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Why Sucrose Is NOT Kazuha Alternative FOR MY TEAM, FELLAS! [Genshin Impact]

Lily Aquina
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  1. In my keqing team the one who does the most damage are keqing and kazuha. I sometimes use sucrose and one another is another alternative. i use sucrose with 4* instructor artifact just to proc her passive giving kazuha em and in the end kazuha will be buffing keqing more. and i use sacrificial fragment for her. the last slot is usually filled with noelle since i dont have zhongli. pretty much a mono team…

  2. People often misunderstood on Sucrose and Kazuha being similar just because they can pull people around. It's a lot deeper than that actually

    On their skill, Kazuha's biggest advantage is the very short E cooldown and the CC value it brings to the team (sucking people in is best CC). Sucrose, on the other hand, cannot provide that because her E cooldown is quite long and only staggers while pulling people a bit. One saving grace she can get is the fact that TTDS is an S tier catalyst, and she can just hold it for quick swap to your on-field DPS

    Another thing to note is that their passives CANNOT be stacked together (I believe Mihoyo already clarified this when he was released), meaning running both in same team is not viable

    On their burst, Kazuha provides a big AOE burst that u can stay in for you to deal damage, while Sucrose's burst pulls people towards the bird slowly and damage people every 2s. Having a big and reliable AOE that you can work around is a lot more easier than an unreliable and slow pull from Sucrose's burst

    One more thing is their passives. Sucrose provides EM to the party, while Kazuha provides elemental damage bonus based on their respective EM. Sucrose is very great if you are running a reaction-centric team as the EM is fundamental for getting the best damage out of the elemental reactions you're making.

    On the other hand, Kazuha provides raw elemental damage bonus, making teams that don't rely much on elemental reactions (Keqing is a great example here), scales a lot better as she has absolutely no use of the EM that Sucrose can provide

    While you can argue that Kazuha also excels at reaction-centric teams, there are cases where you would do transformative reaction team (Fireworks Childe, for example) where the reaction damage is more reliant on EM. On this case, getting the EM buff from Sucrose's passive might be more viable, especially with the recent EM buff.

    In conclusion, both Kazuha and Sucrose are great supports, but it depends on how do you build your team comp. On most cases, Kazuha wins but there are cases where Sucrose can shines in your team

    Sorry for the long rant, this almost turns to a full lecture. Just thought of sharing this as someone that actually use Sucrose (definitely not because I skipped Kazuha for Ayaka kek)

  3. I don't know if to build My Sucrose i have 2 Mains….and Hu Tao(o don't know if she could he My 3 Main yet) so i ask for advice.

  4. By mentioning her as a Kazuna alternative, people mean she's a good support both as a debuffer(Viridescent Venerer) and a buffer: EM bonus from talent, ATK from TToDS, Ele DMG Bonus from Burst(C6). Most people wouldn't mention, or even care about a single specific combo that could only be a minor convenience.
    Of course she's clunkier and weaker than Kazuha, she's a 4*. But if you don't have Kazuha you can use Sucrose as an alternative. And yeah, she's a good Kazuha alternative.

  5. Well, we can only call sucrose a replacement in melt/vape teams, which in todays meta consists of vape hutao, vape xiangling and melt ganyu. Everywhere else sucrose is more obsolete except in the taser comp with beidou fischl and xinqui where she acts as an on field swirl dps.

    When kazuha came out I was saying he’s better overall since he buffs the teams damage more than sucrose would buffing the main dps’ damage in teams where there are multiple damage sources and this is important since sucrose does contribute more to the team if you aren’t double swirling on kazuha, the problem was that the math wasn’t actually done yet to back my claims, not only that but his crowd control is manual which I would say is surprisingly useful.

  6. Sucrose is an alternative if you want some crowd control and resistance shred but Kazuha is a lot better in everything except damage for the main DPS due to Sucrose talent that gives elemental mastery for the team

  7. I get so depressed when I see a friend of mine have c5 Keqing and not using her because she got convinced by meta players that Keqing sucks and she not worth playing. I'm here playing since the game launched and have no Keqing… and I have C1s of the other standard 5 stars. T_T

  8. Those are some very weak points ngl. But I respect your opinion.

  9. She's damn well an alternative to Kazuha for those that don't have a choice.

  10. She works for Klee though. That's a plus.

  11. Bro where to send my rooster screen shot in your discord ? YOU can surely help me with my team selection in abyss

  12. They can kinda be compared as they buff damage, but Kazuha buffs elemental damage while Sucrose buffs elemental reactions damage…So of course she won't work well with Keqing which is mostly a mono-elemental damage dealer that also really loves constant CC (Kazuha and Venti, with minor points for Mona and Zhongli)

  13. Cute Glasses Girl though <3

    I don't play Genshin, but she waifuable

  14. I wish I didn't get qiqied on kazuha's banner T-T

  15. Lily, Im gonna have to hard call cap on you here: Sucrose is very MUCH a replacement or alternative to Kazuha, because Sucrose did his job before he ever was a thing. Just because he does Sucrose's job BETTER doesnt mean they dont functionally do the same thing. Kazuha is a luxury that you were fortunate to pull, but for someone who doesnt have access to such a character, Sucrose will functionally fill the role, especially at higher Constellation Levels

  16. For everyone in the comments, take note that Lily is talking about HER team specifically. She isn't talking about how their kits synergize with the other characters/teams.

  17. Well, technically one is the king of meta, a limited 5 star and while the other is a decent 4 star.
    If you don’t have Kazuha, who’s the f2p character which can come closest to him? Sucrose .
    Obviously she doesn’t do as good of a job as Kazuha but she gets the job done to her capabilities.
    I don’t understand the point of this comparison, I may be wrong, if so feel free to enlighten me.

  18. "Sucrose is not an alternative"
    -Oh! I'm sorry trying to be creative and compensate my lack of characters for being a poor, miserable and unlucky player. Thank you very much.

  19. I still remember those who say that and know everybody knows how broken he is, they really whine up that they regret not pulling him.

  20. Wow that pull in is insanely strong. Now I really want Kazuha.

  21. Well, quite the click bait title and thumbnail I would say. Since I though it was an opinion in general and not because of your team before watching.

  22. I have sucrose and venti
    Needless to say, as a f2p, I skipped Kazuha.
    Now, I have Ayaka to replace my Chongyun and allowing me to build physical Rosaria.
    Sucrose is very much the OG of swirl and EM and a good alternative. Its like telling people Itto isn't 5* Noelle. He bloody well is.

  23. Sucrose isn't Kazuha alternative, that's a given. But the points you show in this video are just suggesting she is simply inferior to him, which is far from the truth. Overall terrible take on this subject.

  24. Was this video really necessary? No! It wasn't. I get this is your opinion but aren't you supposed a guide Chanel you know helping players use character they don't now how to take full advantage of? We're is that Lilly because I don't see her here.

  25. For people that won't watch the video: The video is meant to be a comparison why sucrose is not suitable for Lily's Keqing team. It is not to tell you to don't use her.

  26. Aside from all that, I think it is important to be able to play with characters that we actually like and enjoy using. Besides, not every single character works well with everyone. I don't really understand why some comments think that this video has a general view on sucrose and kazuha as characters, you may disagree ofc, but it is clear that this video points out the synergy or whatever between keqing and kazuha/ sucrose. The title of the video is more specific now, so that is good.

  27. Sucrose is really slow and the long cooldown is a boomer. However, I'll up her and try a different team where's she can work with Raiden as secondary dps. I hope I can find an use to her.

  28. huh i see at one point u say u have cd problem with her skill but of me i have np with her at all when it come to her e skill maybe it doing to people like to spawn it a lot which is not a wrong way but if u use it right u will have no problem keep her e up on top of q but that my two take on that matter i know i be use her a lot doing to i do not have him and i do not like use jean or the 4 star sonic doing to jean love to yeet shit away why 4 star sonic keep roll around them make her a bit hard to use and i know there venti but i do not have him

  29. Well I feel Kazuha won matches Keqing besides giving boost dmg elements he can suck back the surrounding enemies which really helps Keqing when fighting a lot of enemies

  30. Yeah, this is why I'm waiting for Kazuha rerun, stuck with sucrose till then 😂

  31. Kazuha’s kit is actually too cool, I can’t wait for his rerun

  32. As someone who doesn't have Kazuha (since I didn't have enough primogems at that time), I must admit, his playstyle and kit looks really good. Might consider pulling for him actually :).

    In my current team comp, I have to admit that I really struggle with using Sucrose, sorry. This is just my opinion but I'm not really a huge fan of her combat style and I feel uncomfy when using her in my team ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ. I actually like using Windblade Anemo Traveler EM support as an alternate for now, because I feel more comfortable with it ^^.

  33. Me: Can I have Kazuha
    Mom: we have Kazuha at home
    Kazuha at home: Anemo Traveler

  34. Might as well make another video about why Noelle is not alternate for Zhongli , FOR YOUR TEAM yeah, because that make a lot of sense.

  35. tbh this is just explaining how Kazuha is better than Sucrose in every way, I don't disagree

  36. Sucrose have better synergy with Biedou/Fischl teams than keqing, and for vaporize teams she is a semi equivalent to kazuha if played right. But I can agree about kazuha being way better for keqing specifically. I hope I get him when he get a re run and not lose again this time around.

  37. Also besides that, kazuha boosts elemental damage while sucrose boosts EM, which is practically useless for lightning step keqing

  38. I mean she’s not the same, cuz she’s not broken and just a 4-star 🤨

  39. Same for me, even though I don't have Kazuha. Sucrose just feels clunky to play most of the time. The crowd control is almost non-existent, her burst sometimes refuses to swirl the right elements. I know Sucrose provides good EM buffs but I avoid using her due to her clunkiness.

  40. Everyone (whose reading this)Keqing+Thoma+Bennet+Kazuha(if i have him) is enough? Compared to Keqing+Zhongli+Kazuha+Albedo. Thanks

  41. *me who never using sucrose and don't have kazu
    me : interesting

  42. I only use sucrose because I din't have kazuha 😂😂

  43. As someone who thinks that sucrose is better than kazuha, For me I would like to say that this video do has some validity. Lily just present the clip here so most of you might not understand it. Although I myself disagree with some points I think for her team Kazuha is pretty much irreplacable here.

    The DMG buffs is not the biggest deal here, It's the positioning of the CC. Sucrose CC activated in front of her, since most CC suction tends to be on a circular radius the enemy will be sucked towards the middle of that radius. Kazuha CC suction have him as the centre meaning enemies will be sucked towards him as supposed to Sucrose which have the radius in front of her meaning the enemy will be sucked towards that suction centre not her from her making it a tiny bit further. It's a very big deal for keqing, kazuha suction enabled more dps window instead of needing to chase after the enemy. And the fact that his CD is low, his CC is vey consistent and keeps the enemy in place which is very very important for keqing's DPS as appose to other conventional carries.This is the main reason kazuha is better in this team.

    Most of you miss the point, in terms of buff sucrose offers a lot more but in terms of CC especially in this team kazuha is just way better. There are times kazuha is just a lot better but there are also times when sucrose is a lot better.

  44. Lost 50.50 to C1 Diluc in Hu Tao banner says:

    Unlike gang where you at

  45. Kazuha is so cool, i always use his E first before use his Q, i don't really care much about EM and Elemental DMG bonus XD

  46. She's an alternative for Kazuha lel..if you didn't have Kazuha..

  47. I don't have Kazuha so I didn't actually think of the differences that much! But that's cool it makes me want him even more now!

  48. I sincerely don't get the butthurt when it comes to this vid. Lily's strategy is to jack up Keqing damage as much as possible without relying on elemental reactions. For this Kazuha does this much better than Sucrose because Kazuha improves elemental damage a lot more than Sucrose does and elemental mastery isn't a factor. With Kazuha he boosts elemental damage of whatever element he swirls by 0.04% per elemental mastery he has. For Sucrose she can only increase elemental damage when c6 and it's for only 20%. When it comes to gathering Kazuha does that much more readily, so Kazuha can't really be replaced by Sucrose on Lily's team for Keqing.


    Kazuha = elemental resist debuffer, elemental damage buffer, CC
    Sucrose = elemental resist debuffer, elemental mastery buffer, CC
    Sucrose can't replace Kazuha for Lily's team

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