that make you happy and I'm glad you have that view on things. The work you put into your videos shows, they're great quality and always get the point across so keep being yourself. We will be here to support you

  43. I prefer your voice in this video. Genuine is better.

  44. Btw, I forgot to add a note in the video but I don't dislike streamers re-using their footage – I think their job is extremely hard and I am fine with them using their stream footage for YT videos – that wasn't the point at all 😀 I just gave you my own perspective when it comes to creating ALL the footage from scratch and it takes a lot of time 🙂 Also, thanks for all the kind comments, everyone, happy holidays!

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