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Why YOU NEED to Play this Game! The Cycle: Frontier!

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So if you like Tarkov, Apex, Hunt or any PvEPvP game, this is the only one you will EVER need 😀 Catch me live!

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My specs:
GPU: GTX 1080 8GB Dual Fan Palit

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8-Core Processor, 3893 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s)

MB: BaseBoard Product B450 Gaming K4

RAM: Istalled Physical Memory (RAM) 32,0 GB

Monitor: Acer Predator XB1 27 inch, 144-165 HZ, IPS panel, 1440p

Headset: Game One, Sennheiser – Open back design.

Mouse: Corsair Saber, 800 DPI

Keyboard: Dunno? Some 10 year old standard Steelseries, mechanical ^^

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to The Cycle: Frontier!It is a PvE-PvP Looter-Shooter Game that is reminding a lot of a breed between Apex Legends and Escape From Tarkov.It is set in a futuristic world where you as a solo prospector or in a squad will be killing aliens and other prospectors in the search for loot and crafting materials.Now I have to mention that this game is actually only in Closed Beta right now until the first of November. And even so this game puts ALL other games I have seen to shame easily over the last 5 years in terms of quality and pure potential.And with that I mean this game, runs smoother, performs better, has better servers so far, and simply hold so much more content and great execution that this game could easily compete with fully published games as it is.


  1. Hope you enjoy ALL these reasons as to Why you NEED to play this game 😀 All feedback are welcome Ladies and Gentlemen! Gonna make several other tips and tricks videos as well as gameplay and funny moments 🙂 Happy Hunting!

  2. Is this on Steam? How's the player count?

  3. What idiot would die by being crushed by the evac ship…

  4. Love that you find a new game you are enjoying so much. It shows a lot of potential!

  5. so whats the main difference in this and the game that came out over a year ago? the devs kinda suck at explaining the changes lol

  6. Tried this myself a few days ago, it's indeed a super cool game!

  7. You're distinction between prospector and hunter is a little misleading 'cause it's not one that's made by the game. It's not like you choose one or the other before you drop. Everyone is considered a prospector. It's just a matter of how much you choose to focus on pvp while you're on the surface. The proximity voice chat makes for some pretty interesting friendly encounters and emergent gameplay moments. You can run into some random who asks for your help with solving an environmental puzzle or taking down a tough creature, and then you can either split the loot and share an evac and be best friends forever or betray them and take all the loot for yourself.

  8. the older version of the game was better imo

  9. I'm really sad 🙁 I loved the old game it was so fun….. but now it's just escape from tarkove with a futuristic and cartoony look……ether way I'm going to try it hopefully its good

  10. I have been waiting a couple of hours and nothing has happened

  11. Still don't see the big deal about this game. Not impressed one bit.

  12. Is this just a spin on Escape from Tarkov? Gives me space Tarkov vibes.

  13. Better balance? Sorry man, just not true. The higher level gear should obviously be better but it's better to the point where you have almost no chance to lose to lower level players.

  14. Holy fuck is this a remake or a sequel to the original?

  15. This games cool but it's filled with nothing but extract campers

  16. This game changed SO much from the Alpha. Doesn't even look the same, wow

  17. its for like the hunt showdown welll also apex and escape from tarkov but if its free in switch i give it a try
    funny detail the knife position looks like a bit of Cs 1.6

  18. i've played a couple matches so far and personally i can't agree on the performance aspects. my computer is a bit older but it's not bad by any means, yet i'm running into stuttering and fps drops pretty consistently both in the station and while out on a mission on bright sands (haven't tried the other map yet). im not sure what it is, but even with basically all my settings turned down to minimum i just can't seem to get the game running smoothly. also, when you said there's no loading screens, there was a loading screen right after that which for you only lasted a couple seconds, which i assume means you have the game on an SSD or have a pretty good PC. my loading screens usually take a couple minutes. despite these things i think the game is a very solid start so far and definitely hope to see the devs stick with its current direction because imo sci-fi tarkov is pretty cool

  19. request access then what i do ? cant download game

  20. So is it PvP all the time
    Or do you need to flag yourself for PvP?

  21. I'm disgusted by the fact the Cycle was/is such an amazing game but no one seemed to know about it and now that tarkov is being played it is gonna be exploded. Just like squid games. Nothing wrong with it tho I like the cycle, tarkov and this game seems to be a banger. I just liked for a battle royale how u already had progress there but now they made it tarkov like is even better.

  22. It's not released til' 2022, these video's are really just aimed at other content creators who basically have full access lol.

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