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Why Sayu Has S-Tier Potential in Genshin Impact

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Our Girl #sayu is a fantastic anemo character that gets stronger and stronger with each constellation. I Hope you all have luck getting this character, because she can be a monster character for any team in #genshin
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  1. I already in my 70 pity, want to pull next banner. But i really like sayu's gameplay. But i play to have fun, i decided to pull for sayu, since i also dont have anemo character beside the mc, also want my lumine experience all elements xD Got yoimiya at 80 pity with single pull. Next 11 pulls got jean and sayu. Its worth it for me. Rolling over teyvat!!

  2. Last time I pulled for sayu I didn’t get her. This time I pulled for yoimiya and GOT SAYU FINALLY

  3. Whats the best f2p claymore for her, i use the prototype archaic idk if thats good

  4. Yes when she came out i was so happy when i got her she was my litteral dream bcz when i started genshin is also the same day she actually came out so im just new 🙂

  5. It funny how I was trying to get xinyan but got sayu instead first try to

  6. Baal is so close, I will not waver in my anticipation for boobsword

  7. As much as I want Sayu, I'm at 70 pity with my last 5 star being Qiqi on Kazuha's banner (never got him). :< So I'll have to wait, Gorou is a different matter… I may not roll for any of the 2.1 characters, but I'm hopeful for 2.2 (also hoping for Albedo too, I joined during Keqing's last banner so I missed a lot. Love my Geo characters).

  8. Im thinking Mihoyo releases Sayu just to make the players a breather.

  9. last night I was at 4 star pity and my next roll was gonna be a guaranteed 4 Star Character… 1 roll and I got Sayu… Can't wait to build her. But I don't think I wanna risk rolling again to get C1 Sayu since I'm nearing 5 Star Pity and wanna save that for Baal. Hopefully the next time she's on the banner, I can get the constellations…

  10. I was able to get her in my first 10 pulls on Yoimiya's banner! 😀 I might try her out once I get the chance!

  11. I've been waiting on Sayu since the leak, seen as though shes a tanuki and my favourite animal is a tanuki (Japanese racoon dog) I HAVE TO HAVE HER. But the thing is I'm on a holiday at the moment and won't be back till Tuesday 😂 been waiting all this time for her and I gotta wait a bit longer. Luckily I have 40+ wishes ready and a pity pull too! Gonna get yoimiya if I can. I need the lil tanuki roller

  12. She's really tempting, but I don't wanna risk my pity for Kokomi, so it's a pass. Or until she appears in another banner since she's a 4star.

  13. Dude are you saying Xiao isn't a dps?

  14. There's probably a lot of people are trying to get sayu right now but I had five spins from the shop and I was just looking at the banner and then I meant to exit out of it but I accidentally wished and said you know what I'm just going to go with all my wishes and then I get 4 debate clubs and on the fifth wish I get sayu

  15. Just last week you werent excited for the update. Now look at you.

  16. I jus started a week ago and been grind I’m ar 35 I’m not ftp I bought bp and blessing moon and the $15 top up but I saved a bunch of primo gems and rolled on yomiya and got 5 sayus in 1 yomiya and a ningguang in 50 wishes

    Edit: I in total opened 90 wished on the yomiya banner got c1 xinyan c6 sayu some 4 * weapons and yomiya and fischl

  17. Fun fact: there is a claymore to use for Sayu that has elementary mastery known as Rainslecher

  18. First 10 roll: 2 Sayu
    Oh ok nice
    Watches this Video: C1 Sayu is top tier
    OH OK, NICE!

  19. Yea I use her at C-0 when fighting Azhdaha, she's better than Yoimiya!

  20. I pulled on this banner and got C1 Sayu and Diluc… 🙂

  21. On my first pull on the banner i got C1 sayu, 2 in 1 pull!!

  22. Correction: She is just a small non-animal woman with fake tail and ears.

  23. I just started playing 2 days already got razor and sayu badiu

  24. I want Sayu but I'm scared I'll accidentally pull Yoimiya because I'm saving for Baal 🙁

  25. I sacrificed my pity for sayu. I got yoimiya but I got sayu I don't think it's worth it

  26. i just pulled 3 stacks for her… i dont want her that much and i really-really want sara, even more than i want baal. but i tried my luck… and as per usual luck shined…

    i got a c2 diona and The flute…
    i absolutely hate diona cz shes a cat… (cat peoples, i only come in peace)… and the fucking flute is already refine rank 4
    that 4800 primogems was almost a month worth of work

  27. welp, I'm noob. and just a second ago a had sayu and c1..as f2p and noob..idk, it's put a smile on my face.

  28. So I have one should I go ahead and pull for c1?

  29. started playing yesterday and got sayu and benett out of the wish things. am I lucky with that?

  30. I got sayu only in 7 wish Lol I think I just lucky

    My sayu level 60
    Sword damage 500+

  31. YES i like her a lot . Even more than 5 stars so far but can't pull her at all. It's the same case like it was with Yanfei (never pulled her in 15 4 stars and then in 2.0 just in one try). Even got Qiqi (first one after 1 year of summons)) and Yoimiya in next pull but if i could swap her for Sayu… I'm really salty about my rng in genshin.

  32. I can't spin for Sayu because my pity is already 60 and I don't want to get Yoimiya by accident. Feelsbadman

  33. "Hope you all have luck getting this character"

    Great to know C6 is broken when I got 2 Yomiyas before getting 1 Sayu from 129 rolls. RIP my primogems

  34. Ger Sayu to lvl 50. Give her 400-500 EM and viridescent set (you can lvl it to 12-16). Now you have rly good healer and debuffer for minimal investment. Her swirls will heal through passive talent. Also daruma will heal even if you are above 70% HP and C0. WIth 500 EM you heal 900 HP every 2 sec so daruma heals for 5400 HP since it activates 6x. You also do not need to invest into talents since you use her as healer/debuffer. This is similar to Succrosse build with difference that Succrose is debuffer/EM buffer.

  35. I'm new to the game installed it around 3 days ago, today I bought an intertwined fate with masterless stardust, before I wished I said I kind of want sayu, first limited banner wish I pull sayu

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