Why The Emblem Set is OP! Updated Artifact Set Review & Baal Predictions | Genshin Impact - facenetgame.com

Why The Emblem Set is OP! Updated Artifact Set Review & Baal Predictions | Genshin Impact

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Explaining why the new emblem of severed fate set is broken/new info and ALSO RAIDEN SHOGUN BAAL BEST IN SLOT PROBABLY (from what we know from trailer, not leaks).
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yeah energy recharge op but dont stack too much because you’ll lose a lot of damage
i hope you enjoyed, i really appreciate likes & subs so do it if u enjoyed

Important General Info (0:00)
Why this Set is more OP than you think [even with LOW ER] (1:19)
DON’T build too much ER [Showcase & Math] (4:57)
Very Resin Efficient (8:18)
Who Uses This Set & Raiden Shogun Predictions [NEW 2.1 Info] (9:45)
Overall Info (11:25)



  1. Been grinding it almost every day since a week into 2.0 and not even a single ok piece yet…

  2. One of the best set yet they mihoyo gave me tons of Shimenawa sets :/

  3. would 2 piece glad w 2 piece emblem be good for bennet? or should i stick w 2 piece noblesse

  4. is it better to run this set for Xiao instead of 2pc VV 2pc gladiator?

  5. I immediately read the informations of new item and stuff. this set is also an absolute banger for electro MC. their kit revolves around ER, and you can dish out extra damage just from stacking ER% now

  6. Started farming this set a few days ago (Yes i should've started sooner), just got 2 artifacts that are actually worth using. Got an ok sands of eon with atk% main stat and 9.3% crit rate + 13.2% crit damage, and a crit rate circlet that went into def once so 12.4% def and then all into crit dmg so 31.9% crit dmg. Used old artifacts so got to +20 instantly and i was so shocked when that happened. Now to get the last 2 artifacts and then i'm so ready for baal.

  7. Based on my luck when farming those emblem sets, I might stick with 2 emblem 2 tf, 2 emblem 2 noblese or 2 tf 2 noblese for now

  8. Damn, farming artifact is so painfull. I really want to farm this set for few of my characters, but I'm still tryign to get Blizzard set for my Ayaka.

  9. my team is weak AF hope farming this artifact can help me farming mob faster and kill boss faster

  10. I'm very unsure of farming this for when i get Mona, I'm not sure if its worth loosing the hydro damage bonus from 2 piece heart of depth. I wish there was a video for if elemental damage bonus is worth it for other characters. I've seen videos comparing this set on Mona with 2 piece heart and 2 piece nobless. I want her and sub dps/burst support but I'm scared of losing charged/normal attack dmg if i put emblem on her

  11. I have got one really good 4 pc for Ba'al but considering how good this is I might need another 4 pc Emblem

  12. I spent 1500 resin on these artifacts and I can hit 320 energy recharge while still having critical stats 40+ crit rate and 180 crit damage 😀 if someone lets me know what more stats I need I appreciate it, 1st time building a character

  13. I can't even get Emblem set, I did but it was all HP and Def Mainstat 😭

  14. The set is good but getting the set is a different matter. About 1000 resin so far and I have around 3 or 4 good pieces. Rng in this game gives me pain.

  15. Ummmm… i got a set ready for baal with the prototype starglitter which will give a 340.8 energy recharge. Do you know if there is going to be a cap on baals talent?

  16. but is it better to focus ER on Mona because the 4pc stacking with her passive that gives her 20% of ER as Hydro DMG bonus? I feel like going heavy ER on her would be better

  17. how the fuck is it a resin efficient set, bruh i've been farming that god damn domain for like a month and i have nothing good for raiden

  18. hello , i want to ask something , is hutao good with 4 set shimenawa

  19. I only have 568 primogems and I want to get at least enough for 30 pulls until like 6 days

  20. Oh… I've been farming thundering fury… For months because Baal…. Welp better late than never I guess

  21. I have an ER% piece that gives me 16%CR. Thats about the only thing decent i got

  22. 🤔 i wanna use it on c0 noelle with er + geo dmg + crt dmg, what y'all think?

  23. wait you called her "ball"; i always thought is "bale". Like Gareth Bale lol

  24. I slapped this on Xiangling on Abyss and finally 36-star cleared it.

  25. Farming this set since 2.0 dropped and even used 20 fregile resin, guess how many 3-4/5 pieces i have for raiden 🙂 right 2 …… at the 2 pieces are litearly the 2 easiest to get, its the feather and the flower i havent gottent a Single electro dmg piece and the 2 Er sands i have only got 3,9 crit but no crit dmg and the other has like 13 crit dmg but no crit rate and i havent gotten a Single crit rate or crit dmg hat untill now litearly not a Single with crit rate, crit dmg or er substat

  26. I hate artifacts. I've been farming for nearly a month, gotten 3 pieces with any worth using. finally got atk sands for it so i can get the 4p set bonus of fate, substats are… ele mastery, flat hp, flat def, and def%. I haven't seen even a 4* goblet or sands with a main stat yet.
    I'll just build raiden without the 4p set because apparently rng hates me so much i'll never get a useable set. even the 3 pieces i have, one is good and the rest are purely trash. I'll switch to the 4p set next year when i might have useable pieces.

  27. Okay time to waste my 60 fragile on one domain:( and still get like 4 good pieces copiumx1000

  28. hey i dont understand the 4 set bonus
    so lets say i have 200% ER
    so 25% of that is 50

    so am i wrong to think that if my burst damage does 300%, the bonus i get is totaled to 350%?

  29. This domain never gives me purple artifacts. I have so many Shimenawas its crazy

  30. Can you make a video on reaction proking and reactions in general

  31. Probably dumb question, but on characters like xingqui or even xiangling are the benefits of this set worth replacing a 4p noblesse set if that character is the designated 4p user for a team?

  32. I wonder if you could run a non-sacrificial sword weapon on Xingqui if you have an energy recharge sands and the emblem set? Or maybe a 5 star energy recharge sword for more base attack since you might not need the skill reset for particles anymore?

  33. i'm convinced
    the domain only gives good flowers and plumes

  34. Can someone explain me the maths of the emblem set, correct me if I'm wrong. 214percent ER will give you the whole 75percent burst damage bonus.

  35. My level 40 xiangling does 4k dmg per ult tick with this set lmao. 🗿

  36. baal directly benefits from ER so would ATK sands still be better?

  37. why is this blissy pillow ad so fucking loud?

  38. I have yet to encounter a Genshin Youtuber who hasn't called her "Ball". xD

  39. Well I need this for Baal, Mona, Xinqiu, Xiangling, Beidou…
    Time to farm for the next year

  40. ARMYS that ORBITS around CARATS are WIZ*ONES says:

    I kept getting mad while farming this domain because i got so many good pieces of this set but i needed good pieces of reminisce set for yoimiya (which i didn't get), i didn't knew this was good on xingqiu and beidou lol i'll try it on them

  41. May i ask what the best sub stats are for this set ? On xiangling or xingqiu for exemple

  42. Can anyone in the comments let me know if Xiangling should be run with 4 piece Crim or 4 piece of this artifact? I run her with Childe so she her ult constantly vaporizes (for context)

  43. Been getting SO MANY questions about this set at low ER (why it's BIS even at like 125-135 ER) and for Raiden Shogun (Baal) so I figured a video addressing why this set is so op and clearing misconceptions that I didn't previously was a good idea, while focusing on NEW info. Hope it helped!
    (more Baal indo will be known once she's out obviously, so look out for my Baal guide in 2.1)

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