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Why You Don’t Need Kokomi – Genshin Impact

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Kokomi looks okay… But this sure isn’t a healer meta. Also, Spiral Abyss 11 is definitely harder, but possible to beat with a F2P account.


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  1. Pulling for Kokomi because she is waif-COMRADE

  2. Don't forget about the upcoming new enemies that ignore shields. Maybe mihoyo will add more hp-draining mechanics/enemies for us to use healers on the upcoming areas. I wanna get Kokomi cos i just love her 🤣

  3. Yeah you make some good points, but imagine the kok and baal team.

  4. You can tell they made this corrosion bullshit in floor 11 to pull for Kokomi, it’s annoying and honestly quite insulting
    If they are bold enough to pull this shit, they’ll probably give us 3 fowl when the Genshin anniversary comes around

    Getting your hopes up when it comes to Genshin events is just setting yourself up to fail

  5. "Oh no, abyss does it's thing and caters for banner characters for 14-28 days, i must get banner character.."

  6. I’ll be honest, I have Barbara as my personal healer, since she’s a main healer & low damage.but I’ve wanted my healer to actually do some pretty good damage and Kokomi seems like that character! Barbara is my only built healer too so I think Kokomi might be it for me😌💧

  7. Kokomi has the ability to ruin you Vaporize, unless they release her with abnormously high multipliers

  8. In the overworld, we have food, so no need for extreme healing.
    In Abyss, well, Noelle is very comparable to Kokomi, but she can crit, generate shields and deal AoE dmg.

  9. Thanks for the video!
    I was definitely having a hard time on floor 11 with my national team (still working on the DPS since I don't have the good constellations for Xingqiu and Xiangling), but my Eula-Jean team felt OP, mainly because of how safe I felt with both Diona and Jean in my party.


  11. Jean stole my Kazuha! She really is helpful in this abyss though.

  12. I may have every healer in the game except Qiqi, but I don't have any mermaid girls in my roster, so it's obvious that I need Kokomi to fill this niche.

  13. The thing I find funny is this isn't the first time a "meta" shift has been pushed onto us. Azhdaha is literally designed for shielders and was a way to increase sales for Zhongli since his shield is by far the best. But since most people wanted Zhongli or already had him it wasn't as big of a deal.

  14. Healer?
    No! A DPS Kokomi!
    Nothing can change my mind i want Kokomi

  15. Just started in Aug and now I have to build a healer. Guess no abyss for me

  16. I really hate those kind of players who attacks content creator who thinks the specific character they like is underwhelming. Can't they just take a criticism? you can't say something is fixed when it's obviously and factually broken. Like wtf? if that character is underwhelming or weak because it's true then don't watch video titled like this because obviously you can't take criticism.

  17. Imagine Kokomi having a passive that converts her excess amount of heals to additional dmg or hits(just like crescent pike passive) that would be nice

  18. F2P here. I tried to pull my first 5 star with with Raiden Shogun and naturally mihoyo hates us so I got qiqi. So much time grinding to make these wishes needless to say I'm not thrilled. Since it will be a very long time before I'm at 5 star pity again, guess I'll try for kokomis 4 star banner characters.

  19. New units have dissonance what they do in story and what in gameplay.

    Michoyo screw balance and immersion at the same time with new char.

    Yoimiya – fireworks = normal lvl dmg + single target ? (didn't she stun/distract with her firerworks in story)

    Raiden- space/time/sword mastery and cutting through island and god = E can't attack shield,has icd on CA and weakest dmg and buff. Q sword form is mech at best ?

    Kokomi – best tactician on inazuma =offensive healer/sub dps with no crit? no buff, no debuff no tricks?

    I know power creap is bad but other way around is as bad.

    This simply will mean that old character are power creaping not new.

    Plus this is give you that strange feeling when you play.

  20. Man, I lost a lot of Atk and Crit for Building Utility Bennetts with >270% ER… and now, it's totally pay off

  21. Qiqi was my first 5 Star but i love kokomis design so much 🙁

  22. Barbara is the only healer I have, so YES IM PULLING FOR HER!!!

  23. i hope mihoyo added damage reflection mechanism as well in the future. ameen

  24. I'm feel sorry for your lost with Kazuha

  25. ive seen a similar video like this but its about eula. and guess what?

  26. I’m only rolling for her for the sale of collecting everyone… If I lose the 50/50, maybe I can even get my C3 Jean that I ACTUALLY want…

    I really don’t care for Kokomi herself, as I much prefer Barbara, but I do hope those that are gonna run for her, get her early. Early wins, no matter your spending level, is always good.

  27. I honestly love that people are complaining about the healer stuff. People have shit talked healers for SO LONG it's nice to see them get revenge.

  28. You don't really need any character. The game gives you a whole team for free and with correct builds they can do just fine. Hell you even get a free xiangling. Seems fine to me.

  29. i know during kazuha's banner there was this big discussion about originality and what new thing he could offer and i'm glad to see how lots of people changed their minds about kazuha, but the thing with kokomi is that once you hit a higher ar people kinda stop using healers (i remember when i first kicked barbara off my team) waiting to see how long kokomi fans will keep up the hype around her

  30. bruh! you just need a level 40-50 Barbra and jean to clear that floor 11 with ease! DO NOT BUILD them lol. you don't need that high healing. thanks for emphasizing that dumb healing meta rubbish. this is still a DPS meta game. I am just pulling her for reliving my xinqui and doing okay damage and healing. she seems unkillable lol. Diona is table in my abyss run. can't even dream or doing it without her. I still need that shield

  31. "This is not a Kokomi Hate Video…

    But still, don't pull her."

  32. I'm pulling because I want her but I really hope floor 11 is a sign of things to come and we will see more value in our healers in the future. Up until this point you can just roflmao Zhongli shield most encounters and not even pay attention to what the enemy does, bringing a healer meta back makes sense as they deserve to have value in teams.

  33. I'm really sad that the character that represents one of my favorite themes (the ocean) is just a healer that adds nothing new in the game. I rly love her design tho and as a F2P it's rly hard to chose.

  34. I want her because I’m bored of using barbara and qiqi💀


  36. I'm not really interested in her but considering it because she seems to go really well with Perma freeze Ganyu. Might be even more than Mona.

  37. I wanted Ei-chan and got Qiqi so i’ll pass on Kokomi

  38. The Qiqi Mains subreddit is having a field day with this entire abyss/kokomi stuff, i'll tell you what.

    That said, i'm thinking about rolling for her, because i'm on the 50/50 and i'm hopeful that i'll get Keqing or Diluc if i lose, and because i love her soundtrack, design and stuff.

  39. I like the corrosion mechanic, it used to be brainless for me to complete floor 11 but now it actually requires using rotations properly to get your healer burst ready

  40. Ĉ̷̖ḧ̶̖ò̸̤r̶̜̚m̴͚̍w̵̳͆o̶̟͂l̴̤̃f̸̛̰3̶̪͝4̵͉͌ says:

    Ima wait on yae

  41. Shes one of the best healer sub dps and support

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