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Why You Should NOT Buy Into BLIND Hu Tao Hype | Genshin Impact

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Hu Tao is a unit that has an insane amount of fan support. However recently that has turned the community into a frenzy craze where everyone is praising Hu Tao as THE BEST unit that everyone should pull for. Where in fact Reality is FAR from that.



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  1. This vid would have been better if you just said hutao needs to be C1 and left it at that… Maybe focused on how to make her a more efficient character instead of saying how hard it is

  2. i love hutao, triple crowned herright after i got her (a few hrs ago)

  3. She cute. Seeing the game is pve I’m fine with my characters being weak as heck. I just want the funny characters.

  4. too late man i already grinded ALL of her ascention and talent materials for triple crown… there’s no going back + she’s pretty

  5. I have c1 hu tuo lvl 90, lvl 9 talents for all 3, staff of homa from her first round.. I do not touch her. Her ult is what gets me the most, bc I feel like you shouldn't be able to miss it when they are in front of you together but you can. My homa is on my Zhongli. She can do a lot of damage yes, but I don't think she is worth. That is my humble opinion but when people ask, wait. Unless you need a pyro dps terrible bad, wait. and if you are choosing between cons and staff of homa, go cons. The weapon banner is a scam.

  6. I'm a mobile player and animation cancelation isn't easy to master.

    I'm going to spend some primogens during hu tao banner, but not for her, only for the 4 stars, as a new player (2 months playing AR 55) I value more having support constellations than a 5 star DPS, besides there are some 5 stars that have more versatility than hu tao, I rather have a character I can switch its roll in my team that make my team to work specifically for one character.

  7. How better is hutao than diluc? Is she worth pulling if i hav diluc. Or should i wait for xiao?( I hav a primordial jade spear)

  8. I will get whatever I want, and you will not stop me.

    You will not keep me from my prize.

  9. Oh trust me, I researched about hu hao every single day and I'll have no regret getting c0 hu tao

  10. she is cute and fun so i pulled for her all the reason i need :p

  11. im saying this from my experience I first started playing when hutao banner first came out and ive waited like 3 – 4 days for all content creators to do their showcases. After that most of them said that "she was broken and a must have unit you dont have to think abt it" so i pulled both hutao and homa for her after a few months later i realized that her OP dmg didnt satisfy me at all and then i threw her homa to zl and never used her again even in abyss. In the end the best unit is just the unit that helps you play the game longer lmao if hutao answers that question then go for her if not then just skip.

  12. I got her c1 because she's my main since her first run and it's a nice upgrade

    Play the character you want, not the ones people tell you to

  13. Had my 50/50 and won so c1 hutoa!
    Then i tought got some multis left
    5 multies the bow
    4 multies bow to
    Sweating 2 multies left…
    1 multi homa!^^

  14. Hutoa c0 has some serieus stamina issues true she is strong but not easy to play without animation canceling he is right

  15. The whole jump cancelling thing put me off Hu Tao. I really don’t have the energy for all that 🥱

  16. When i was still playing g i . Hutao is not very fun in mobile probably because im not really good on mechanics. But when i played her on pc she's great. A lot of people will be baited for c1, it's better to get the next new character . 300$ for extra 2 charge atk with an easy game like g.i Is not worth it c0 works as fine.

  17. Imo i never found Hu Tao intresting enough for me and I never understood the hype nor any reason to pull cause while her potential is high i dont like her gameplay at all plus i wanted Childe at the time he was announced for 1.4 so I skipped both her first and skipping her rerun banner even though I did want Thoma but I'll see if I can get either Elegy or Homa since it will drastically benefit my account and gl to any Hu Tao simps who want to pull on her

  18. HuTao is exactly what I think she is. Just pull Homa and ggwp.

  19. As a previous c0 Hu Tao owner, I got Hu Tao c1 and Homa in 55 wishes. Qiqi also appeared so I'm guaranteed again. If you want a pyro character, you should get her but she's not really a must-pull. I already 36-starred the abyss with c0 Hu Tao and c0 Ayaka, both with Blackcliff and Amenoma (craftable). I can say that c0 will work just fine. You just have to do the N2CJ and you'll deal the most damage you can. But if you already have an invested Klee, Diluc, or any Pyro character, please don't get her. I just got Hu Tao c1 and Homa because I like her and she is my first 5-star DPS character.

    PS: Hu Tao is hard to use when you are a mobile player and the same goes for Ganyu.

  20. Exactly right man. Hu Tao is good pull not a must pull. She's way over hyped. Practically Her issue:
    1. Her damage is slightly higher than Klee or Diluc at C0
    2. XL exist
    3. She needs Zhongli to be played comfortably
    4. Nightmare in Mobile
    5. Animation Cancel to control movement
    6. Single Target
    1. Strongest Pyro when she works she's the best
    2. Easy artifacts

    Then there's the fact Ganyu is just around the corner

  21. yesterday i got hutao and her c1 as well. all her c1 do is only make u dont consume stamina while charge atk with elemental skill, but still its pretty useful

  22. Funny that I'm watching this vid after getting my first hu tao and one extra constellation oh hers is just 50 wishes hehe XD

    I do simp for Hu tao, even tho I know she is hard to play around with, I appreciate your honesty, thank you for that, I hope the people who are going for their first Hutao get her. and the players going for c1 hu tao gl!! playing her at c11 has made me very relaxed while using her. 🙂

  23. Not even 24h of getting her, I have to tell she is hard to play at C0.
    Ive been watching tones of videos talking about getting C1 vs Homa and oh God, jump cancelling at C0 is a must if u dont wanna lose dmg but also hard and clunky af.
    For those who's really into HuTao and gonna main her, get her C1 if u can

  24. I started playing genshin from ayaka's banner and I've been saving primos since yomiya's banner i had a garanteed and I pulled on hu tao because she was so fun to play with and i didn't have any five stars other than mona so even tho i wanted ganyu i just wanted to have some fun with a new 5s character I'm now 50 into pity and saving up for ganyu again i hope i win the 50/50 on her banner

  25. firstime i played genshin hutao is my favorite and i dont even know that she is a good dps.. i like her because she looks fun to play and her character design.

  26. I'm guaranteed hu tao and I can get homa and I really really really LOVE her…But sadly her play style isn't for me…That is why I'm waiting for Xiao for more AoE(only my opinions don't come for me Hu Tao lovers🥺)

  27. But I got staff of homa basically for free at 9th pull and now this thing practically crying for its master 😩😩😩

  28. I had my doubts about pulling for hutao since some videos of god potential hutao players were all i had recommended to me for weeks
    Now i understand how important it is to do your own homework before pulling for a character
    So im gonna be pulling for ganyu and skipping hutao since ganyu is much easier to understand and im tired of playing with claymore/sword/polearm dps. Thanks a lot!

  29. Hahahahaha stfu imagine telling ppl to not summon on one of the best dps in the game to summon for someone like itto which is not even doing half dmg of hu Tao

  30. I hate how toxic genshin can be. Haven't seen many gacha community this toxic. There's a few, yes, but not genshin lvl of toxicity. He is correct. He never said Hu tao is bad. She is very2 good to those who master her which is literally the same way as the other characters is. I have both Hu Tao and Homa bcs i can play her well. But that doesn't give me the right to be toxic by forcing others to accept ur opinion and attack those who spit the facts about her downside as an awareness to those who haven't wish for her. May those toxic bastard lose 50/50 with Qiqi on hard pity and lose at wp banner 2x.

  31. The only reason I pulled for Hu Tao is because I didnt have a pyro DPS for the abyss, and I already have a C6 Xingqiu, and a C0 Zhongli, so I thought she'd be a good fit. That, and Thoma's on the banner xD

  32. If you are papega you can use N3C…
    the canceling laso does almost nothing… if you compare it to just charged attack spamming with holding an arrow key i cant spot the difference
    the only difference is that at C0 shield is mandatory and at C1 you dont have to use it
    damage wise dragons bane vape is about 95-98% of vape homa… so going for homa allows you to go raw pyro and melt teams… raw pyro is meh and melt basically requires 2 cryo supports or ayaka… and raw pyro requires zhongli anyways
    meta wise xiangling is better…

    that said the only things in this game you can do is to build new characters, so basically if you have C0 hu tao its not worth it to pull C1, just save for itto

  33. Awesome video!! What I would say is go ahead and pull her if you like her AND you're willing to go for C1. I got her C1 her last go around, but if I had to do it again if I wasn't willing to go for C1 I wouldn't pull her. She's so MLG tryhard at C0 and IDK if that's worth it for most players.

  34. i saved 17.6k for her and lost the 50/50 for the second time… the only reason ive played since march is to wait for her rerun and i feel like i can probably get her in time but it's just so soul crushing

  35. As a diluc main I'm just so TIRED of everyone trashing on him just because "Hutao is stronger" "Hutao is better" "Diluc is now old and bad" "You should replace him with Hutao"
    Bro… I really like playing Diluc. He was the first character I got in the game, I really like claymore and already have Xiao as my second dps. Sure Hutao is cute, but I honestly feel I'd personally get tired pretty quickly of her perks and design, and I'd much rather save for new characters than a 5* constallation. Also, I do not want to be constantly worried about my hp, it makes me unconfortable to let it be on the red all the time on purpose. (But again, it's all on personal taste)

    Sorry if bad english, it's not my first language.

  36. I got c0 hu tao n homa..man its hard jump cancelling..single target sucks..im used to aoe with xiao n ganyu ayaka n eula..kinda regret..struggling with floor 12-3..i dont know how long i will get used with her playstyle..with ayaka n xiao i can full star with ease

  37. Hu Tao is a really good pyro dps. Hu Tao has VERY BIG CAVEATS. Also, she has downtime. I have a c0 with homa, she can output big damage. But guess what? Due to her downtime and having a c3 diluc, he can often outdamage her because of that downtime. Not always, and not by much, but it happens more frequently than not.

    Want to know a secret? My C0 Klee can absolutely destroy her and everyone else in group battles.
    If you're not willing to do that utterly ridiculous little hop (which looks silly) you will likely not be blowing away many high damage dps characters.
    Couple on to this that she has the health caveat, EXTREMELY artifact dependent (better get about 30k hp! Don't forget the build elemental mastery! Don't forget cdmg/cr) , and has important features locked behind constellations. (though it was never too big an issue for me honestly)

    She is absolutely top tier, but man, the CC's really don't point out her flaws. Thank you walrus for doing so.
    How do I know?
    C0 Hu tao with 66% CR 256 CDMG 312 elemental mastery with 31k health.
    My c3 diluc with 64% CR 174 CDM 312 EM typically ends fights faster than her. And he's a heck of alot more fun and a lot less fragile. Depending on the fight, Klee can absolutely destroy them both or come in third.

    Top consistent DPS is melt ganyu with amos and good arttys.
    End of story on top dps with her in game.

    Remember when the same CC's pushing characters were saying Venti wasn't worth it on the rerun? REMEBER THAT?!
    Walrus is speaking the truth. He's always been really good about speaking the truth about these things.

  38. I only summon for her because she is fun to use and dont mind using jump cancel mechanic. Plus her VA really that pushed me to like her even more. For now I dont have a good team for her but im having a blast. The truth is dont feel guilty if you are building her wrong at start since crimson is pain domain. For now she is my fun character even my xiangling is more cracked.

  39. Just want to add that,the whole "C1 makes her easier to play" or "makes jump cancel not necessary" is a myth,C1 is more convenient yes but the C1 optimal rotation gets even harder than jump cancel with N2CD

  40. Jump canceling is for noobs, right click (dash) cancels are for pros…

  41. Honest, i know this is a controversial stance but this is true for ganyu too where people act like aiming isn't an issue. I cant even hit a static object, you really think I am mechanically inclined enough to hit moving ones? Not everyone has the same skills as you.

    I am not a gamer, stop telling me what is easy and stop telling me what I should or shouldn't be able to do.

  42. When ever I want her or not. I didn't get her for DPS. I thought she is cute to have in my collection. Also I find my self using Sayu more. I find really fun to run over monster and travel around fast. It help me gather stuff faster.

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