xQc Plays The Cycle: Frontier with Summit, Hutch and Judd! - facenetgame.com

xQc Plays The Cycle: Frontier with Summit, Hutch and Judd!

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  1. The size of his camera dude i see only his fk face dude

  2. For anyone that knows, this game reminds me so much of Firefall

  3. Is a gamer, is told he needs to go to quarters. See's it show up literally in his face, asks "where is quarters" are you kidding me. This is why i think streamers cheat, they are too stupid to have any kind of skill or tactical thinking when playing. They can't even see "quarters" pop up as a highlight….

    And there it is. Summit gets shot at, xQc goes to shoot, and it aimbots to his dead body. ROFL. what a pathetic loser.

    "It doesn't use heavy ammo, it uses, um "(highlights it) "heavy ammo…." hilarious. what a terrible gamer who cheats.

  4. This might have been the longest time he has played a game on stream that isn’t gta rp without taking a break to watch videos.

  5. Im just saying, as someone with ADHD, that whole, don't sleep thing hits a little too close to home rn.

  6. we is he so restless or figity..he needs to calm down a little bit…take it bit slower and you can understand things much better as if u rush them that hard…just saying

  7. I love when xQc plays with summit. Like a father teaching his autistic son about the game

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