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WHY is the Genshin Impact community so TOXIC?

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Genshin Imapct community toxicity has been around since patch 1.0 and here is why I think that is.



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  1. why community is toxic, maybe coz they watch toxic youtubers like this one hmmm

  2. It is pretty annoying when people push their way of playing onto others as if it’s the best way to play.

  3. Disguising negativity with toxicity is kinda toxic as well, toxic positivity

    there wont be fire if nothing started it
    and we clearly know what started it
    people who call it toxic are the ignorant one

    this game got problem and mihoyo do not want to address it , how is it not toxic?

  4. You gotta get used to not taking comments seriously especially as you grow its only natural for jealous people to be toxic.

  5. I understand what Exotic Walrus is saying on this issue with the Genshin community. I have my agreement/disagreements on this and will always stick to my opinion about this being just a PVE game, but I’ve always said to play the game how you won't play it, but don’t go shoving your meta crap down my throat when I did not ask for your advice especially in co-op

  6. Tbh i haven't noticed much toxicity. Maybe I don't put myself in those areas aside from one time where someone told me I was stupid bc I said I wish mihoyo made buff and fat characters to change it up and also fix older characters instead of pushing out filler content. They told me I was ignorant bc mihoyo actually spends alot of money on VA and everything which wasn't even close to what I was talking about. Anyway ranting.

    Also heard that the CN players are now saying the EN people are all stupid for making a big deal about the anniversary but idk. I haven't seen anything on it so I can't say for sure and would love to be corrected.

  7. people just seem to feel entitled to be nasty and they are fixated on their way being the one or best way. Instead of communicating in a healthy way they come online to blow off steam by bringing down others to feel boosted up. They only care to ask why someone else cares because they feel like the better person by "not caring"

  8. I guess they never thought of being toxic. But that's never an excuse to take away the fun of the game for others.
    It's a game! Fun is the most important stuff.
    Not getting good answers when needed makes no fun, getting attacked by using not meta character is also not fun, getting dragged to an higher exploration past is also not fun.
    This toxicity in the last week's makes no fun.

  9. its hard to express your opinion without getting attacked or belittled for no reason, its really deterred me from commenting on vids

  10. don't know don't care still rolling for Childe and building him for electro :basedpepe: the meta chads are seething aiiieeeeeee

  11. They are all Twitter users. This is why it's toxic

  12. Wanted to make another comment for this. The EN players are on average aren't taught to boost everyone else and make them want to better themselves. So when people do good they feel bad about themselves so they vent and call them sweats, try hards, etc. I have done this a few times im not going to lie. I don't tear them down tho at all. I find myself thinking wow why are you trying so hard???

    I can't speak for the CN players but it seems they are taught to praise others and make them want to achieve more. They have their own issues too but idk them. Every community has issues but I know the EN players usually have an issue with feeling inadequate

  13. I'm not going to lie… I unsubbed because you were pushing content that encouraged toxicity. So you yourself are to blame as well. I appreciate that you addressed this… However I guess everyone has something to learn.
    A lot of the angry mobs recently were pushed even further by content creators pushing what they viewed as the problem. MANY were doing this. You were doing this. The Anniversary was bad, but I feel so many did not read the room SO HORRENDOUSLY that just about every content creator bringing up the Anniversary became the fuel for the fire for the WORST TOXIC EVENT IN GENSHIN!! I would rather have 10 more horrible Anniversaries then deal with that again.
    That being said I would like to watch more positive content. I'm so done with all this drama… I think I'm not alone on that manner. Ignore people trying to start stuff, read the room before you speak of issues that could inflame others and please understand that not everyone who watches you are their own person. What you say can be the difference of whether someone leaves well enough alone… or joins the riots.
    Have a nice day and maybe I'll re-sub if I start seeing more positive content… for whatever my sub is worth XD Take care of yourself and have a wonderful day.

  14. To be somewhat over-general, the NA culture has historically placed an emphasis on being "cool". So to come off as not caring, or aloof, or disinterested demonstrates "coolness". Think of all of the male movie icons, both current and in the past 50 years: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Steve McQueen, James Dean, John Wayne — all made their fame by being "cool". This is different than the Asian culture where those tried the hardest or demonstrated great effort or spirit were regarded highly.

  15. day 60 of commenting because i love your content. i actually missed commenting on yesterday’s video but…. two months!!
    also Walruss, will you consider doing a video predicting the characters on childe’s banner?

  16. Bro who do you think is better xiao or hutao?

  17. Hm wonder why, the toxic community also included the many creators that milk and lied or raise such high expectations to their viewers that it end up causing an uproar. Sometime turn some thing little to no important into security threat level of attention. You can call the toxic few out all you want, but they have used the community overreaction from both the players and the ones making content as a way to shield themselves from consequences.

  18. Genshin meta community needs to learn that meta is like smoking, it may seem non-toxic among other smokers, but the moment you smoke near a non-smoker without being considerate, don't be surprised by the negative reactions.

    No one comes to Genshin Impact for clearing the Spiral Abyss in the fastest time possible, new players come for the characters, the world building, the exploration, and everything that is non-meta. See the problem here? Meta is a very small portion of Genshin Impact, yet it dominates so much of the online content, so people will react toward meta negatively which generates additonal toxicity on top of the toxicity that meta itself already tends to generate. Mihoyo isn't helping either keeping the meta stale for so long and not addressing glaring balance issues in a timely manner.

    Meta players have all rights to play by meta and enjoy the game that way, but the moment meta enters a non-meta discussion, things can get really toxic. Here is an example:

    Player A: Waifu A is better than Waifu B because she is cuter. (No toxicity)
    Player B: No, waifu B is better than waifu A because of personality. (No toxicity)
    Player C: Waifu A is trash because she is not meta while Waifu B is top tier. (Toxicity begins)

    It's no conicidence that toxicity tends to go down when a meta character is on the banner, and when a non-meta character is on banner that is when toxicity goes up. Meta itself is incompatible with immersion, and immersion is one of Genshin Impact's biggest selling point.

  19. I don't mind ppl try harding, I don't like when ppl trash talk lower tear character or physical character like xinyan and razor, like not everyone is a meta slave. Ppl should just play the way they want

  20. It's funny because some(not all) of the most toxic main that I observe came mostly from homa user except xiao. They love inserting there mains even though the video or topic is not related to them. Like laughing at my zhongli shield while trashing others who their attacks got interrupted because of dodging and healing. Some hutao's main who feels always supperior to other dsp especially other pyro dps. Like yeah it's so obvious why so insecure? Lol

  21. People always compare CN and EN community :Me who in ASIA community🗿

  22. They just mad that they can’t pvp or pk new players with all the money they spent on the game. I love this game because I never feel like I’m behind I play at my own pace because it’s my world 🌎.

  23. How goes that comprehensive character tier list? Looking forward to it!

  24. Agreed, as long as you feel fun at playing Genshin at your very own preferences, why should it be judged or condescending to how one should play this game. Key word, just mind our own business.

  25. ITS NOT. Mihoyo is the source of any TOXICITY you find. You are a source of toxicity for calling the people that are upset TOXIC.

  26. I feel like people acting superior because they're chasing meta is a normal thing, and then people acting superior for the opposite came in to negate that.
    But like, guys we're all both superior and trash in our own individual ways. Just have fun in your way, get the big pp numbers or just hunt boars. We all play to have fun, and there's no wrong way to do it.

  27. Getting 100% always happens organically. It’s almost there’s a force at play that always lead me to chest and trial. Probably my subconscious mind. Feels like a part of me are link to the dev who created those games. Hell I still don’t know how did I ended up solving some of the puzzles in these games, specially the inazuma one.

  28. Toxicity grows with player base. Cos the more ppl you have, the easier it is to hit any extreme. Both good and bad.
    Also, with more ppl voicing out, ppl feel that what their feeling is justified and shouts even louder. Chain reaction blows out of proportion.
    Difference between cn and en are different. In cn, not all of them are angry about rewards. In fact, there are some that don't understand why that much rewards should be given for free "if you want something, save or pay for it. if you can't afford, then play the f2p way. no need to beg" that's the mindset. This sentiment was surfaced when the news came out that a person went into debt ($4000USD if im not wrong) to pull during the Raiden banner.
    On the other hand, the one of the reasons why the cn community died down alot more quickly after the wing was given out, was because some of the raging community were only in to push the momentum to get rewards and nothing else. once they were happy, they just scooted off.
    The jp players really don't even care. They just pay for stuff they like can totally see it from the way the VAs roll. especially in fgo as well.

    Comments about the new characters. I won't say that they are especially confusing. The amount of time it took me to understand them was around the same as the amount of time i took to learn the game when i first started. I won't say that they are bad, but they are definitely conservative. This not only prevents power creep, this prevents the notion of "must pull"

  29. You can play the game without associating with the community if you dont want to. Or prolly just keep a few people you vibe with.

  30. I think genshin is really great to be able to cater in different types of players with different types of demand, such as those who just wanted to explore, those who wanted to clear the game and those who doesn't really care about the end game content. Also, I think looking at some of the content creators regarding how they build character, sometimes isn't always about whether it's easy or not. As an F2P player, it helps me weigh my options about how to make my characters better. With regards to the toxic players, I think it's pretty normal in any fandom, the only thing we can do is to influence more people not to make it toxic.

  31. Yeah. Genshin community is Toxic and some famous Genshin content creator making thing more toxic.
    For me. This game is not even Mihoyo game anymore. More like Genshin community own it. And that's make this game less fun.
    Mihoyo give new healer. Everybody compare with boring old character.
    Mihoyo give bow user that can easily kill bird flying. Still people compare to high damage bow user.
    This compare and versus thing make game not refreshing anymore. Go to youtube to find about new character positive review is not easy now. And not all genshin meme video on youtube is funny. Some of it is very triggering. This toxic people make things even harder to love this game. Like i said. It's feel like this people own the game. Maybe it's just me.

  32. the Genshin community is one of the most toxic communities i have ever been in, (besides COD and Fortnite but i quit thos) but i
    dont want to quit genshin so we need to change, the community.

  33. I think i get what he is trying to say but….If you are AR 40+ and cant beat Spiral Abyss on Mobile with one Hand while doing your taxes, you schould stop playing this game

  34. If there is a civil war going on in Genshin Impact, then Mihoyo finally gave us a PVP mode.

  35. SEA and JP couldn't care less about Meta, but we at SEA/ASIA are probably alot more toxic(SEA/ASIA just love thrash talking with each other) and JP is all about VA and Waifu/Husbandos, CN and SK is all about Meta(CN being the more extreme side and SK is alot more chill), I don't know about GI EN(never played in NA cause of lag) but I I've played on EN with other games (Pokémon/Dark Souls/Warcraft) and it's a healthy a mix of meta and casual, but the toxicity is there but not the same level of toxicity in SEA

    Edit: as of now we're trashtalking each other about whether a RAM is a Hardware or not 😂, like how is this related to GI again?

  36. Please many people in the community are not bad.They don't hurt voice actors and all.They was only talking about the anniversary which is fair.

  37. There are always one douchebag who pretends to be superior than others .
    ~ me probably ..

  38. you can say th3 pandemic made them crazier and toxic

  39. Right….. I stop playing this game seriously. since long long time ago. Sometimes i just log in just to listen the music and scenery. Walking arround with my klee.

  40. Just admit it everyone is a least a bit toxic, it is just that they are mildly flavored or very poisonous. I myself is also toxic only towards those that show toxicity to me. For example, I last time commented on this insignificant QoL improvement to the game system where they could make getting woods easier by one hitting woods and not trying to lengthen the play time by making it tedious with 3 hits and an addition to internal wood drop cd as a suggestion and I also says that it should be put on the lowest priority lists. It would be great to have this implement and I don't believe it will take up so much time to make this change, I might be wrong. And of course there are people supporting me and there are also those that just want to be toxic and say shyts like there is already so little content and you want to cut this again? I was like I don't believe you enjoy spending a lot of time cutting wood from morning to night that you would refer this as a main content to play. Then I replied em with why don't you go kill all the mobs in teyvat and catch all the fishes and insects and pick all the vegetations? I am sure 40 hours is not enough. What toxicity, I am not trying to pick a fight, the keyboard warriors there are, I don't even know what offended them by giving a suggestion, is it a complain when I say it is ok if it is not implemented? Like wtf

  41. If genshin add a function to kill npc then yeah i will play genshin only to kill npc, should add a car or cart so i can drive it and hit em

  42. I've seen toxicity and cringe in many fandom but the genshin fandom is another level. Wow! Just wow!

  43. Tier list is useless tho if you can read and create your own meta.

  44. Bruh I am AR 57(Asia server) and sometimes I build funny builds like Thundering Fury Xiao just to mess around with my Raiden and Sara and when I play co-op I have people telling me that's not how I should build Xiao. Sure it's not optimal but if i have spent a good amount of money on Genshin, I can do whatever tf I want with my characters 😂

  45. "Smart-shaming" is a common thing in the PH. When you say give an argument that can't be countered by the person you're talking to, they respond with "you know too much", as if it was an insult. The "you know too much" "argument" (if we can even call it an argument) is also sometimes used when you talk too much about science subjects (psychology in my case), so I avoid talking about psychology unless I'm around people who can appreciate my passion.

  46. Toxic game designie or mechaniks Create toxic behavior

  47. lol talking about that when yourself were participating in the toxicity towards kokomi, that’s kind of hilarious

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