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Yae Miko Stats and Passives! | Genshin Impact

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Yae Miko is a 5* electro Catalyst Character in Genshin Impact. She will probably be released in update 2.3 or later. In this video i go over some recent leaks of her stats and passive abilities. This is a Yae Miko Stats and Passives Leaks video.

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  1. Be careful posting about things just cuz that's what Mattjestic would do, we know what happened to him, and I'd prefer to not have another Genshin YouTuber Lose their channel , especially since this info on Yae seems very Sus .
    Be safe 💖

  2. It's such a massive grain of salt It even got me stroke

  3. Hmm, I always thought that Miko would be a healer since she's a shrine maiden, and it's Scaramouche who would be the electro DPS since he's a harbinger.

  4. Umh… Way better an anemo character, like Kazuha (he can buff elettro damage and debuff elettro res), don't roll for her, wait for a Kazuha rerun

  5. This further gives more evidence to that she is the omnipresent god. She can summon Kitsune Clones, therefore she can be omnipresent 🤯🤯

  6. So if she will probably come in 2.3 Do we know which 5* will come in 2.2?

  7. This is false shit. I found it on reddit and it was sent from an alt account

  8. I was literally looking for Yae info this whole week, hoping she'd have synergy with my Beidou. Turns out her entire existence is to be electro support. Chefs kiss

    And i already suspected she would be considering the abilities on the new craftable catalyst that seems to be made specifically for her

  9. daily reminder that the resin system still sucks and no one is talking about it

  10. To me this is bullshit, Yae should be the first healer electro we need it

  11. The only thing that I dont like is the fact that she has DPS stats? (crit dmg ascension etc). I really wanted her to be an Electro Support/Healer because right now we only have Main DPS and Sub DPS electro units.

    Need that thrilling tales electro healer for my full electro team Q_Q

  12. well skill level up makes sense as something they would do eventually since Childe did it 4 the party's normal/charge attack level

  13. You lost me when you said she's a catalyst lmao

  14. Whats its with Rerun form Ganyu Xiao other Hutao other Alebdo ?

  15. So many damned electro waifus! At this point i may as well make a full electro waifu team: Keqing, Baal, Sara, Yae

  16. what discord server is that.. and can I join?

  17. ewww she already have stats and passive and no Gorou and Thoma? Easy skip then. No interest in boring waifus. I guess mihoyo don't want our money.

  18. Dont really care if its true or not but she will def break my f2p status

  19. If it's true then genshin is becoming honkai.
    Every element will get their specific supports…Mihoyo doesn't learn

  20. Why would she be 2.3? Wouldn't she be 2.2?

  21. Maybe she is the reason scara didn't get released yet… Because Scara too rumored to be a electro catalyst.. And mihoyo don't want a similiar character release in a close gap

  22. i think the horrible catalyst the hakushin ring will somehow be good on her. mark my words to either eat them or remark them.

  23. so glad I have basically guaranteed yae (175 wishes) her clone thing sounds so cool

  24. Yoimiya, Baal, Yae Miko, Kokomi is my dream team

  25. Waiting for her so much. I love casters and we finally gonna get good 5* dps caster.

  26. Is there another part of her kit showing her skill and burst details?

  27. i love her already!
    1. She reminds me of ahri from league of legends
    2. i love foxes
    3. electro is my favorite vision
    4. i have lisa as main dps (and a support build on stand by) soo a new catalyst!!!
    5. pink!
    6. there more but id be here all day

  28. Yae Miko will be 2.2 because
    Baal and Kokomi are 2.1

  29. Ya after Raiden Shogun banner I will save for Yae Miko, because both of them share the same voice from Honkai impact 3 and I love their voice (JP voice), even I love Ayaka-hime's voice but nope I should be harsh to her and Yoimiya I want Raiden and Yae

  30. im taking it with a grain of salt… but i really hate that she is HEAVILY and probably only good to be synergizing with an electro team comp… like ummmm wheres the versatility

  31. Definitely gonna get this girl she is the OG electro Archon

  32. My question is that who's going to be the other 5 stars? The last time Liyue presented childe as a harbinger, will Inazuma introduce Scaramouche knowing he will appear shortly in the 2.1 story quest? Please make it true!

  33. Wtf is with snotty youtubers and mattjest. He literally never did a thing to any of you sniveling little game kids. Yet your all bent out of shape. Pathetic. I never knew about his content until youtubers starting whining endlessly about him.

  34. why do u think she will be released in 2.3 and not 2.2? r there other inazumans coming first or rerun?

  35. "…increases electro party member's elemental skill by one level…"

    My crowned Beidou: "It's free real estate damage."

  36. Where did you seen those Leaks please ? Hope it's not fake please

  37. I don’t know about crit dmg seems sus to me.

  38. When we get the skill leaks and the videoleaks… Waiting for a weapon and artifact guide, I guess:)

  39. I’m guessing that kitsune is kind of like oz

  40. I hope its not true i wanna have an electro healer finally and this seems more to be a dps

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